The BEST Guitar Effects Pedals That YOU Need and Why

In this new pedal lesson I go over the BEST guitar effects pedals that you need and why you would need each one. For MORE lessons go to today.

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Thanks for watching the entire lesson. This was a very detailed guitar pedal video and I hope you enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing you in the next lesson!

Keep up the practice.



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foto21com says:

All information is appreciated. I learned things.

Renaissance Man says:

I use an EHX Nano 360 looper and a portable Vox Mini 3 G2 modeling amp that has everything I need for cheap and is super light and portable. Only thing I would add is a drum pedal for keeping beat instead of a boring metronome and to add color to solo performances.

theman19241 says:

Plays two AC/DC riffs, sweats profusly

Chris Johnson says:

those cables a nightmare

Renaissance Man says:

Distortion, wah wah, and reverb/chorus are MUST HAVE pedals.

Giorgio Devez says:

Look, if you have a good quality amplifier with some nice Reverb and Overdrive then i’d recomment to just buy a really good Distortion Pedal, a good Delay Pedal and something crazy of your choice such as a Wah-Wah or a Phaser or a Chorus etc.

Frank Chiappetta says:

Thank you for the lesson. Very imformative. I am new at this, are one of your pedals the same as an Equalizer Pedal? If not, what is such a pedal and do you recommend?
Thank you.

Leonard Szubinski says:

You’re a little to shy on your reverb settings, also where is your Octaver peddle?

Chris Barbaree says:

Right now, I’m playing an Epiphone Wildkat into (in order) a Boss RC-1 -> Boss DD-3 -> Boss CE-5 -> Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff -> Dunlop Cry Baby into my (1970s?) 120watt Peavey 2×12 Classic Combo amp (minus the original 3-4 way foot switch.

I’m trying to get my hands on a cleaner amp for more ambient sounds but still capable of some overdrive and fuzz.
I actually have a Polytune 2 Mini on the way. I’m thinking of getting the Friedman BE-OD overdrive, Xotic EP Booster Mini, the same Volume pedal you have, the Walrus Audio Vanguard Dual Phaser or the KMA Astrospurt phaser, the Keeley Caverns V2 Delay/Reverb and possibly a different fuzz…possibly… (I think I need to do some soldering on or replace my patch cables and get a power supply)..
I’ve been looking at the Electro-Harmonix Silencer and since I’m playing atmospheric/post-rock/classical all the way to Hawkwind-like progressive, doomy, space rock stuff.
I think my Wildkat needs some surgery as well.
I’m so used to overall size, shape, and neck length that playing a Strat felt weird but that’s more dynamic than anything like my Wildkat.
I’m thinking of the G&L Fallout and adding a Bigsby.

I’m fairly new to understanding the electronics of it all. I just want diversity without selling everything I own but liking what I’m looking at while playing.

I may actually get a Ditto looper to add to my board possibly for my MicroKORG so I don’t miss guitar parts before or after jumping to my synth..

I plan to eventually have a board specifically for my guitar along with delay for vocals and viola/cello when that time comes..possibly an extra looper like I mentioned earlier.

For my rig as of now..
What do you think I should go for?
I know it’s preference like you said but I’m not trying to have a huge pedal setup and I’d like to continue playing my Wildkat if I can find a cleaner amp like a Vox or possibly a Fender so I don’t get so much feedback when playing through overdrive or fuzz.
I play a variety of stuff but stick to psychedelic/atmospheric tones for the most part.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of pedals and if I should entirely replace what’s on my board now.

I’m broke most of the time, I play too many instruments and I only have two arms.

I’m super picky about what my set up consists of.

Any recommendations for the phasers, overdrive, reducing feedback from the Wildkat? I would post a picture of my set up if I could. I know it’s mostly about preference but I’m trying figure out what order I should plug everything in that’s most beneficial.

Lee Syrjanen says:

I’m hearing a ground looper hum. How do you get rid of that?

bontorvernanta says:

Hiii sir…
Line6 M5 or ZOOM 70CDR?

CAn you help me to decided?

Thank you sir

Renaissance Man says:


What is the best portable affordable pedalboard and power supply that you can recommend on a budget that can manage 5-10 pedals? I am thinking of a Line 6 M13 or Line 6 Pod plus 5-6 pedals for a future setup.

Jonathan Kosyjana says:

Shin-ei Univibe



Aidan Romero says:

Is anyone else seeing that glitch above is head or anywhere else he moves?

Zebulon Stevens says:

this video is twice as long as it needs to be, he needs to be more economical with his words and he likes to use his guitar to masturbate while showcasing the pedals.

