The Rat 2 can achieve a nice fuzz-like distortion, warm blues, trebly-high metal tones and more. Gear UP!!!


Marshall Stackman says:

Just changed from a Pro Co Turbo Rat to this. In my Marshall TSL 100 rig, the Turbo was terrible – But the Rat mk2 is perfect..go figure

austinfailz says:

Set up right, I think the Rat 2 could be great for Black Metal, which is what I kinda wanna get one for, but also a lot more than just that as well.

xbrandon says:

you can see him swtiching channels from green to red…its not just the pedal alone. Not pointing that out is sort of smoke and mirrors.

Walter Mirren says:

I have a 30 or so year old RAT (when you get to be my age you forget how old stuff is… its from the ’80s anyways. I think…) but I much prefer my (same age) B.K. Butler Tube Driver. Even if the Rat has higher gain and more distortion, the Tube Driver just has more sustain and clarity and – when it gets hot – it adds a tiny bit of controllable harmonic distortion that this thing just cannot match.

Vanadeo says:

Im getting this…

yps robo says:


Laks Elv says:

I can hear Nirvana – Breed in this pedal.

Trevor Kirpaul says:

good review

Jason Taylor-Brown says:

Finally, a Rat review where the reviewer plays more than 10 seconds of rhythm and doesn’t play 10 minutes and wanky widdley shite. Great review!

Matheus genro bueno says:

this is the Chinese?

Jefferson Weber says:

my RAT arrives thursday!!
Great Review BTW

Danielle Maeve says:

haha, I just love the dmn intro to this.. Im looking on buying this pedal, having doubts..

Beeastman123 says:

Someone mail this guy a sandwich!

ahhhlookout says:

BEST pedal demo EVER!!!!!!! Thank you! To the point, not too much noodling and no talking. <3. SOLD

Tom Cavey says:

I wish ALL pedal reviews were as simple and effective as this one. Kudos.

TheMetal036 says:

que sucio por favor!!!!aguante el metal zone

fuqinazhole says:

i used to hate these, thought they were too fuzzy. now, not so bad, and they have a kind of sag-y feel when the gain is dimed. I don’t think it would ever be dimed on my pedalboard but probably somewhere from 9-10 o’clock to 1 oclock would be the most “musical” sounds, to my ears.

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