The Best Bargain Looper Pedal – Ammoon Nano Looper – Demo / Review

Demo and Review of the Ammoon Nano Looper. This pedal is tiny but packed with features and high quality construction. Plus, this is the most inexpensive looper on the market!
Attention! Ammoon likes this video and they’ve given me some discount codes for this pedal! Use the links and codes below to save some cash:


Canada Code: NQCSAEE3

UK Code: QQGIT868

And here’s the big brother Stereo Looper:

Amp Used: Blackstar ID100TVP


Kenneth Hildebrand says:

When everyday at the gym is arm day.

Dpcustom says:

I bought this exact pedal about a year ago as a Christmas present for myself. Unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t great … the playback on mine sounds muffled and without highs.

Ike Davis says:

MaXXX I bought this looper about 8 months ago. still working great. has had some feedback here and there, but I play loud and fast with fury. like you bruh.

dave johnson says:

How does this compare & stack up to the RC-3 Loop Station? Could you please do a side-by-side comparison of the Pros & Cons? Many Thanks! – Dave J.

Gabriel De La O says:

Does it work well with distorion and delay as a loop

Chaim Yankel says:

Great review. I’m probably going to get one, but I can’t avoid the feeling that it’s a lame substitute for having more friends. Thanks.

flobeeone kinobee says:

You can’t use the distortion in the amp your playing through or it distorts the loop obviously
I recorded a loop on mine then plugged the looper into my boss katana minis aux in and turned it up. Works really well though no delay and not at great volume .you also get a USB cable with it too! It’s quite a bargain.
But I have seen a lot of faulty ones on YouTube so beware

Stephan Lappas says:

Can you undo on this pedal?

Robbi Rose says:

I love the gratuitous pocket shot. great b roll there.

256peppe says:

Please help, i’ve bought this pedal and i have troubles with it: it seems that it doesn’t record at all, when i plug my bass into it the led is off and the sound of the bass comes out of my amp; then i push the switch that becomes red and i play something, but when i press it again and it becomes green nothing happens, i can hear only what i m playing in real time and no recording; the volume knob is at maximum but its like the pedal doesn’t work, did someone had the same issue?

Der Knuspriger Kartoffel says:

I got a looper pedal branded “Rowin” on eBay for $22 USD new. It’s a bit bigger, the size of the Mooer and Tone City mini pedals. It’s also a one knob + switch setup. Seems to work just as well.


It’s Tommy Weseu

Paul Simmons says:

Wow, the companies are all making their effects smaller and smaller. Sounded good. Thanks for the heads up!

Jordan Lahy says:

Does the looper have an undo/redo function in case you want to delete a loop if you make a mistake or use that as part of your performance?

David Vivsik says:

How many different layers can you loop? Just one?

Razor Blade says:

it is possible to use this looper as a twin guitar?

peach head says:

Thanks for the review..for informative..dose this work for a bass guitar set up? Or do you know of a pedal that would work for bass as well?? Thanks again..

MopzMusic says:

im probably going to sound a bit dumb, but ive never used a pedal before and really want a loop pedal, so I have ordered one but how do you plug them in like there is a hole on either side that looks like it would fit a amplifying jack in but what do you plug  into these two spaces ?

Raynier001 says:

Yo! Badass content MaxxxwellC, thanks for the info!!!

J. Flag says:

WAAAAW You’ve got a Biiiigg Arms !!

McKenzie Hunt says:

My brother is a musician.. he plays piano, guitar, and he sings. Can he use this for all of that? Or is it only compatible with a guitar?

lewisbeeman says:

Dude, that t-shirt is absolutely awesome!

Ben white says:

Your clothes are too small


I got it. Tips for buying 9v power supply? ??

Albert Arvizu says:

Great video and products were can we buy them ?

johnnie cameron says:


Peter B says:

Cool little pedal. Thanks.

Dogstar Wiley says:


ljuky says:

I have this looper and it does the trick pretty good. It takes a little time to get in the hang of the way to manipulate the pedal, but it’s great after that.
In my own experience, sometimes you have to check the power connection just to make sure the pedal is getting power, cause I had a few occasion where I would not get the sound out of my amp and it was because the power cable got out of the connection without being visible.

Also, a great use for a looper pedal is when you are looking for a certain tone, you can put it at the beginning of you pedal chain and record a part and after that do all the nice things to your pedals and amp to get the desired tone without any need to play the same part over and over again.

Joe Thompson says:

Cheapest? & Best?Really……….best… who says so, the chinaman who sells em…. and I always thought ya get wot ya pay for.., boy was I steered wrong…..

Marko Palikko says:

Great review, thank you.

Secretarian says:

I have had this pedal for almost a year. It is a great practice tool – really allows you to see how good your rhythm playing is. I like to plug my acoustic electric into it, record an acoustic rhythm track, and then plug my electric into the pedal and put lead lines over top of the acoustic rhythm track. Only drawback – about every three months it goes brain dead, power off and on doesn’t clear it, so I hook it up to the computer and download a previously saved loop to it and then its fine. I bought this one because it was the cheapest at the time – I think it’s identical to the higher priced Donner and Rowin nano pedals.

wOhst says:

Thanks for this great video!

Do you have a discount code for Germany as well?

Liberty4Ever says:

Thanks for the excellent review. Also, nice playing!

wmatan blogsil says:

you are awesome

Jeff Zantingh says:

Why didn’t he buy a cheap squire guitar listed of a no name ammon? A tele is only $240

Daniel Pereira says:

Hey Maxx ! Is this pedal compatible with windows 10 ? The USB port in this pedal can be used for IN and out ? That is, can I input an audio file on the pedal and export a audio file for my PC winth operational sysstem windows 10 ? Thanks ! and the audio is compressed or uncompressed 24 bits?

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