Nux loop Core Guitar Pedal Review And Proper Demo

I will cover about 80% of this pedal and its features in this video as well as i understand it at this time , over all its awesome but there is a learning curve and this video will help you with that and get you going on the right track for sure, no other videos have really dont what i have here for you guys. and i have to say i was even frustrated as hell with this thing but after i slept on it over night i was able to get things going and its great sometimes it pays to just walk away for a bit then come back to it a day or so later .. no other videos were able to even help me out with the problems i encountered trying to get things going, enjoy the video please rate and sub for more videos a like is also good to .. anyhow happy looping

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Eric Turner says:

Very nice tutorial. I’ve had my pedal for 24 hours now and have been able to make a usable loop and I’ve saved it. One thing that I can see now is that it would be great if there was a way to visually see the beginning and ending of your loop. The RC-1 does this. Not many others do. You need to put some kind of a tag that you can hear in the loop that will que you for when to start your over dub.

Karlo Baladad says:

Just wondering, how do u stop the overdub if there are more than 2 overdubs but keep the main or first loop playing

sumrej A says:

อยากดู foot switshที่ใช้ต่อกับnux loop core

sator rotas says:

Great video !!

Kenneth Raway says:

Just got my NUX Loop Core and was doing ok with overdubs, but then the playback started resetting after every 20 seconds. I checked the battery that came with the new unit and it was only reading 8 volts so I replaced it with a new one reading 9.6 volts but that didn’t fix the problem. I tried other channels but keep getting the same symptom. It is pretty useless if I can only record 20 second loops! I will check NUX website to see if they have any fixes for this type of problem before I reset to factory defaults. But I doubt that will fix this either. This acts like a bad capacitor is one of the audio circuits. Not sure what the warranty is on these. Thanks for the quick demo.

David McLain says:


Susan Millard says:

That is a cool pedal…so glad you got past all the frustration to the point where you are figuring this pedal out. You can do some awesome things with it. =)

Jerry Bean says:

Your video is THE BEST. Thank you. Helped me sooo much.

David Asbill says:

I’ve had mine for over 9 months now, was going to incorporate it into my solo gig, but the paper instructions and youtube videos sucked so I boxed it back up and put it in my gear bag. Until I found your video my new best friend. I’m a newbie at loopers. There is a Facebook page, The Acoustic & Electric Loop Station page for which I have posted a link to your video so that others can watch your wonderful information. If this is not acceptable, please let me know immediately and I will remove it. I’m thinking I can have this device on my music stand or some other type of mounted side stand then have my two pedals that I bought to help start/stop and change channels on the floor to control the Loop Core. What are your thoughts? What are anybody’s thoughts? What’s everyone else doing? If I get to work more with the pedal then I’ll post to The Acoustic & Electric Loop Station Facebook page. Thank you for this video, Sir! David in South Carolina

Psycho0212 says:

do you think a Korg ps3 sustain pedal (similar to the cherub written in the manual) can stop the loop with just one press?

Marc Law says:

I thought is was just me who thought these instructions don’t make sense, Thanks

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