Orange Omec Teleport Guitar Audio Interface Pedal Review

Get the Orange Omec Teleport here:–orange-omec-teleport-guitar-audio-interface

How would you like to insert your favorite mobile and desktop apps into your pedalboard signal chain? The Orange OMEC Teleport unlocks this ability and more. This compact plug-and-play (no drivers required) USB audio interface packs high-precision AD/DA converters and stereo outputs into its Twinkie-sized chassis. Insert at the end of your chain to capture all your favorite pedals on the way into your virtual amp rack, or use it anywhere as an insert effect. A quality buffered input preserves your signal integrity through long cable runs, while stereo outputs allow you to run out to an amp and house PA/recording medium simultaneously.


Prakas Rijal says:

its been sometime i have been looking for device like this , Finally its here. I even contacted sweetwater for something like this but they couldn’t help me out.

Andy W says:

What are the pickups on that tele?

Line6 HELIX Tonematch says:

Added master volume would be great!

W P says:

Thank you for talking about the latency! That was my one concern with this pedal. I’ve been obsessed with finding the simplest way to record and I think this may be it

Josias Lim says:

it’s a tiny audio interface, revamp box, and multifx pedal all in one… tempting

razordimeback says:

If I understand correctly, this could basically be used as a re-amp box right?

Axys Assault says:

Just say DAW as a word.

But neat pedal.

Karlos Badblood says:

i can always use more inputs to my daws

Prakas Rijal says:

i have one question though, can this be used in effects loop?

FlayVonD51 says:

10€ interface (same as irig) + line 6 g10 + ipad with amplitube + irig blueboard ..same thing without any cable plug on your guitar, just the line 6 g10 plug. Very less money invested.

ken masters says:

Is this just an iRig in pedal format ? Not sure who would use this?

Kevim Lucenara says:

is this also good for bass guitar?

Captain Freedom says:

How much are these gizmos?

frediecat :: says:

shame its only 16 bits and 44 like a behringer audio interface

Léo Bastos Music says:


JRPowell3_Music says:

I am curious how well this will work with my Lenova Yoga tab3 plus. It is Android 6.0 with USB C

Σταυρος Ελλας says:

amplitube SSSSSSUCKS

Lee G says:

Sweet product : ) But, Bad ass Demo!!!

shadowseal22 says:

Could this be used as a reamp box? Can you use it to track dry, and then send the dry track back out to an amp?

Michael Sharp says:

Real talk: I have an iPad3 and have had several experiences of trying to hook up various devices via the camera kit only to find that they do not work, usually due to Apple not accommodating such connectivity when they send out software updates. That being said, WILL THIS WORK WITH AN IPAD3 VIA CAMERA KIT?

Harmono says:

Probably too much latency and audio degradation when using an iPad. I don’t have a Mac. I could use this as just an amp switcher or possibly a recording interface.

Edgar Lee says:

Wow, the fastest review ever! A half hour video in under five minutes!

Richard Williams says:

looks like the ideal partner to the Positive Grid BT-4 or IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard for iOS users but it can also be used as an audio interface with Android, PC & Mac too. The Omec also has the ability to be used in your pedalboard’s effects chain. If it had a stereo effects loop it would be near perfect imo. Well done Orange & thanks Mitch and the Sweetwater team.

Stephen Burks says:

Cool!!! Thanks Mitch!! Needs stereo added!!

RasmussenDonald says:

I have a Yamaha THR10 which can connect to my PC, but it doesn’t sound great when I run it into BIAS Amp. Yes, I have adjusted everything properly, but I was thinking that the THR might not have a powerful enough sound card or something. Will the OMEC produce better results?

Joe Carelli says:

Great review… Horrible, Overpriced product

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