OCTAVE like a BOSS (Joyo XVI pedal review/demo)

This is the full review and demo of the JOYO XVI, an new octave and modulation pedal from the new “R Series.” This thing sounds great with some overdrive or distortion, and it even works well for bass as well as guitar. You can check out more info on this pedal here:

Joyo XVI (octave pedal): https://amzn.to/2EbASl3

other pedals mentioned in this video:

Joyo Uzi (Distortion): https://amzn.to/2UPeq6O
Joyo Maximum Overdrive (Fulldrive clone): https://amzn.to/2tcZMKU

Full disclosure: The links in this description are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, it doesn’t cost you any more money, but I will earn a commission. This is a great way for you to support my channel if you like what I’m doing here and would like to see more budget gear reviews!


Dorky_D says:

I like the geeky stuff. Keep it up!

Thomas Comptois says:

Dude that shirt is siiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bassist from NL says:

could you do a review of a diy 5 string sterling style bass? I’m comsidering buying one but I’m not sure if i should

Andrew Powter says:

I want to nominate this for an Oscar – Best Editing for a video under 10 minutes.

GreyMatterStew says:

Plug in a bass, cut out the dry and the high and vibrate some fillings out. Oh, yeah! Deminpphhhtt that.

John Steed says:

This seems like a cool pedal. I have a pog and pitchfork. Similar ,but different. Great vid as always. Silly suggestion ,but it would be cool to see using the octave to do a simultaneous guitar/bass thing. chords ,harmonies. a lot of possibilites.

doctorpunch says:

The opening was some delicious prog riffery.

TheseTangledWebs says:


LiveLake5204 says:

Great video. Really useful as I’m starting to make up a pedal board. I’ve been watching your DIY videos as I’m building my own at the moment. I liked your white falcon ones as I too love the gretsch white falcon but will never be able to get it. Hek I would love to be able to afford the dig kit you showed. Great videos keep em up.

doctorpunch says:

The riff at 4:03 sounded like like a Tom Morello riff.

Coy Perez says:


Rab Kennedy says:

Was that a bit of Pillar on the bass or am I just hearing things haha

Rookie DIY says:

I’ve never thought an octave pedal sounded that great, with minor exceptions. But this sounds awesome paired with that distortion.

Justin Garza says:

Probably one of my new favorite videos of yours! Super informative and entertaining. Definitely the next pedal I pick up.

McCall G. says:

Dude, I dig the music on this episode…your wife is kicking ass as an editor…your game is getting tight man!
I find myself making, IMO (lol), some killer tunes…but no vocals..melody lines are not my cuppa ya know

Killian Lutz says:

wow!…and of course credit to the wife for a cool edit 😀

walter'o brien says:

Pedals, pedals, pedals. I am just going to save for a digital effects hahaha

Nathan Sink says:

Your wife is kill’n it!

Howard Grüffüdd says:

wicked little track at the end there, mate…(“.)

Gideon Buiting says:

Hey Dan! Loved the video! It’s great to see all the products but I kinda miss all the build and hacks style videos. I’m not saying you’re selling out, because it still feels like you’re giving your own opinion 100% of the time, but I kinda miss the videos in which you explain shielding or wiring. Do you still have plans to shim the neck on the ES-style bass? If so, maybe you could make a video on how to remove a set neck.

Also love the editing! Might get a little distracting at times but I really love it!

david V says:

Sounds so good and solid!!! Joyo little by little goes to the top!!!! Thanks for the video Dan!!!! Saludos desde Puebla!!!!!

Wanmohan says:

Wife is prettier than you, can she present from now on?

LowMan Josh says:

So its a joyo Sub N Up without toneprint.. Sounds cool. Fuzz works great with it for bass and guitar.. But litterally i run tone print like this pedal but with a tri chorus and have the ability to turn my dry knob the opposite direction and remove it.. Also i use my sub 2 to add drive to up or sub one.

Jam On Jimmie says:

Your videos are always very informative, and now you’ve got the comedy in there?! Can you two do no wrong? A+ for the wife’s editing skills!

Ricardo Correia says:

Hahahah just by watching the video we can tell that is another person editing the vídeo. I would like to see overdrive pedal with octaver in bass

24FelipeGomez says:

Hey Dan can you show how did you make the thumb rest for the bass? Great video!

Perkele says:

Hilarious editing, Dan’s wife!

Bryan Morfin says:

Holly crap the tones you can get with that pedal!!! Also is this just as good as a pog?

Lawrence Bishop says:

Hey Dan, how do you feel about the “Build your own pedals” from places like PedalPCB? I know you can’t keep promoting $20 chinese pedals, but $89.99 seems a little steep for a gimmick pedal. I think that would be a neat series, “Dan Builds a Doom Bloom!”

Miguel Ruiz says:

I like the review, but I like it better when you build stuff. Why don’t you build a pedal? That’d be fun!!!


Great vid your editing and production are getting really good you guys are doing a great job

Shane Harrington says:

Such a delight to see pedals demoed with riffs and not basic ass blues monotony thanks

Arthur Kooy says:

Hello, I don’t know if you have the time to anwer questions like this but I’m building my first guitar and love the fat sound of a HSS pickup configuration and have no idea where to find a set of them on a $60 budget.

dan clarke says:

great job big props to the editor .

Ben Ferguson says:

4:05 That riff was awesome! Not only is your metal playing getting better but so are your riffs. Great video Dan keep it up!

mrDROCK says:

I see what you did there…
There looks like a lot of fun. I have wanted to try some octave stuff on my bass, this could be a good entry.

Ernő Tóth-Pál says:

Getting some noice guitar skills
Really getting better at guitar
Keep up the godd work¡!!!

Juuso Kovala says:

With bass it sounds quite massive! I like it. Great video as always, but still waiting for some more builds!

Muso Seven says:

Superb pedal and great demo, love the humour, it travels well too!

Dampu Kalita says:

Can you add a coil split in a guitar with emg pickups?

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