The 5 Weirdest Guitar Pedals

Got my hands on some whacky guitar pedals. Today I’m going to try them out and tell you what I think.
Pedals used
Ravish Sitar:
Boss VO-1:
WMD Geiger Counter:
Z-Vex Seek Wah:
Korg Miku:
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Born in the Manitoba prefecture of Canada, samuraiguitarist, Steve-san Onotera, honed his discipline under the study of the country’s most powerful musical sensei.

Bred on rock, raised on the blues, trained in jazz, samuraiguitarist creates incredibly innovative videos that showcase his talents on the guitar.


Nathaniel Heimer says:

it has high body pillow potential

INF1D3L010 says:

On the topic of that vocoder, it’s pretty easy to see why that method of doing things is superior to the Talk Boxes of yore. Early Talk Boxes were known for breaking teeth if not used correctly. They basically used a full power speaker to put the sound through that tube, and they could rattle the fillings out of your teeth even when used properly. God help you if you touch your teeth together and seal your mouth around the tube on an old Talk Box while playing. I’ve been told it feels like getting punched in the jaw by Mike Tyson from all directions at once. Talk Boxes are legitimately dangerous.

Dakota Brown says:

Line 6 Fm4 Modeler better be on here

Dave LaBelle says:

You forgot the “Rainbow Machine” by Earthquaker

The Reeper says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, K.K. Slider – My heart will go on

Pinky3262462 says:

to bring honor to my family lmfao

the pinDrop says:

why are you doing this ?

Nate Sharits says:


Just In says:

Her knob

Uh oh

WallyGames says:


james oliver says:

what about the gonkulator?

Gutch220 says:

the geiger counter kinda reminds me of the MXR Blue Box

Garrett McClure says:

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard needs to get the sitar pedal

Jason Mullinax says:

I have that Seek Wah pedal and I use it a lot on synths and drum machines. When it broke I sent it back to Z-Vex and they fixed it for free!

Cole Jones says:

Im disappointed he didn’t play at doom’s gate with the geiger counter

Third Herd says:

Please don’t tell me that Celine Dion really became a Canadian Treasure before Rush!!!

Ces McMyth says:

are all your vids funny and informative as this? Freaking cool man. I’m in (y) I had a good laugh here killing time.

memE_XDXD_jesuS says:

i wonder what “through the fire and flames” would sound like on the miku

Game Grenade says:

Guitahhh peduru xD U rock man

Chayse88Black says:

Haha I love your rating system and these pedals. Great review!

Marco Daniel says:

Got the Ravish back in 2012. Still in love with it!

The Guy says:

This guy clearly hasn’t heard of Earthquaker

Maidon 13 says:

dude, why the hell is there a japanese hitler on the yellow poster in the background?

Mario Gutierrez says:

hahaha so fucking funny from miku

Will Farts says:

I love electro-harmonic’s pedals sell them in my music store but that sitar pedal isnt that cool

Daviddaveydave says:

The sitar pedal cost as much as a real sitar. K

King Rj Legaspi says:

Man you are good in playing guitar. Ill subscribe. Hehe.. How much is the Miku Pedal? The last pedal you describe. 🙂

Peyote Pete says:

DigiTech had the Yah Yah expression pedal that was awesome

Luke Smith says:

Now a pedal to encourage weebs to pick up the guitar

Patrick says:

The miku application x””D
It was fucking epic
Fucking awesome rock song with awesome piano and sick drums:
Miku hatsune – rolling girl

Really!! Just listen to the first 20 seconds and you will be pumped!!!

Jason Kostelac says:

My thoughts… What the hell did you do to your eyebrows? LMAO!!!!

WallyGames says:

I like playing my geetar with my padaru

Ayush Aripirala says:

We all know what comes next. All 5 pedals at once.

samuraiguitarist says:

By popular demand here is the full length version of “My Heart Will Go On”

Hannes Lehner says:

Great little frusciante puns xD

Andrew Jeffries says:

Your low-key humor is very much appreciated, tomo-san. Arigato!

DarkestofTimes says:

Vintage installed made me think harder better faster stronger, and then YouTube suggested it to me as soon as it happened, weird as hell.

Michael Seal says:

Only one cool pedal in this whole video. Lame

Alex Penny says:

5:40 the most beautiful thing i have ever heard. totes saved mi lyfe

Jake Musumeci says:

That My Heart Will Go On cover hahahahaha

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