Sleepy Dog Pedal Review

I took Fender’s new pedals out of the box and put them to the test!

Amp: Fender Super-Sonic
Guitars: Rickenbacker 620, Gibson SG

Pedals: Fender Full Moon Distortion, Engager Boost, Pelt Fuzz

Cameramen: Sunny Patel, Ben Brunson, Gavin Marshall


HeyitsDakta says:

I like that distortion pedal, dude. Really cool tone I think.

Mememachine says:

Review pedals now bro? Decent.

Kurt Nobranes says:

Aw man when I read the title I thought you made your own kinda pedal that’d be up for sale, cos if you did then dam I’d buy that asap

Ya Boi Enzo says:

Hey man what’s your favorite tuning? Also you should use more distortion/fuzz that sounded amazing

Youtube-person0098 says:

That attack though 11:02 holy.

K5J says:

looove this shit. great camera work, sound, production quality

Lazyadrian says:

Nice vid man

Cam the Drummer says:


Crude tunes Music says:

Been eyeing these for a minute who else am I supposed to watch demo them! Great video sleepy! You’ve been a huge inspiration to my content

A Guy From Antioch says:

“That fuzz sounds so meaty” lol

society owes you nothing says:

I think i love you.

Skeeter McBeater says:

Panties get wet when the capo’s at the six.

Joes says:


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