Sonicake Sonicbar Twiggy Blues Guitar Effects Pedal Demo & Review

I’m back with a review and demo of the Sonicake Sonicbar Twiggy Blues Guitar Effects pedal! This is a multi-effect unit that is not only well made and sounds great, but also crazy inexpensive at $80 here in the U.S.!

In this demo I’ll take you through all 4 effects that the Sonicake Twiggy Blues has built-in (compressor, overdrive, delay and reverb) and let you hear it with a variety of tones and styles.

You be the judge — is the $80 cost of the Sonicake Twiggy Blues guitar pedal a good deal, or should you look for a different option? I personally think this little multi-effects pedal is VERY hard to beat!

Demo recorded using a Gibson ES-335 through a Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue Amplifier, and miked with a Shure SM57. No other processing or EQ involved.

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SixStringsDaddy says:

For $20, the Donner Yellow Fall delay does sound this good 😉 I didn’t dig the distortion section, if it were more on an OD I’d probably be grabbing one of those.

gentrylane says:

I use this thing for bass and it’s great

Craft&Create says:

you know the rock afire explosion you recorded years ago, it was completely restored by it’s creator maybe you could go and check it out this summer once more?

tangentz0007 says:

Why bother young guys? For $100 to $200 buy a used Roland Rack unit. Gp8 or Gp16 killer pro tones and effects for just a little bit more and at any volume. Quality not junk. Remember you get what you paid for. Better to invest your 80 towards Roland or Alesis quadraverb.

Mark Stanford says:

Excellent review! I am going to Amazon now to buy one. Thanks for doing this.
Also wanted to mention that this is my first time on your channel and your video and audio are top notch. Good job on that.

Leon Thompson says:

Not your typical review for a piece like this. When you said you were playing a 335 assumed you were going to show us how close to a dumble tone this thing says is possible. I was waiting for some robben ford,Larry Carlton licks.nonetheless great finger picking style. That style works so well with jazz .Good job

Damian Counsell says:

Clear, helpful, detailed review with well-chosen examples. Thanks for posting.

Perihelion77 says:

Matt: Thank you for the demo. BTW, extremely tasteful playing. You are very talented.

Todd Flowers says:


Matt Brillhart says:

I purchased this pedal due to this review. It should arrive in a few days. The Dumble association shouldn’t have been made IMO as this is not D-style tone. I needed a small roots rock style pedal. This should do the trick. I’ll use it with a NuX Soild Studio.

Pevsfreedom says:

I have one of these and I love it. I put the comp at 12 for both knobs, the gain/tone at full and volume like 25%. Reverb at 25% and delay wherever. I really like this thing for its simplicity and it sounds just as good as any $$$ pedals I’ve ever used. Using the comp as just a pure volume boost works great too if you don’t want to use the compression as intended. Couldn’t be happier with this thing; 1 power cord, 4 pedals, you don’t get overwhelmed with 50,000 effects like you might with a full pedalboard or modeling unit. If you need more than these 4 effects you should definitely have a purpose but this will take you verrrry far. I have this with a Ditto looper and at home I can make some awesome soundscapes. I have a deluxe reverb 65 as well and play in the normal channel because the reverb on this sounds just as good as the huge spring reverb tank in the amp.

Dominique Johnson says:

Subscribing for about the 8th time!

steveparkes1 says:

Great revue.

Victor De Los Santos Bernad says:

How does this sound with high volumes?

Robert Caffrey says:

Thanks for the great and very useful demo.

pulido mi says:

Is true bypass?

Lothar ThirtyFour says:

There seems to be a ton of these FlyRig clones out now. While the dirty sounds aren’t blowing up my skirt, having that cab sim defeat switch is HUGE and not an option I see on the competitors. Going into a good IR can take an ok direct tone and make it amazing. Have you tried that yet? Usually the cab sim is the weak point on cheaper modellers, just like the actual speaker is the weak point on low end practice amps.

jumbosilverette says:

great demo, buddy. thank you.

CD says:

New review from Matt! Always professional and non biased and well produced. This pedal is certainly a good one and at $80 easily affordable for the average gigging guitarist. The market has an increase in these multi use pedals in the last few years, at lower end pricing. The average guitarist cannot afford to spend $500 a pedal when they are making $100 a gig, 1-2 nights a week. (And any local town guitarist that says they are making $500-1,000 a week gigging out 1-2 nights at Bubba’s Grill or Paddy’s Pub is lying…)

Mehdi Cheikh says:

Thank you for your demo. I’m in the market for a pedal of this kind, cause I dont want to bring my pedal board for that Jam and drink Sessions ^^ Your demo is really useful, thanx a lot.

jad547 says:

What an excellent demo and a pretty nice pedal…worth every penny. You Rock Matt! Thanks.

Darrin Ros says:

Love the sound. Now what about the build of it. Is it durable? Built well? Where to I get it.

Austin Palmer says:

Thanks Matt! Love the cheap gear review. I was kind of bummed that you didn’t do a DI cab-sim out demo. Could you please do a follow up? I appreciate it either way.

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