SNAMM ’18 – Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal Demo

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Zsolt Sápi says:

Send one to Joe Barresi. He will love it, and he knows how to make it sound great in the mix. That is what matters.

KKnopp says:

Neat tech, meh sound.

Trade Whales says:

Great job on something different the haters that say it sounds bad it’s not for you. It’s def for a diff breed. Synth and drum machinists will find use for it

Rubendez Guitar Tips says:


Ozzy Pete says:

So far, Rob Chapman has done the best demo of this pedal in an Anderton’s Channel video. It works fantastic with a delay /reverb pedal & controlled with a swell volume pedal…..

Luis Jose Ghilardi. says:

5:47 the men on the back

Right Fuckinh says:

I dont know man, im kinda digging these. Then again, im an indie noise rock musician. So maybe dont listen to me

Blaze Gulisack says:

Hey guys,
Jack white

smackroscoe says:

Now that’s damn different. I’ll wait for the $60 clones in 20 months.

Glenn Jimenez says:

Woah what the hell is this!!!!!!!!

It sounds like electricity is coming out of the guitar!

I should totally get one of these for my Gibson explorer!!!!!!

Darnell Simwells says:

Is the interviewer deaf? What’s up with the leaning in and herk a jerk movements?

Mark P says:

ehh? sounds like a dead battery in an old transistor radio. lol terrible.!

William Blakemore says:

“The Taser”would be a cool pedal name

Martin Crozier says:

Most expensive MT-2 I’ve ever seen

Lewis Knudsen says:

i want 1

cwds70 says:

Holy Fart Fuzz….

Seb Sg says:

This is the first pedal that has made me want to buy a pedal since the ’90s. Bravo : )

Driver Mendoza says:

Dime would’ve loved how tight this is

Mahmut Yıldız says:

Total crap.Sorry.

Glenn Jimenez says:

What guitar is that?

allfornaught0 says:

I can make my guitar sound like this by loosening some connections

Crosswalk Larry says:

The upload your clean track to the website is a great idea. What isn’t is making you log in to a Facebook account to do so. Not everyone has a lame Facebook account.

Reagan Oliver says:

Would be interesting to see what mike Kerr would do with this

Carlos Lozada says:

Jack White pedal

Kris BlueTone says:

What kind of guitar is that?

Konrad Cholewa says:

LOL he said he is at sommer NAMM 2019 ! WOO

thefilmandmusic says:

I use this pedal for time travel…

Francis Bibeau says:

So many negative comments…until someone becomes famous with it.. SHEEPS

Chris Fama says:

Sounds like a blown speaker to me.

Time for that guy to find a barber.

Michael Watkins says:

Sounds like shit… No thanks.

dud3 broguy says:

I think it sounds a bit like Billy Corgan’s tone.

Alex Blanco says:

I was thinking how bad it sounds until he blended some clean signal… Used that way It sounds very cool

J Lateo says:

just ordered mine…….can’t wait

SnglCoil says:

I’m not a huge fuzz fan, personally, but this is awesome! Love the innovation in design. Definitely not just another Fuzz Face/Big Muff clone.

Sancho Retáblez says:

I have a JHS Russian Big Muff that have a sound (among others) very similar. It looks to me like a fuzz with a hard noise gate.

jimposten says:

this is a pedal you either hate or love. I love it.

The Guitarist says:

Jack White called, he said he wants his pedal back.

masternippleblaster says:

Utter rubish

bottleneck1100 says:

love you guys, awesome stuff.

pig chop says:

Is Something wrong with it? Sounds broken. If that nifty light thingy was not there, I doubt there would be much attraction to it.

David Reed says:

This just shot to the very top of my most wanted pedals list. That fuzz is so nasty.

Greg Russell says:

It requires 1.21 Jigowatts of electricity.

Michael Tachenko says:

A lot of people dog the sound but I think that is only because it is different than what we are used to. I think it is good to have many different of colors for your musical palette. Do you use a phaser or flanger on every song? I put this in that category. It seems like most companies won’t go out on a limb or think outside the box anymore and try anything new. It is more about how much money they can make rather than what great product they can make. It may not be an effect that you use for a whole gig but what it does it does very well. I ordered one even though I don’t see myself using it every day.

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