Review: ElectroSmash’s pedalSHIELD MEGA 🎸 An Arduino MEGA Guitar Pedal

The good people at ElectroSmash have turned their open source guitar pedal game up to 11 with their newest creation: the pedalSHIELD MEGA. Acting as a shield to the giant Arduino Mega microcontroller board, the pedalSHIELD MEGA turns your Arduino into a fully programmable guitar pedal using the Arduino IDE.

The pedalSHIELD MEGA was sent to me for review. No money has exchanged hands.

Link to more info on pedalSHIELD MEGA:

ElectroSmash’s Video Announcement:


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Samuel Laplace says:

Wow! Really cool Twin Peaks t-shirt. I didn’t know they existed.

furriephillips says:

I fell in love a bit, when you were testing chorus & slipped so easily into Come As You Are, but why “just kidding”? It caused my to badger Siri to Shazam it, then when that failed I made Alexa play intros of all Nirvana songs. After satisfying my need to know the song’s title, I listened to Teenage Dirtbag, and now I’m listening to Def Leppard’s Hysteria album. I am old.

Beardwhip says:

Pretty girl + twin peaks + guitars + electronics + intelligence + humor = do you have a boyfriend?

Brian Lough says:

Hey Liz, great video! My daughter was big fan of the buzz effect!

I love those screens, they are super sharp and easy to use. You can pick them up from eBay or Aliexpress for about $5 delivered for the 1.4″ version, also comes in a 0.96″ version for cheaper that is the same resolution and pin layout. I’ve never seen them in that black colour though! Search for “oled display” and it should come up.

Were you using a 9v guitar pedal supply? The polarity is reversed on them so it wouldn’t work on the mega barrel jack.

Its awesome that they are open source, I bought the amp chip from their uno pedal with the intention of making one, but its on my endless backlog!

oyobass says:

Love the concept. It was well presented, but the sound quality is a bit too glitchy for me.

J PL says:

3 things to change : aJacks on the other side, under the screen. Better adc resolution and back to the pi.

eyeball226 says:

That’s actually an OLED screen rather than an LCD. They’re a lot nicer than LCDs actually!

Stephen Garrison says:

Is the switch a 3PDT? If so does it do true bypass? Is there a possibility for a tap tempo? Lots of questions, thanks for the review!

Michał Nowak says:

But can it run Doom?
No, really. My real question is does it work with bass? And can you use effects written for UNO and DUE?

Wogattack says:

Total waste of a time of a pedal build, way too noisy (static loud hissing, used all sorts of power adapters and whatever they advised and more), their technical support is a joke, contacted them by email, also the issue has been raised in their forums and at the end to have them say this: “Arduino was never designed as an audio processor, with the pedalSHIELD project with “hack” the board so you can have fun and experiment programming your own effects.” The pedal is really unusable. Best to save your money and buy a pedal kit, that was design from the start to be used for such. That is my two cents……

MPP3RClnx says:

Can you have more than one effect at a time? Combine effects?

Chris LeeWoo says:

That pedal has some serious character to the sound! I kinda want to get one to create some custom effects

Coyotl Pena says:

I love the idea however I do see a design flaw, as a guitarist I have a lot of pedals and always the switch is at the bottom of the pedal not at the top, so you don’t worry about knocking into knobs and such. If they have a way to flip it instead and have everything be that way it would be a much better design with player in mind and also still be an arduino, yes I feel it may be more expensive with research etc. but I also feel by doing so they could tap into the guitar market much easier with thinking about the person performing while also thinking of the person who is building. Besides that I myself am interested in this product and curious to see what kind of sounds I can make with it.

David Sex says:

Kurt co-girl i love u and this pedal rare ver y Nice buzz efect

Tampa Redd says:

Thumbs up for the Nirvana lick alone!

Em Amador says:

Great Review.. For the hardware part: I guess , adding a lithium battery and a 3d printed casing will make it more cooler. 🙂

Blue American Muscle Kennel says:

Hi Blitz City, nice review! there is one thing i can’t find. where did you found the code for the VU meter effect in combination with the different sound effects?

DrScientistSounds says:

What a neat kit!

Lucas Álvarez Rodríguez says:

I was thinking whether to buy it or not, but thanks to your video Ive already ordered one. Nice video!

SunoftheCakes says:

Great review! Even though I’m not a guitar player I find it very informative.
The thing where you placed the board to solder – is that some sort of third helping hand?
Also, is that a lava lamp behind you? 😀

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