Pedal Pi Kit Review – A Raspberry Pi Zero Guitar Pedal 🎸

The Pedal Pi is a Raspberry Pi Zero programmable guitar pedal from ElectroSmash, a UK-based open source hardware company. The kit comes with all of the components that you need to build it and ElectroSmash has a download for Raspbian Jessie Lite with the drivers and effect code examples pre-loaded.

ElectroSmash was kind enough to send this kit out to me for review. Of course this is not a paid review and I was under no obligation to say anything in particular. All thoughts, views and opinions expressed in the video are my own.

ElectroSmash Pedal Pi link:

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Razaec Broksnaer says:

uhhh i need help…. can you make a video for aduino Uno 4×4 midi drumpads and multiplex the buttons without the multiplexer and midi port

caitlinV3 says:

Love the look of that PCB! Cool kit, good vid!

Gabriel Cereal says:

that sticker is dope AF

Maneco Theloopmaster says:

Great video!!!

Enrique Montes says:

I really like this project, just imagine, if you use a signal generator as an input, and a oscilloscope as an output, you can put in the middle any analog pedal and copy his effect in each frequency with a bunch of coding, and also you can get your own library of multi-effects and set your own pedal box. Cool.

carchaeology says:

Hi! Im just starting with programing arduinos and playing bass, would you recommend this one over the pedalShield uno for a beginner? great video btw regards from Mexico

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