TC Electronic Smorgasbord full line of pedals

Ryan put all 13 of the new TC Electronic pedals on one board and does a quick run though. No knob tweaking or captions.

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Christopher Har V says:

everything besides the distortions/overdrives sounds dope.

Patrick Senter says:

The Prophet and Echo Brain sounded pretty great together.

Nick Casale says:

These sound way better than I would have expected for the $$ what a sweet time to be a guitar player on a budget

Filipe Doria says:

just an
amazing sett

Jermaine Long says:

The Rusty Fuzz / Blood Moon combo sounded sinister, in a good way.

Alfa Mail says:

Behringer owns TC now???? Another one bites the dust. Behringer makes some of the crappiest and cheapest gear in the world. I will hold onto my TC pedals.

Septian Dwi Ananto says:

is it tc electronic for low price pedals?

Iggytommy says:

I want the Rusty Trombone fuzz one

NEWMOON54 Cannone says:

That  Rusty-Fuzz stinxxx!!! Frikken horrendous sound!  Oi vey!!!!

C B says:

I’ve been using Boss pedalera for a long time but just a few days ago I brought a TC Electronic “Fang” and I am very satisfied, just used it for a show and it gave me that amazing guitar tone I like. Pretty cheap and amazing sound. I recommend it.

the meral woofer says:

I want a nice thrash sound what would you recommend to buy?

Hector Vazquez says:

Are the new tc electronic pedals on the video, from behringer company or a copy of them but better

Johnnie Distefano says:

I don’t see dark matter!

raze101 says:

They look so cheaply made. Not the quality looking pedals of pre behringer. I don’t think they’re doing too good cause I haven’t seen them out anywhere.

Iggytommy says:

i want the Rusty Trombone pedal

Brandon Morris says:

Thank you so much for showing off all these. So helpful for a new pedal shopper.

Guitar Learner says:

i admire your pedalboard wiring… so clean with almost no hum. do you have any tips for that?

Dave MaC says:

I really like that fuzz pedal, but it doesn’t sound great dimed like you have it here.

David says:

Rusty Fuzz – ForceField – Cinders – Tailspin . Those are quite ok. The rest… meh.

Michael Lewis says:

Very cool

James McCutcheon says:

Nice I have the TC Hall of Fame

Brendan Robb says:

Cool demo. Are all the pedals placed before the amp, or are some running thru an fx loop?

AliceSweetAliceUSA says:

Great demo! I would love to hear what it sounds like with the booster going INTO the dirt pedals. I wonder what they sound like when pushed?

Blaze Gulisack says:

Please burn the fuzz pedal

Drake Reynolds says:

Holy hell that Thunderstorm is feels! I don’t have one to demo near me, so I need to ask: does the Storm pair well with a chorus to create those wet soundscapes?

Mike Da Martian says:

As an owner of the Cinders, Grand Magus, Fangs, Bloodmoon, and Prophet pedals I can say without a doubt the only bad one is the Bloodmoon. The Fangs is incredibly easy to get wrong, but when dialed in correctly it’s an absolute monster

Tyler Harper says:

Ryan, it’s been almost 2 years since this video and I’m just now interested in these pedals. Would you recommend them today for someone who is interested? I’m mostly concerned with quality.

Mark Yarbrough says:

What is your pedal order?

J.A Salazar says:

no mojo mojo?

Maria Bicknell says:

Great video! Love the idea of having all the information I needed in one place. No nonsense. Thanks!

argiletonne says:

pedal order I would try:polytune

grandma gus
the prophet
rusty fuzz

I would probably turn everything on at the same time and try to move everything around until everything could potentially sound could all together so that used singly I would know if I added more the layering would work well together.

keep in mind I’ve only owned five guitar pedals in my life time. boss metal distortion, boss super chorus, dod grunge, digitech multi effects rp 300 and tc electronic.

Elyon says:

You don’t even turn them all on at once?! Shame!

Jefferson Sierra says:


wlliamson53 says:

the rusty fuzz kinda sounds like shit

Darrell Curry says:

What are you using to power these? If you’re daisy chain them do you get a lot of noise?

Luis Gore Gonzalez says:

I like the prophet no more!

German Quiroga says:

This line from TCe seems to be low quality effects, nothing to do compared to before line

adam Feher says:

I have that rush booster on the left it nice

Mike Payne says:

Is that Gauss tape echo part of this range, it’s the same form factor. Is it just new?

liaz strumbetter says:

hey buddy – if ya happen to catch this and still have that board or pedals do a boost comparison with the fangs then the grand magus???? i almost have this collection complete. need another voodoo plus 2 and im over the hump !!!!

Joe Turton says:

The fuzz with the flanger and phaser was great

M Gat says:

That fuzz is EVIL!!! SO badass

Mel Alvarez says:

Hey bud can u help out I’m trying to decide what’s the better fuzz the rusty or the honeycomb ? If u can reply by Friday cause guitarcentets having a deal 3 of these for 100 and I’m considering that a great deal just need to figure out the best pedals in this line to get the best bang for bucks I really need a chorus, a fuzz, compressed or a phaser I’m looking to snag the honey pot the 3rd demension and the blood moon which ones would you recommend?
Thanks for your time have a great thanksgiving if your in the states hope you reply before Black Friday lol

GunsNRoosendael says:


indieclock says:

phaser, fuzz, reverb/delays, and chorus sound amazeballs.

Iggytommy says:

what is that fuzz pedal based on?

NEWMOON54 Cannone says:

Most of these pedals come across as slight mirror images of each other. Not a passable distortion tone really. More dirty noise than anything. Give me a MAD PROFESSOR ANYDAY!!!

Iggytommy says:

i like the big knobs (ooh er missus), the simple enclosure, and the top mounted jacks.

creepshow69 says:

I like your videos, but this would be so much better if you just hit one pedal at a time to give us a quick taste of each individual pedal. Then maybe combine a few at the end. Also, too much fuzz/distortion stuff going on and not enough with the delay/chorus/etc. pedals. Maybe do another video going through the pedals one by one? However, this is a really great line of pedals by TC Electronic. I have the Prophet and Skysurfer and they sound great! Thanks for so many great vids!

Bernardo Matos says:


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