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beautifulmicia says:

Requires a large learning curve and when you have 20 different devices or more, a person has to go back and learn it all over again. Personally feel it would be nice to have more banks and presets so I can be a bit lazy and rack devices always seem more user friendly.

John Kemp says:

I like this pedal when first heard it the tineline but all ready had the tc nova delay so I got that and the big sky and the Mobius your demo is really good thank for the demo.

TheIbemuntu says:

mxr analog delay is what I use. This is nice for studio work, or even cover songs. Sometimes I want to do different things on songs we play at church. How would I be able to switch sounds in the middle of a set? How does the timeline match up to the Roland GR-55

Damon St James says:

anyone want to sell theirs? haha

Brian Enders says:

I bought a tone king royalist with series effects loop. My delay seems to still sound like it is in front of the amp when I crank the volume. I can hear the echos distorting Would this thing work in the loop or is it just going to overdrive on top of itself

Elliot Glynn says:

Hi, I just bought a strymon timeline second hand and was wondering if you could help me with an issue I’m having-the display refuses to show the preset name, rather whatever I do it just shows the bank number or bpm, any ideas what could solve this?

Precaria Black Metal says:

WHAT A PEDAL! This literally leaves 99% of other delay pedals obsolete and can even cover reverb and modulation territories. I do not want to know it’s price.

Damian Brady says:

Great video. thank you!

krissymf says:

And I was wondering do you think the big sky and timeline are a great combination?

Lodochnaya Xram says:


Can I use this delay in front of clean amp?

Taterly Saladman says:

Value how did you get it to off? Looked like you pressed and rotated CCW I can’t get the OFF to show, keeps showing the parameters. Same issue on TYPE it always shows the MS time when I turn the knob even right after I change them all to show title of presets it goes right back to showing MS time, in this demo you turned the knob and it showed preset titles.

Lou Tielli says:

Real nice job on this. Rather than just demoing the factory presets, you took us “under the hood” to show how to tweak them.

bartni says:

strat is the worst guitar to test a delay

Sonja van Hoorebecke says:

Just a brilliant machine

augustsky1 says:

WHERE did you learn all these terminologies for effects? What would you recommend for a beginner just getting into the whole digital looping and sound design or whatever you call it? Some sort of audio courses?

Mike Breakwell says:

Awesome demo. Thanks for sharing!

Damon St James says:

i have an MXR analog that I want to run w this guy

ESO Strap says:

Great pedal! The infinite sustain feature is amazing.

phenixreturns says:

great demo man

Keef Richards says:

Buying this delay pedal within the next week. I have the SD Vapor Trail analog pedal which is much warmer. The Time Delay will be a great accompaniment and will offer much more options

Bendy2K says:

Does this have a stereo panning effect?

That drummer Kid says:

I want it

Bart Knol says:

You’re testing the tape-preset without turning the Time-knob… that should be the most tapey effect!

Michael Caz says:

Wow. I Never realized how much better the El Capistan Sounds vs the Timeline. It’s true, The Timeline ( does more ), but The El Cap is Far Superior for that Echoplex, Space Echo Sound. Warmer & more Full Sounding. Sits Better in the Mix. Less harsh & Digital Sounding.

A. G. says:

What happens if you type is not saving the effects you want, even if I press it down for 2 seconds

rick jones says:

the H9 kills them all. eventide been doing this for a long time. i spent 2k on strymon stuff got smart and bought 2 H9’s which replaced all my strymon effects plus my H9’s have pre/post and distortion,fuzz,and OD now.I did side by side a/b with them and the H9 killed everything strymon had. now I have a lot more room on my board as well

SickMetalAddict says:

What amp are you plugged in to?

Lorenz Müller says:

Mike Landau Bank 50

Wadsmitter says:


AndroxineVortex says:

i would buy this just for the ice

Ganjirocker says:

fantastic little psychedelic guy

Johnathan C says:

Love it

UDD Music says:

Great vid man!

RobVoyles says:

nice delay, but i’ve heard just as good for a lot less money.

Nikki Smash says:

Great review!

Davi Arimateia says:

5:46 killer!!!!

jasfiona says:

GREAT demo. Very useful. You’ve obviously spent a bit of quality time with it

xpjv says:

boss RE-20 is more useful and more depth!

ESO Strap says:

This pedal is amazing. Clean tones and American Made:)

Denis Rodriguez says:

What is the price of the pedal?

Bridman Marin says:

terror voice why do you speak in that way!!!

Harry Plinkett says:

Can someone explain something to me. With subdivisions what’s the deal with numbers like 4/3. This confuses me as I am used to subdivisions like 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/8 dotted (3/16), 1/4 triplet. 4/3 makes no sense to me, plz translate. Haha

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