The SANSAMP GT2 transforms your amp into many different classic tones like fender, marshall, and mesa style amps. Check it out this review with the tones of a Gibson SG & GEAR UP!!! Thanks for Watching, TMNtv


Rhoden Apolonio says:

power chords! use power chords! and use the bridge pick up!

brian patrick says:

Holy crap! This thing is badass. I had no idea. I passed on a used one for $40. Boy do I feel like an ass. Damn.

SquierStrat72 says:

I agree. I don’t think the tone and playing on this demo does it any justice. I don’t own the SansAmp, but I have the Behringer V-Tone GDI 21, which is similar(but less expensive) and kicks ass, for me. I don’t even use an amp at home anymore, just that, a mixer, and headphones. I have always heard good things about the SansAmp units, but it’s important to try things out in person.. Then you’ll get a real feel for what they can do. Sometimes too much gets lost over the Youtube anyway.

Pablo Miniaci - PGM says:

And the California mode?

nexus31337 says:

i’ve owned this pedal for about 6 years and it’s perfect for emulating a classic tube amp sound. this demo doesn’t do it any justice. i use it mainly for recording and when i don’t want to or can’t bring my amp, connecting it directly to a pa. it may not be as versatile as modern modeling devices, but the sound is just great.

M Dugardin says:

Oh please why doesn’t anyone shows how it’s reacting with the knob on the guitar, people don’t use it nowadays ??

Waldemar Kulikowski says:

Co to za badziewie??? Bardzo okropne brzmi.

Jason Sterle says:

well, i’m sold! you can definitely hear the MESA influence on the signal though. would love to hear a demo sent into a clean D.I.

gwugluud 77 says:

@1325ACO IMHO, you could get good sounds that way, but u might have 2 do some careful tweaking of yr bass amp and this. But yeah, if u want to escape having 2 shell out 4 a Marshall rig, this wouldn’t be AS good, but in the end you’d be fine with this. And ALL Tech 21 amp sim pedals are GREAT 4 bass, no worries on that.

pcatalunia pedro says:

ok, now put the mesa boogie at side, and try to use a 20w cube-amp to show us how gt2 pedal works…
Honestly, we can hear only mesa boogie…

Tibor Risko says:

Boys and Girls, I have this pedal, first I also thought that it sounded crap because I could not set the mids, but now I know how:  If you lower the highs and the lows, the mids come out, you just need to compensate by raising the volume a bit.  Another thing:  I found that this pedal sounds better in front of an amp, if you want to go direct to PA, rather go for the TRI AC because it sounds better via P.A. and for direct recording but sounds worse in front of an amp.  The TRI AC also has a mid knob and this is important when going dirtect to the P.A:  So in short:  GT2 is better as a drive pedal in front of an amp, the TRI AC is better for going direct to a PA and for recording.  Hope this helps someone.

Frans van Helvoort says:

I’m so very happy with this review! I can see in your expression that you do not believe your ears either. Very bad sound from this pedal. Earpiercing high frequencies. What ever you do with the nobs. Earpiercing High Frequenties. I have the Behringer copy of this pedal and it sounds the same shit!! You damage your ears with this trebly sound. Is no one here below hearing this?? I thought that it was my pedal or my guitar or my amp or me! But no, just a very bad circuit.
The only way to tame that bloody high freq. is a partial make over. I did it and I am very happy with it now.

MuscleDad420 says:

The scooped mids phenomenon was something that came way after the 80’s, but I share your sentiment all the same.

Danyrd P. says:

Just plug into the MESA! No pedal is gonna sound like a real amp.. it;s just physics.

Danyrd P. says:

I had one, but the compression just sucks ass on the high notes. Too shrill.

Vini Beber says:

sae daeee seco

shockcityrocker says:

I can attest, it does sound good- you just gotta dial it in. I use this in front a simple Fender Twin ’68; the Classic/Hi-Gain/British setting gives you nice gritty crunch- I find it helps to roll off the drive a bit; it really cuts through a bit more & is very controllable. Same setting but drop it down to Tweed mode & you get a nice clean on the verge up breaking up sorta sound. Really depends on what your using with it, but I’ve come to really dig it. And it’s got a 12ax7 in it which really gives it a bit more bite. I agree with some of the comments though; some of the settings in this demo may not be a great 1st impression (no offense to the player in the video), but just saying, it is quite versatile, & after playing with it, you’ll start to see what works. 

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