Patrick Schnall says:

I sold my pedalboard with expensive pedals and replaced it with a Line 6 M13. Does the job!

YourGuitarSage says:

Thanks for watching this video my friends! Let me hear your feedback below. 🙂

Ryan Renteria says:

the empress superdelay is a digital pedal, not analog at all

Leonardo Lira says:

Are you using your wah connected though G2 or connected before it?

NM PK says:

How about using the Wah with a clean sound? And isn’t the tuner supposed to be right at the front, the first pedal the guitar is plugged into? Not after distortion/overdrive etc,? So that it can get the best signal and to also mute all pedals like a Boss TU-3 does? And Modulation (Chorus, Flange) goes before Delay and Reverb. Not sure if he did all that through the gig rig board, because pedals can be switched around and why it costs $1200. He should be talking about which order effects are placed in and why.

Chris Barbaree says:

What’s a good, cheap 10+ pedal multiswitch that I can use for my entire board without having to stomp all of the place?

Josh Elias says:

Get yourself a noise suppressor, man.

JR Twitchell says:

…not sure why I was brought here, but is it just me, or does this dude seem super arrogant? It sounds like he’s addressing children when he speaks. I especially like how he thinks people think Tube Screamers sing & then proceeds to sing something strange… I’m assuming he’s referring to sustain? I dunno, at least we know it sounds the ‘yummiest’ tho. His pedal board has a lot of pedals that totally work for his riff rock & processed-sounding solos, but he’s really reaching to say that ‘YOU NEED’ this setup. Get what you can afford & what sounds good to you… Jeez! I do, however, dig his guitar books where he’s rockin’ some sweet Chuck Norris poses on the covers & when he farts @ 3:44. Sorry for the crummy words, but it bugs me when people speak to others as inferior.

David Stensaas says:

Good video, thanks! When using a pedal like the M-5 or Zoom 50 (multi-effects/amps), where is the best place to keep these in a pedal chain? I have the Zoom and it is excellent, but I’m not sure if it is trouble in the typical modulation slot (after OD, before delay) or if keeping it just behind the compressor is the way to go? Anyone? Is it pedal-specific or as a class do these pedals react better in a certain part of the chain?

stratmanuk says:

Overdrive, that’s what I’d go for if I could just have one pedal.

Matt Gilbert says:

Very good intro to FX
How do feel about these new digital multi-FX that BOSS are bringing out, or the Strymon Mobius? Gotta say, they sound too “processed to my old-school ears.

Damir Yusipoff says:

The man made quite a nice vid, but friendly YouTube guitar masters started flaming him. If you disagree, you don’t have to jest about MT2 or call his rig shitty for having three OD pedals in it.
BTW Keep it up, dude, like this vid, gonna watch some more.

Matt Gilbert says:

OCD or BOX OF ROCK. (I use a TS-808 and a Jetter Gold Shift)
DYNA COMP (great for boost as well as straight up compression)
CE-1 or CE-2
ANALOG DELAYS (Mooer do a nice cheapie)
And if you have $$ get yourself a BIG SKY.
IF you can find one, ELECTRIC MISTRESS

That should do ya. If you absolutely need a vibe, why not, but plenty of amps do a trem and that’s close enough.

Wah is overused.

Angery Rabid Foxes says:

All I need is everything

JohnECommon says:

Dude, look in the mirror. You’re a dick

Dennis D'solan says:

Too many brands but I’m not convinced its sound, something is failing there.

Modern Disbalance says:

Ben Affleck?

Jonas Schirrmacher says:

Really nice Video!
By the way, your voice kinda sounds like Ryan Renolds

Eric Myers says:

Jeeze some of these guys are just straight trolls but have no videos of themselves, OUR SAGE WOULD DESTROY YOU

Stel Stel says:

I just ordered digitech rp360 is that good one?

David says:

Tuner – Delay – OD – Modulation – a looper to practice and record.

Peter Nico says:

Thank you, your a real pro. this was very help full.

Don Eckles says:

Awesome video…thanks SO much!!!

AidanPeterAdoresYou says:

The Eric Andre Show has gotten weird

davis carver says:


aliengtr says:

line 6 m5 is great; also eventide h9

Renaissance Man says:

What are thoughts on a multi-FX setup like a Helix Line 6 or Line 6 M13 versus a bunch of analog pedals? Right now I am using Guitar Rig 5 on my computer and guitar and this does a great job showing me what various FX do like distortion, chorus, reverb, etc. I realized that to play rock songs that sound good, you need either these on computer or pedals.

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