TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb – Ambient Guitar Gear Review

Check out the super cool Hall of Fame 2! New features include a SHIMMER reverb, 3 TonePrint slots and a built-in expression pedal (MASH Technology)! This little pedal can “Ambient Guitar” in spades!

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Chords of Orion Music:
Chords of Orion on Apple iTunes/Music:

Equipment used:
PRS SE 277 Demi-Hollow Baritone Guitar
Wampler Ego Compressor
Morley Little Alligator Volume Pedal
TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb
TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay
Avid Eleven Rack:
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40:
Apple Logic Pro X

chords of orion – ambient guitar music for the mind and heart.

bill vencil – guitars



Elvis says:

Chords Of…Onion?

No offence Mr. Vencil, just another Game of Thrones joke.

George Koutsoupis says:


nick jensen says:

wow! im getting this now!

shredgplayer says:

El pedal hace todo eso?, tiene Shimmer y Flanger?


Nuwata Abeshi says:


Rick Conner says:

Yes but does it have reverse reverb and or swell effect?

Ruckus Tom says:

Wow. Is that all being done with one pedal?

Adityo Maltais says:

cool info and you’re funny too… thanks man… great at the end of my pedals for electronic music.

Angular Square says:

Yeah. I want this..

Martyn Adams says:

Got one. Yay! Can’t open it for the battery – screw is seized! 🙁

Graphene says:

Man I’d walk through Heaven’s Gate to these sounds. Pass the Kool Aid!

Taylor Prevost says:

Super helpful video, thanks!

david57strat says:

It was this particular video that prompted me to buy this unit. Loving it 🙂 – no regrets! Thanks for posting this video, brother.

Jody Sanders says:

Good complimentary playing with this pedal. I like all sorts of music,but ambiance is absolutely my favorite. Good video.

Anthony. Z says:

Hi ! Would you teach me how to properly activate the smash , because whenever I use mine Its just turning into clean mode

hanten10 says:

Your guitar is awesome ♥️

Nikalas Sarver says:

Does it have tap tempo?

QontrolFreek says:

Can you use toneprints for the hall of fame 1 for the hall of fame 2?

Michael Morales says:

Great review and demos. Thank you!

Grantburgh1 says:

just ordered one only £90 absolutely buzzing for it to arrive now

Rob Penny says:

Actual playing starts at 3:55

Isaac the Worship Warrior says:

This feels like an ASMR style pedal demo. I love it. Lol

IzzI R. says:

I love your channel. Not only because you are implying various strange devices :). But because you are doing it “with soul”. I see that you love what you do. I learned a lot while watching your video. I would forget :). I like your music. Greetings. I was looking for a reverb. I know what I found 🙂 I am sorry for my English. I’m from Poland:)

Ploadsburry says:

Man this pedal sounds good, but the Boss RV-6 has the delay feature… I don’t really want to buy a delay pedal, and from what I heard of the boss demo it does a pretty good delay (I’m not looking for some crazy, geometric Edge-type delay).
Also, regarding the stereo sound you mentioned in the boss video, I’m wondering if you would hear much of a difference live? I can hear the difference in headphones but I feel like the sound would just fill up a room regardless in a live performance.

cast390 says:

Creepy Guy. I could image this dude saying, “would you like some candy little girl”?

Agung Amanda says:

Why mash not function?

voodookook says:

Fantastic demo Bill. Just purchased on at a great sale price. This is going to be fun!

T FP says:

So many companies are making great pedals. I already want this and the ehx oceans 11 and i have rv500 and the mxr reverb.

Boram Yoon says:

Hey Bill what’s the stereo input cable going into the HOF2 called?

Ryan Kirk says:

I freaking love how he gets those Eric Johnson ambient vibes. Damn I’m glad I bought this.

Ryan Kirk says:

Mix a fuzz pedal with this by the way. You’ll thank me later.

Brawler 620 says:

Great playing, shows if the pedal very well

Jason V says:

Looks like I’ll be buying another TC pedal. Thanks for the excellent review. Tore should have you visit TC in Denmark so you could make the “Orionverb” Tone Print.

Christopher McCann says:

Im sold

sav13579 says:

ser davos???

GUITARSSful says:

He looks wasted

meparadis says:

Can you use it normally without the “mash” function and still be able to get all the functions (full lenght decay and dry/wet)? I mean I would like to use it for a synthesizer and won’t be using it with my feet….

Giuseppe Croce says:

Hi sir! Would you recommend this pedal or the arena by TC?

Eduardo Burgos says:


Watermelon Man says:

Fantastic demo mate.

Pat Enz says:

That’s really great thing with your expression pedal. I was waiting for something like this. Finally an expression pedal without pedal for a smaller footprint.

Rik Vanhoenacker says:

Hi, I like the sound of this box but I already have a Mooer Ocean Machine so I think it would not really add anything to my setup? Except for the Mash knob.

User 0110 says:

Where did you get the tone prints?

Kyaw 23 says:

HOF vs RV6
Which one you recommend?

chris cooke says:

Why did you not demo the spring reverb? The one I wanted to hear…lol. That shimmer effect is awesome

Zach O'higgins says:

That prs sounds amazing

Matthew Buchanan says:

How stoned is this guy?

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