TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal Review

Although reverb may not initially strike you as the most exciting effect ever, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb could change your mind! 10 reverb types are available plus you have the added flexibility of TonePrint: a custom editor allowing you to download patches to the pedal.
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Mad Luigi says:

“Although reverb may not initially strike you as the most exciting effect ever(…)”

All I ever use is reverb and chorus actually 🙂

Divtej Singh says:

totally sorted. excellent review! 🙂

Curtis Newton says:

the upload via pickups just nailed me on my seat

RoDilllV says:

Beautiful chords

Jay Alvarez says:

Thanks for the review, I was lost in the tones. Beautiful, I decided to go ahead and buy it for Spanish classical guitar.  It sounds breath taking.

Michael Penny says:

A few years ago I was able to use the toneprint w no problem. Didn’t use it for awhile and no unable to transfer the tone prints. Could it be the life proof case that interferes w it? I’m frustrated. Thanks

Tom Clayton says:

Good lord! That fake-tanning goggles mark! Amazing.

brewer9565 says:

Thanks for the excellent review. I’ve been researching reverb pedals and your review impressed me enough to purchase TC’s HoF. I find that this pedal works wonders if you want to add some reverb to your bass for certain songs or passages, especially when playing melodic lines high up on the neck. Excellent pedal and great review!

Jay Nartz says:

Great skills.

TC Electronic says:

All of our TonePrints are completely free of charge 🙂 Oh, and thanks for the nice demo +Dawsons Music 

laurent dumoulin says:

Best pedal reverb of all time TC electronic ils référence for this pedale efect 🙂

throbberikk says:

are the tone print patterns free too or is there a charge for these please?

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