The Best Distortion Pedal? | Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage | Review

What’s the best distortion pedal on the market? Tom Quayle has a look at the new Seymour Duncan PALLADIUM Gain Stage Guitar Effects Pedal to see if it makes the grade. Read the full review in the latest issue of the magazine here.


Ariel Lopez says:

Reminds me a lot of the Bogner Uberschall pedal

Anderson Soares says:

porra, falou demais e tocou de menos

alain rosso says:

la gueule de con qu il a celui la

Rod Balingit says:

So instead of scooping the mid, dial UP presence and resonance instead?

Jonas Bylund says:

OMG gotta have this !!!

Mandarin says:

To me, nothing beats the Ibanez Tube Screamer SD9 Sonic Distortion Modded.


Forget the panel. Do a review on that sweet looking guitar of yours!

Rick Dains says:

Another freakin’ amazing pedal… AWESOME.

thomas gulden says:

Does it djent?


I like it..

Brian Cullen says:

Is it bandaxall eq?

Brian Cullen says:

4 band eq

Scotty D says:

I wish I could play like you

metalplatedfacejob says:

But seriously……………………does it fauxjent? I mean if it doesn’t sound like the other low quality youtube bedroom recording that i heard. then I can’t buy it.

Luis Avila says:

the boost doesn’t make you sound louder just more gain wtf?

Brett Fairchild says:

Why does Tom always swing his arm? lmao

Emre Emre says:

true bypass?

Snooze00 says:

Its only the best if its affordable. As this is ridiculously priced and a massive rip off then it is not the best pedal. It is a good sounding rip off pedal.

tigerbalm says:

Will this be better than EVH 5150 with more range?

Randy Bailey says:

great demo.

Emre Emre says:

it sounded great to me

tonelocrian says:

I need to hear this up against there 5150 MXR OD

Sean Brown says:

Great review, but how bout we use pickups that have range and definition for reviewing pedals?

Brian Cullen says:

it sounds quite impressive to me, need to hear a shootout

Matthew Hart says:

That pedal sounds freakin awesome. I want!

Erich B. says:

BTW, amazing what Tom Quayle can really do – a true fine artist indeed.

Wade Waggoner says:

I played it and was very impressed… in five minutes it broke.

ANewLoud says:

Shut up and play, just shoot the parameters set and go….

metalplatedfacejob says:

does it chika chunk?

NicksRSR says:

I am a big fan of Tom, and he can make anything sound good, but this pedal sounds awful. Way too harsh, grainy, scooped, digital sounding. There are much better options at and below this price point (Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe, Suhr Riot, Friedman BE OD, JHS AT, etc.)

Nicolas Tenjo says:

It is analog ?

fantom8207 says:

I’m liking this pedal.

Damon Stewart says:

Fantastic playing……..below average product considering it’s comp(amp tweaker,wampler,true-tone,mxr,electro harmonix,pigtronix)

jezzer1969 says:

I still think the Goosoniqueworx 7thvn has the edge. Its less complicated, but sounds more convincing.

Speedster5150 says:

Nice!. What amp are you playing through?

Verstimmung Verstimmung says:

this is overdrive…. nope?? but yeah this is the best pedal….

O- Tay says:

$300 for a distortion pedal? Nice try.


One of the most well done videos I have ever seen – nice job dude

Damon Stewart says:

Wampler deluxe plexidrive #1,#2 Tom quayle model,

Ábel Bende says:


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