TC Electronic Dark Matter – Distortion Pedal Review

What an amazing distortion pedal with a wide range of sounds… for €49 this thing is unbelievable in sound and quality !

Please use my link if you want to buy !!!

Dark Matter €49


Tip Top says:

I’m not a guitar player but I like your video. You are like an animal and that’s positive. I have a lot of fun when I look to your videos.
Great go ahead

MyShreddedSanity says:

Just picked one up today, I’m am digging it. Next session I’m gonna hook it in line with my DOD overdrive and see how well they play together.

Brynn Jenkins says:

This made me cringe but it was helpful

toadstkr says:

Entertaining video but I just wanted information

Milind Chitnavis says:

Hi ..what are the effects you’re using to get that sublime clean tone from 00:57 to 01:10?

Micah Hobson says:

Its maybe only £40 so get it if you havent already

Alex Goia says:

What model is that Fame head on the left? Can you review it?


does it take the sparkle out of the clean sound when you press the tone button. sounds like it to my ears, but I ve found my ears are decades behind modern gear.

In your non bias opinion which is a better all round distortion pedal the Dark Matter or the Mojo MOJO pedal….. I m confused. with them they dont sound that similar but the Dark Matter has my attention more so than the Mojo pedal. little pieces of relevant knowledge would aid the old man about modern gear. thanks

Have you tried stacking some of these distortion/overdrive pedals together to give a aggressive smooth quality to the mix.

Mateusz Lisiak says:

I would like to see how it works compare to OCD (which I think you havn’t tested yet)

Renato Ramos says:

perfect…thanks dude.cheers.

Boy Aditya says:

man .. i gotta have this one .. not because of the sound but the font and all looks like Star wars ^_^

Frankie Cummins says:

Great take on a great pedal! I use this pedal quite like an overdrive and it tightens up my amps beautifully!

Jerry Simoes says:

Bought one. Used your link to do so. Thats a great pedal indeed which respects the guitar sound. My strat sounds stratty, my mahogany setneck humbuckered guitar sounds SGesque. Awesome pedal, from overdrive to distortion, and great EQ. Thanks for the video, totally helped in my purchase …… olskoolmetaaaaaaaaaal !

Ennis Vaile says:

That lame joke got you a like and a subscriber, lol

Purple Haze says:

Dude you may have a super cool studio, full of the best gear – best guitars, amps and what have you, super sophisticated with a big couch in the background and to the side all your boutique amp heads and isolated cabs…but your reviews are total shit! You’re an incompetent fuck. Why? Because if you knew anything about TC Electronic products is that they are trying their hardest to steer away the Dark Matter name from the Metal scene (But it was a poor choice in the name that they made) because for Metal they have the Rottweiler and the Rottweiler is a full on Metal pedal and NOT the Dark Matter at all which TC are trying their best to sell as a classic distortion and as always with your piece of shit reviews you come and fuck everything up. All you have is money (Mommy and Daddy’s money) no brains. No sense nor sensibility.

Jay Jackson says:

Yes I paid full price years ago. It’s a great pedal. Not sure why it’s so low now. I understand ur explanation but it’s GREAT. As soon as people see cheap they think well..It must be cheap. Nope. Oh FYI when I used to have solid state amps before I could afford tube amps it even sounded good thru them.

Tone Fingerz says:

vs tube screamer?

Gweentee says:


Jake G says:

This sounds excellent, man

Mario Camilleri Brennan says:

Great videos mate!!! Really interesting reviews with a great sense of humour!! Keep it up 😉
By the way, I think I will get this pedal. Just one question please….I have the Boss super distortion SD-1 and I’m thinking of getting the TC electronics mojomojo and dark matter. Is it a good idea? Are the mojomojo and dark matter less noisy than the boss? I only have modulation pedals of tc electronics and they are super silent! Thanks so much 😉

jake smith says:

Hello my Deutsch brother, I purchased the DARK MATTER pedal and I love it. Thank you for the great review. your distant Detroit brother, Jake.

ivan moody says:

im only joking with you buddy you are pretty good dont cry im sorry

Optimusprimerib says:

Never apologize for the sweatiness. It is the sweatiness which binds us.

