TC Electronic Dreamscape John Petrucci Pedal Review With Jamie Humphries iGuitar Magazine John Petrucci TC Electronic Dreamscape Pedal review!

Jamie Humphries reviews and demonstrates the John Petrucci TC Electronics Dreamscape pedal which features in iGuitar magazine Issue 8. To read the FULL spec head to :

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Tim Sauers says:

I like this, 4:46 old school satriani

slickcross says:

Intro was sweet.

Ugly Bunny says:

Decent review; other than the “vibrato,” is there any reason to get this if I already have an electric mistress?

judd austin says:

Using the whammy while demoing a modulation pedal is the definition of insanity.  

Guitar Interactive - The Free Online Guitar Magazine says:

Hi, yes the competition is worldwide! make sure you enter before April 9th 2012! Goodluck!

Mick Hagman says:

Too much talking. Just demo the friggin pedal!

12th Fret says:

this pedal’s design is a big disappointment. It has flanger chorus etc. built in, but when i’m performing live or rehearsing, I have to get down and change between flanger and chorus? What type of poor designing is that? it needs a stomp switch for each option. Love TC electronics, but this is a big disappointment.

Noah van putten says:

must.. win.. PEDAL!!!!!!

2inchfromtheground says:

Great pedal, worst review I’ve ever seen. I’ll make sure not to watch any more guitar interactive videos

dublev78 says:

Bought this pedal…. Returned it… The fx level functions differently depending on the effect selected. On some it functions as how wet the effect is and on others it’s a straight up volume with no fx level control at all. Def try before you buy…. WORST DESIGN EVER!!!!!!

Carl Windsor says:

Worst demo ever. Tremelo arm with modulation effects. WTF?? That IS modulation.

V8LC100 says:

Does anyone else find the blue LED on this pedal absolutely blinding bright?

nick muska says:

Agreed Lol. Slap some dream theatre musician’s name on it and you have a best seller

Timothy Roy says:

can anyone explain the chord theory he is playing

Graham Cooke says:


Jacob Johansson says:

If Europe (I think they sell worldwide also): w w w (dot) thomann (dot) de.

Eric So says:

Will JP ever use this… I am wondering why he would use this when he has a axe fx 2……lol

ScarsWeBare says:

Save your money and buy an Axe FX 2. I have 20 different patches that do the same thing and easily controlled via the Fractal MFC-101. It’s hands down the best mustc-related investment I’ve ever made.

12th Fret says:

Unless i am mistaken, the only thing I don’t like is the one pot to engage the effect, there should have been multiple pots to switch between the various effects for flexibility. When I’m playing a gig. I have no time to bend down and switch from flanger to vibrato. Of course the other impractical option is buy 5 of them…..

12th Fret says:

I never said the pedal is bad. It sounds awesome. I’m saying that you can only use one effect at a time. When I perform live, I can’t switch between chorus and flanger without kneeling down and turning a knob. That’s not practical.

eventidewinds says:

useless pedal…

Guitar Interactive - The Free Online Guitar Magazine says:

Hi there, best thing to do is the head to the tc electronic website and find where to buy the pedal it says you can order the pedal from the Guitar Center in the US. We will post a link in the video description to the page where you can search your area to see where you can order one! Hope it helps! Will also send you an email to your youtube inbox.

Drakrats Darkstar says:

Why does he have a tea vosy on his head? Someone should tell him he looks ridiculous…he’s not outside in the cold and he’s too old to be ‘cool’…for shame

335fusion says:

Have a suspicion the sound is not being done justice via Youtube

Dan Jackson says:

This pedal or the Nova Modulator?

OFR says:

Exactly! All the trem arm work negates what the pedal might be doing…

Lewis Hay says:

Sounds great. Shame about the pricetag though; if this didn’t have Petrucci’s name on it then it would be about £50 cheaper.

TheBoondoggler says:

Demonstrating chorus while using the whammy bar: “Hey try this new organic mustard; but first let me add a ton of salt to it- it will really enhance the flavor!”

fuzzmeister13 says:

wait a minute !!!!!!!!!! did he just say use your iphone to beam the settings at the pickup to use toneprint settings!!!!!!!!!!!!! beam me up scotty!!!!!!!!!!!

Bia Lins says:


Mellunacy says:

I follow all the steps! *.*

Nicolás Rivera says:

Is the competition available worlwide?

slugpumper1 says:

Could do with a second switch to toggle between the effects.

Joao Gargate says:

I have one question : Wich pick ups are used in the guitar ?

Thiago Vitesse says:

What’s the pickups on this Axis? Sounds great!

Jeffrey Smith says:

Why don’t these reviews ever demo the ‘dreamscapey’ stereo feature in modulation pedals?

James Russo says:

I love the pedal in that it sounds just as good with clean as it does with dirt. Great stuff and the price has gone down a lot since it came out!

Manny1222 says:

I would love this for some Van Halen, the possibilities for this pedal are endless. :O


another pedal that allegedly can do alot, you can use just one feature at a time and is gonna sell just because of the endorser’s name. for that price i can buy 2/3 stomps and use them more creatively.

David Dupree says:

I wish he’d stay off the damn whammy bar. How are we supposed to tell which is the pedal and which is his hand?

rogerthehat says:

intresting no phaser or uni vibe

presapus says:

Nice run through. I kinda wish you’d stay off the vibrato arm on the guitar. Kind defeats hear what this sounds like as it fades outs.

jesman8 says:

I just bought this pedal, I can’t wait to get it. Check out ebay for people selling it with best offer. I was able to get one guy to sell it for $210, still alot but way better than $250 lol

jcows12 says:

Purple haze
Typicaly If you turn even one pedal on in your chain then the true bypass drop is fixed by the acting pedal. Balance is usually best as too many buffers can be bad

Meghan Hall says:

Duuuude you have worn that neck down! Respect.

Mellunacy says:

who is the winner???????????????????

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