The $23 Time Space Delay Pedal (Ebay) – Demo / Review

Let’s checkout the super inexpensive but surprisingly good Time Space Echo Delay! Remember: Delays generally go in the effects loop, whenever possible!

Link to this on Ebay: (I’ll try to keep this updated)

I’m playing through a Blackstar ID Core 100.

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


John Dery says:

Awesome demo! 1- Overdrive 2- Analog Delay 3 Wah

Andy Thomas says:

top 3 fx — vibrato, overdrive, fuzz

TheRosswise says:

I swear Max, you remind me more and more of Glenn Danzig every video :p

Eric Terrien says:

Thanks for the video. To my opinion, the 3 most important pedals : Overdrive-Compressor/Sustainer-Delay.
A french musician.

אוראל בן יצחק says:

Thanks Professor Snape

Mu Fasa says:


R W says:

Love your videos. Very informative! Just subscribed!

Age of Reason says:

Do you ever explore ambient chord playing? I’d be interested in knowing how this sounds against a volume pedal and some warm, ambient chords.

Gustav Vader says:

Thanks, great review.

Ludwig Hovenbeet says:

This looks like the ducks nuts, Ill definitely order one. Great review thank you.

TorpedoKiller 4023 says:

Overdrive, reverb, and tremolo.

Jose G. says:

Hi, can you make a video for 5 pedal you should have base on the cheap pedals you reviewed? It will be appreciate.

Vincent master bassist says:

Would you say delay and reverb compliment each other well?

Also I have to rock a distortion, chorus, and delay at least.

MrCavemanDon says:

Thanks! I ordered one for just under $23. “9 left” they say.
BTW, I REALLY appreciate your “budget” reviews. I also ordered the looper thanks to you, one very cool pedal!

Kim Thompson says:

I’d say distortion , delay and chorus .

Drewjitsu14 says:

Thank you for all your videos. Very informative and saves $.

Kim Thompson says:

That sounds pretty good for an inexpensive delay and great review as always

Ace Asmara says:

I thought u John Travolta

Andreas Nold says:

Somehow they all sound good with the right settings. I have a Joyo “Analog Delay”. Some Ytubers reviewed this to be harsh in tone! Yes, and with this in mind I tested it a few times and threw it into a corner wanting to buy the Biyang Digital Delay that got so good reviews. Turns out I really started liking this green Joyo “Analog”. And listening to this time space pedal it, the way it emulates the sound like being analog or tape, I’m pretty sure it’s the same circuit as mine. Nice review.

SilverParatrooper says:

Great video man!

Joshua Hunt says:

Phase 90, Sub N’ Up, Hall of Fame 2. Into Laney VC30 fully driven. Use guitars volume knob to clean up the tone.

Anthony Maiorano says:

Wah wah , phaser, delay , my amps get lots of distortion lol

Chris Carreno says:

Drive, delay, wah,especially if the amp has reverb. Amen!!!

Juri Ewel says:

distortion delay and a wah or chorus

gregory clewell says:

hey i love gear reviews (who doesn’t). i follow loads of channels like this.. usually showing me things i might never afford. depressed after watching those guys i end up back here. (i got this pedal off amazon for under $30 months ago. it’s awesome). i had loads of premium gear in the 80’s before i knew how to even play. it didn’t particularly help & is very attractive to thieves. i have loads of cheap gear from amazon & enjoy it everyday (2 be fair if you bought say a guitar as cheap as some of these in the 80’s from the sears catalog or whatnot, they were heavy as boat anchors and had playability issues.. cheap stuff really did get nice)!!

Dave Borrell says:

most of the time I just od the gain and no reverb. But if I used more than a an NS2 and OD it would be overdrive/chorus/ delay-reverb, I’ve never been able to let go of the 80s.

Clint White says:

I love that guitar. The maple neck with black sharks tooth inlays is beautiful man. I’ve never tried a jackson before. But I’m definitely gonna keep my eye out for one now.

Albert Arvizu says:

Were can we buy ?

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