Carthy says:

HEY, was wondering how this pedal compares in your opinion to the Fulltone OCD distortion pedal? I’m pretty torn between the two at the moment…

Tone Fingerz says:

best distortion sounds like clean channel running with distortion at same time imo. the balance 4 me changes depending mood im in.

Jimmie Marchisotto says:

Do you like the new run of cheaper effects from t.c.electronics? What do you think of the Grand Magus and the Fangs?

Jimmie Marchisotto says:

My brother! Awesome demo! You have some awesomely KILLER chops! Love your songs in these demos! And you are very entertaining! Glad I SUBSCRIBED!

Nikolai Fallesen Knudsen says:

is this guy from Denmark

Raúl Aragón says:

Does it djents?

Alex Schuster says:

Bass + Mod Pedal + This pedal = Type O Negative


for some reason I thought that seymour Duncan built the Dark Matter Pedal. not trying to get another pedal more face value but, The seymour duncan Dirty Deeds and what I thought was the dark matter had me convinced that that was the best service to tone improvement. Now I find out that TC electronics makes the Dark Matter……what a shock that was. thanks for posting.

Nidhogg vom Walde says:

ich finds echt super, wie du alles aufzählst u zusammenpappst, aber…, nicht alle da draussen spielen teure amps u marken, bzw. custom gitarren. klar, wer mehr geld investiert, bekommt auch mehr, aber erzähl das mal den kids, die bei mir mit nem bugera u ner 250 euro ibanez auftauchen. die glauben nämlich, son mops zaubert das plötzlich schön. mach doch mal n vergleich, zwischen soner gitarre wie hier u nem crappy billigmodell, um die erschreckenden unterschiede aufzuzeigen.

ach ja, es ist ein billiger chinaimporttreter, die dinger werden in china gebaut u “nur” von tc entworfen, material u arbeitskosten sind da wohl recht kleingehalten. u bei manchen effekten frage ich mich schon: was soll der preis?

Shameful says:

“….so you can still use the rubber.” (@ 22:39) Awesome! GJ Henning. LOL

Kayla Schulz says:

I really like this one

melvoid01 says:

At this time in the UK this and the mojomojo are both £36.00 each total nobrainer actually sat here waiting for my mojo to arrive but amazon obviously sent the guy out without a satnav, still it will get here eventually.

Ethan Northup says:

…..but can it djent?.

ckara0071 says:

He spent so much time on one pedal, that’s dedication !!


EytschPi42 I m not sure what I m supposed to be listening to ……why the 4 in one. video I could focus my eyes and almost get my ears to hear what that tone reference was and it would change the dramatic playing and I would loose it again. and refocusing….tedious no enjoyment in that. If you have a better understanding please enlighten me so that I can get better at multi faceted focusing. Thanks from TEXAS

Why do you not play a Palmer fat 50 or fat 100. those amps come from your neighborhood do they not. Comm on gemme a break. Play a real amp…

Nick Fox says:

The birds singing are the best.

French Guitar Guy says:

This is such a versatile pedal, I use it for lower distortions whilst having a black star htdistx for heavy distortion, it’s a combo that works perfectly for the music I play and is playable for other styles as well

danymarrod says:

Thanks for the info!

Jay Bolivar says:

Great review! Also just saw your review in the Joyo US Dream. How would you compare the two? Which one has thicker tone? And which is more versatile?

MetalPunk98 says:

So for this pedal do you need batteries for it to work

52 weeks of music blog says:

I love the Dark Matter pedal. It’s my only distortion pedal on my board. The thing with the battery is you have to have a plug in the input jack for it to work. You can’t just put in the battery and hit the switch. I guess that’s so it doesn’t turn on accidentally while traveling. I use this pedal and my ditto for busking. Works great.

Nik Szu says:

best pedal review ever

C Zona says:

I absolutely love your set up man!!!  You have a guitar wall and an amp wall!?  Amazing!

Karma D says:

I got it last week…ahahahah..Thanks Eytsch!!

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