Review of the Line 6 M5 pedal. You might be missing something cool.

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adil rizki says:

hi i like your videos man , yeah did you hear the sound difference when you unplugged the power and when you put it back huge tone difference. its the converter muddy mmmmmmm. I’ve used line6 between 2006 and 07 its the problem the digital converter to analog . thanks for your videos bud keep going i like them man !

Johnny Linn says:

i just bought one a month ago.Does anyone know how this turns off? i pull the plug to power it off.

Introvertedcoffeelover66 says:

Can you use headphones with this ?

Bill Greene says:

I bought this pedal because of your review, and every single thing you said about it is true. Dead true, just a great pedal.

Mark Stout says:

Can you do a video explaining your stance on single-effect pedals vs. multi-effect processor pedals. It seems taboo for guitar players to use a multi-effect pedals like the Fender Mustang Floor, but why? Is it a noticeable difference between an analog pedal and a digital effects processor pedal? Also, wouldn’t you think that most modern single pedals really just use the same circuit board and chip technology that a multi-effects system uses? I agree it looks cooler to have a pedal board over a multi-effects board, but the multi-effects board seems like it can do everything all in one at one set price. I am just really curious about your stance as you are by far the sharpest guitar historian I have learned from.

Matt Gilbert says:

Everyone says all the drive sounds suck but that isn’t true – the Coloursound Overdriver isn’t all that far from the real thing. It boosts a Muff very nicely. The Tube Screamer is fine.
But the winners are the delays, verbs, and mods.

Doctor McFarland Studios says:

I have mine hooked up to my Boss ES-8 switching system and I can move it anywhere in the chain that I want. Pretty cool unit and it sounds great.

JRPowell3_Music says:

Wish it did 3 at once, like MOD Delay and Reverb.

Aravis says:

can i daisy chain this together with my other analog pedals? i basically just wanna use this for the modulation effects delay and reverb.. will i get noise issues since it has 400 miliamp draw? my power supply has 2k miliamps but isn’t isolated @_@ really wanna order this unit online but scared that ill run into noise issues

Timanator says:

Why dont this have a headphone jack?

rookieg says:

Phillip important question. You said the m5 has a whammy effect. Will it do a decent job of the solo from ‘like a stone,’ by audioslave?

Michael Adam Perkins says:

I love the look on your face at 5:23 lol

Θανος Z says:

Hey there, like your videos. I was looking to get the HX effects now but i dont want my tone colored at all when the unit is off/bypassed, so i was thinking of the M5. Now i know the quality of effects isn’t comparable to stuff like Strymon pedals or Eventide but my question to you is, what do you think about the M5 today, since years have passed and other stuff came out, its durability, quality of sounds, switch knobs resistance, ease of use, etc.. Im looking to put one in the efx loop for stuff like EQ, Flanger, Phaser to minimize pedals on board and maybe on in front of the amp for wahs, volume, talk box effect, again, to avoid hauling heavy and big pedals to a gig or jam. Thanks.

Alan L says:

to bad you can’t stack the’s a multi fx pedal should be distortion with reverb and delay with the noise gate

Matthias Lenardt says:

Really good!

theother526 says:

nice review man, question… this pedal has a noise gate that can be activated on each preset, if the currrent effect is bypassed (off) the noise gate will still work?

Hector Vazquez says:

Where’s the pedal made

Jeremy Champlin says:

Love having this pedal on my board as a “wild card”. You wanna mix things up throw one of those models in and… bam instant gratification.

Vanessa Koh says:

I got to say I bought these pedals because of Phillip McKnight. Thanks for the review Phillip! 🙂

JAFO-PTY says:

Phillip do you still recommend this pedal? or have you seen anything new the last 2 years?

Bill Seiss says:

Phil – Do you still own this? If not, why?

Me Myself says:

Great review Phillip, although I disagree that the H9 is not the better choice I do agree from a price point the Line 6 m5 cost almost 70% less therefore making it a better choice for most players. Based on your review and what I read I am buying this pedal mostly for reverb and midi capabilities since I have the timeline and mobius covering the modulations and delays. Thanks again great review.

thewizard3111 says:

I have a question. Let’s say, in a live situation I want to use this pedal for cleans but I want to use my amps dirty channel plus my OD and gate pedals. How would I switch between the two? How can I engage one or the other with the press of one button?

Gee Mac72 says:

What kind of expression pedal do you use with this for Whammy stuff?

Jo Bckts says:

$old. Line6 sells no junk. No lies either.

john richardson says:

my m5 just shot crabs on me. i read where this a common problem. the screen goes blank an that’s it. are you aware of this problem. if so, what is your take on this pedal being dependable.

PHX rocketry says:

Where do you put this in your pedal chain?

Carlos Moran says:

Digitech a lier jajajaaj

Chris Maltman says:

5:30 hilarious!

Guitarist Denis Taaffe says:

still am thrilled with the m5, its holds its own with eventide pedals and quality is great, my small amps dont have effects loop so straight into amps,but allows to use distortions etc…then into a timefactor delay,fantastic sounds and for the price compared to h9 wow. only24midi presets though so must be choosy or buy 2 to get 48 choices lol and true bypass wow!!!

creekster52 says:

Hmmm…can’t stack the effects. Not particularly useful.

Jay Nartz says:

I have 1 and still using in a gig.

northof50now says:

Hi Phillip, I know this is an old video, but bought one of these after seeing your video and a few others.  Do you notice your tone gets thicker when the pedal is in your chain?  Not a bad thing, but when I power the unit, the tone of my single coils seems to thicken a bit.  Thanks.

Evil Kitten Productions says:

I love how it’s cut off at the most intriguing part of the review. xD
I’m buying the M5 today, it has stolen my heart for all the reasons you mentioned.

One note: The delay, reverb effects are also able to naturally decay when the effect is switched off, so the echos are not just cut off. This feature is also switchable. Incredible feature packed box! Would be ultimate pedal if we were able to combine 3+ Effects simultaneously, but then again, you could always buy another 2 M5 pedals, because they are cheaper than regular Boss pedals xD.

jgmopar says:

Purple seems to be the Sid and Marty Kofft settings.

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