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davidwantsahug says:

I think there are better. I like demos which show you the different sounds of the pedal by tweaking all the knobs as you go. So you have an overall view.
Proguitarshop is more about selling the pedal. They go “Hey, here’s 3 settings of different tones that you can use for that song you like..”

ostrich dose things says:

i love rage

kitramsey5150 says:

joe satriani brought me here

MikkelsGuitarWorksho says:

1989 😛 it came out in 1989 😛 Witch means late 80’s 

fullmetalfunk says:

I think the detune setting on all the Whammys have the sort of slapback echo on them. I know my IV does. And yeah Tom Morello, Matthew Bellamy and Johnny Greenwood are the kings of the Whammy pedal. The bassist from Tool apparently uses one to good effect as well, or so I’ve been told. I’ve never been a huge Tool fan.

davidwantsahug says:

Jack White just seemed to developed his style around it, he really adapted to it. He’s immediately go to somewhere low on the fretboard for when he changed the pitch and stuff like that.

Jack blank says:

how about the really high pitches it can reach like jack white uses it?

Valen Dispinzieri says:

Potato head

fullmetalfunk says:

Yeah I love the detune setting for the short slap back delay you get. I use it for when I’m covering Helmet songs and want that sort of sound during the solos like Page Hamilton gets. I think I’d like the V because I can still have the old IV’s tracking issues when you switch out of chord mode, which have a certain charm to me. You can hear it on My Iron Lung by Radiohead and I like that sound.

Freddy says:

How many times do I have to hear the word Riley before hitting “skip ad”?

theaxedude1 says:

All of the bass parts on the White Stripes albums are Jack White with this pedal.

Braulio Panseco says:

he’s too metalhead to quote Greenwood from Radiohead.

Gary Snowdon says:

We’ll I had one all I did was make funny noises. Just a distraction

Nurtas Solarstone says:

Hello. I’ve been testing Digitech Whammy DT which has the drop module onboard. and the problem is that when I drop the tones down I still can hear the original signal which gives the crap result at the end. do you hear the original signal going throug the processed droped tone on this device?

Justin Moon says:

That…is a zombie.

Katastrophic Shredder says:

Check out my vids

George Lancaster says:

Great demo – never thought I needed one of these til now 🙂

TheFabio says:

Thank you for the review, Uncle Fester!

davidwantsahug says:

Definitely, as the guy said in the video. You forget about all the little things this pedal can do. It’s just not about playing the Killing In The Name of solo…

fullmetalfunk says:

I’m a huge fan of proguitarshop videos.

Brady Stacey says:

Jack white is another one who uses this pedal, to break through the rest if his band with solos ect.


shot jamie, another super informative demo nice 1

Wilder Buchananhorton says:

you look like a penis. 

RLOfficial says:

Is this pedal analog or digital?

davidwantsahug says:

Oh does this have the slapback kinda sound? I forgot, I’ve been looking at the 5 more, love that one.
Yeah I think the 5 is the way to go, the chord setting is so smooth.
Jonny Greenwood is a beast with a whammy.

fullmetalfunk says:

I just prefer how concise their reviews are and I feel like they show how you can actually use the pedal by showing how it sounds with a certain song. You get a better feel for the actual sound than just running ver some blues licks and tweaking all the knobs in other demos.

Brais Novoa Salgado says:

Which is the guitar?

davidwantsahug says:

Yeah I get what you mean, you can always pick up little tricks too from YouTube demos, for example, the Whammy was used in PGS’ Mr Black SuperMoon Chrome demo and it created some crazy ambient sounds.

chabap says:

what position of the pedal chain should I put it?

D Rock says:

you know i’ve watched a couple of j. satriani live vids and he uses his actual whammy bar to do the whammy effects on ‘ice 9’ and i dont hear alot of the octaves or pitch shifts of the studio version and sometimes he seems to be using both(i cant actually see what pedal his foot is on) so you dont have retire your guitars whammy bar it seems really good for studio work and clearly a pedal you’ll never tire of

dionisiogdrb says:

Does this pedal allow me to always play an octave above, then switch to the normal sound + an octave above?

I intend to use it on bass to do Royal Blood covers so that’s what i need

Martín Ignacio Defeo says:

Do you agree if I say that there´s a small volume decrease when he hits the drop tune… or a tone sucking effect… any idea how to avoid this? (besides turning up the volume)… maybe some EQing after the pedal?

nihilist66 says:

IMO this video should be the template for others to follow in reviewing a pedal. Some  people talk way too much about side issues, others don’t describe enough of what they are doing on the pedal. This is spot on, thank you very much MR Jamie H.

fullmetalfunk says:

Ha, no I’ve heard of Tool just not listened to them much. And yeah I forgot about Jack White too! And yeah man. PM me on here.

fullmetalfunk says:

It’s a good pedal. Good for just little things here and there or some people like we’ve said build entire techniques and styles around the pedal. Great piece of gear.

ravensmead says:

imagine what FX kids will have in a hundred years time ??

davidwantsahug says:

I think you need a mix between the two. I write a lot of my own music more than I play covers, so I tend to buy pedals for sounds I can create more than sounds that are used in covers.

Matt Gilbert says:

How does this compare with the POG?

fracinawsome says:

I want it!!!

fullmetalfunk says:

It’s not a one trick pony.

fullmetalfunk says:

I write a lot of my own music too but by seeing (or hearing rather) the pedal make the sounds from songs I know, it helps me know what the pedal is going to sound like in a relatable manner . Like say I’ve been looking for a good delay that sounds like the delay used in a certain song I like and they show that song. Well now I know that that pedal will help give me that sound. I think it’s just very intuitive and relatable. But I agree a good mix of both is nice.

davidwantsahug says:

Oh okay! That’s pretty cool, I do really like the look of the V, plus the price is good.
And they are! Not to mention Jack White, who has managed to mold the blues style solo around a Whammy, pretty insane!
I’ve never heard of Tool! haha
Have you got twitter or something by the way?

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