Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Guitar Multi-FX Pedal Review – Sweetwater’s Guitars and Gear, Vol. 96

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Mitch Gallagher puts the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 to the test – it’s a compact multi-effects pedal that’s capable of replacing your amplifier/speaker setup live or in the studio. Enjoy the video, then click the link above for even more info on the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5!


JCM800man says:

Great demonstration of the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5. What a simple yet very versatile compact Multi-Effects Pedal that sounds like a Pro Pedalboard worth many times more than the $250 price tag (you can easily spend that on 2 separate pedals if not 1 pedal for that price!) +Sweetwater Sound  I do have one question? What are the opaque knob covers on the Level & Hot knobs in this demo video? They do not appear in any of the product photos… just wondering? All it needs is a Headphone out jack and it would be perfect! 

Tony Serven says:

Damn. That was cool and sweet sounding pedal

Marcus Aurelius says:

Mitch Gallagher.. always thorough, personable yet professional. 

erictoniaschwab1009 says:

Mitch, you look great!

fabrizio peretti says:

you really can’t find a you tube video of this pedal where the sound isn’t incredible…. i must have it!!!

Yiannis Konstas says:

Great Video!!! The Audio Interface Pre-Amp gain is it at minimum?

John Marsden says:

Thank you – great review. I have just got this pedal, and your explanation will help me use it to its full potential.
And it really does create a great tone.

IM4 Tone says:

I love the concept and the versatility of this device. The demo sounded great as well. My problem is that, way back when these first came out, I ordered one and was on the waiting list. I was so looking forward to getting it and when it finally arrived, was totally disappointed. It was so noisy (hissy) that I found it to be unuseable. Tried it through a PA and several different amps (both into the front and into the loop as well). Same result….loud annoying “hiss” at even moderate volume and gain. So I sent it back. I have since acquired a Tech 21 power engine, but don’t know why it would necessarily yield different results?????

Love to have one, but………. Anyone else had similar results with “hiss”? Or did I just get a faulty one?

Geraksatriashakti says:

could you use the delay & reverb in a FX loop of an amp head?

John Burdette says:

Fantastic Rig ,Maybe Santa will drop one off at my home for me 🙂  Great Demo Mitch,Nice strat.nice pick’n sir….Merry Christmas to all you  and the folks over at Sweetwater

Dexter Umali says:

I have this pedal, and it’s as good as advertised.  The tone is great, whether plugged in to an amp, PA or recording unit.  It’s got just about every feature that you would want in a full rig:

1. A sans amp emulator (with eq features that you would want on any good amp), which allows you to play through an amp, a PA system, or record silently if you’re a bedroom recorder.
2. When plugging into a tube amp, the sans amp serves well as a first stage overdrive if you crank up the gain enough.
3. The plexi section is as good as any heavy overdrive pedal that you can get out there, it does a good job of capturing that marshall tone!
4. A great analog delay sound, with a tap tempo.
5. A “drift” feature in the delay that can actually give you a good chorus sound if dialed in just right.
6. And to top it off, it’s got a “hot” pedal to boost your signal for solos.

There are other multi effect pedals out there that offer the same amount of features, but you won’t find one that’s even close to being as compact as this one.  It also interacts well with other modulation and time based pedals.  This is my first tech 21 product, and in my opinion they nailed the tones on this unit.  not to mention for 250 bucks this thing is a steal!

JonesHvac says:

I will be having me one of those lol

Jonatan OTW says:

Great demo! I wonder about the clip-feature, does it only work when the delay is on or is it separate?

geoff1121 says:

Great review, very comprehensive. Just wish it showed how wild it can get with all the drive and boost sections on.

Brother Timothy Clark says:

i own one and it’s as good as it sounds. check my videos for more information and sounds.


The Iggs says:

Anyone knows the case the guy uses for his interface?

ClamsAnonymous says:

This is a really cool device, but the thing about Sansamp products is that they always sound a little bit “gritty”, even on their cleanest settings. That could work for some people, but I like a really CLEAN clean.

The Atomic Punk says:

Awesome I don’t know wether to get the fr5 , rk 5 or the Brit , I like to play guns n roses, aerosmith, faster pussycat , la guns.
I like that picture behind him , anyone know what it’s called

Bigswampbushcraft says:

Mitch has lost weight. lol

John J. Sanchez says:

… change the settings once in a while when you’re demoing a piece of gear…

12matze says:

if the reverb had an extra stomp_button……….

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