Option 5 Guitar FX Pedal Review of the Range

Chappers and the Captain check out the latest range of guitar pedals from Option 5 FX in the USA. The Option 5 range includes a great drive pedal, a juicy phaser, a straight up buffer, a naughty fuzz pedal, plus a really interesting dual delay & an SRV inspired rotary simulator. To find out more about the pedals choose one of the following links…
Bump Buffer/Boost – http://www.andertons.co.uk/compact-pedals/pid28454/cid692/option-5-destination-bump-guitar-effects-pedal.asp
Overdrive II – http://www.andertons.co.uk/compact-pedals/pid28456/cid692/option-5-destination-overdrive-ii-guitar-effects-pedal.asp
Phaser – http://www.andertons.co.uk/compact-pedals/pid28457/cid692/option-5-destination-phaser-guitar-effects-pedal.asp
Delay – http://www.andertons.co.uk/compact-pedals/pid28455/cid692/option-5-destination-delay-x2-guitar-effects-pedal.asp
Rotary Simulator – http://www.andertons.co.uk/compact-pedals/pid28458/cid692/option-5-destination-rotation-guitar-effects-pedal.asp
Fuzz – http://www.andertons.co.uk/compact-pedals/pid28459/cid692/option-5-destination-square-tone-fuzz-guitar-effects-pedal.asp
Amps used are a Marshall JVM 205C & a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, plus we’re using the aweseom new Hot Stone Deluxe multi power supply from Decibel 11, all of which can be purchased from you know where!


Mr. Meems says:

Oh my GOD what an eargasm!

Mr. Meems says:

Also I went to Option 5’s site, and they seem to have a fuzz pedal. Why didn’t you demo the fuzz?

Devin Parrish says:

Hey Rob, Just wanna say that I really enjoy the reviews that you and Capt’n Lee do.

bigjmc66 says:

An advert for GAK.com whilst waiting for an Andertons video…..

ezioauditore1397 says:

hey, i was joking xD

Magic Mike says:

are you guys homosexuals?
it’s hard to tell one from an englishman

jacob durfey says:

i never understood stereo pedals and still dont but i want them after that phaser bullshit

SirToyou says:

Great video, Lads.

jacob durfey says:

want every pedal demoed!

Lewis Green says:

Could you guys please do a review of the Marshall mgcfx series?! im getting the mg30cfx from Andertons soon i just want here it properly, there ain’t any good reviews of it on youtube :/ be a big help. STAY AWESOME CHAPPERS!!

Devo Sphinx says:

Rob, I know you probably get tons of messages a day but any chance you could recommend a good 2×12 cab to go with a Blackstar series one 104 6l6
I’m mainly going for heavy-ish tones.

Guitar Alex says:

Stevie Ray Vaughan!!!

David Cookson says:

Haven’t we been promised an ML-7 video some time ago? 😉

bluesboynate says:

worth of amp, though you probably couldn’t even find a Dumble. You can get a SRV sound out of any Fender or Marshall amp, along with many others. People get too caught up on what exact gear to get. What chip should I have in my TS9? It doesn’t really matter. Some people claim you should get a vintage style Strat. SRV’s #1 had significant differences. It had 6100 fret wire and the radius was at between 9 and 10″ farther up the neck due to all the refrets done. 7.25″ radius makes that bending imp

bluesboynate says:

You’re definitely right, the quality of the gear certainly matters. But not as much as how you play. And if you’re good, you’ll sound good on anything as long as it’s not a complete piece of shit. My point is you don’t have to use SRV’s exact setup. Most people here couldn’t afford it, not by a long shot. He always used at least 2 amps at the same time live during his recording career. And when it was just 2, it was a Marshall Major and Dumble Steel String Singer. That’s 20K worth of amo

daniel monty says:


The General Expert says:

at 12:50 it starts to sound amazing! listen with headphones to get the full effect.

MojoStrummer says:

I like the Captain’s watch in this video, what kind is it?

kase kuchen says:

i wish i could have a fiddle…. but im american ;(

steve G says:

I would have liked to have heard the ‘buffer’ a-b on/off comparison with amp drive or with overdrive pedal. All we heard is with the ‘buffer’ left on throughout the demo.

ExaggeratedLean says:

Hi Chappers, we’re all missing you here on YouTube.
Hope all is well.

sean toner says:

seem like really good high quality pedals, i was impressed with all of them!!

Legendgamer100 says:

i thought that srat was a american standard!

DeaaEldeen Zahalka says:

what is he playing at 9:26

Steven Whaley says:

I know Jay fairly well, and he knows his pedals. I use his phaser on my board, and may end up getting a rotation. Great way to channel Jimi and Eric!

Overdrive Band says:


Robert Hunter says:

One thing I didn’t hear is the other function of the Bump Pedal. I own one. Its great as a clean boost for solos. 

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