My Top 32 Effects Pedals 2017 – Riff City Guitar Pedal Madness Competition

My Top 32 Effects Pedals 2017 – Riff City Guitar Pedal Madness Competition here –

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Public voting will start on March 16 on the Riff City Guitar Facebook page. The prize is the actual “Final 4 Pedal Board.” There will be 4 Rounds of voting over 2 weeks, with a chance to enter the drawing each time you vote.   

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Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Guitardudeguy TMark/Osh says:

No Boss DD7?…I use the RG3 looper all the time for writing and gigging..but I use it with its own clean amp, or direct through the board..depending on placement,etc. it can interfere with your distorted or modulated tones for some I suggest using it on its own for clean sounding loops. Great with acoustic guitars and even Bass.

Robert Evans says:

Don’t get the Silencer! I could never dial the gate to close without banging in the wind like the one in my yard. Seriously, not smooth closing at all. The Sentry is waaaay better

Andy Young says:

“Space will be a better frequency because the TU-3 is in it”
So many good quotes in this video – sleep-deprived Rob is funny

Anthony DeVito says:

Chappers….get some sleep XD

ak342593 says:

great video!

Northernmight says:

What’s the red people at the end? The Zoo guitars.. pedal? Sew guitars? zooee? What? i can’t tell what it’s called.

EC_2727 says:

Might suggest using music that’s better suited to your line of work and personal style. Good video though!

Riff City Guitar & Music Company says:

Scoring updates for the competition all day on Twitter –

Ritch Schut says:

I am REALLY shocked ( knowing you have used some of their pedals in the past ) that you didnt have any of Wamplers offering on these lists!

Chris Van Middelkoop says:

no miku pedal!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The Vaping Nerd says:

im so glad he mentioned the neunaber immerse and the timeline. Those two pedals i have been waiting to get my hands on.

Rogertron 85 says:

You should check out the Strymon Sunset. I prefer it more than the Riverside. At least for what I do.

Luke Man says:

so many good vibes from your videos over the years. thanks, Rob. keep doing your thing!

Flynn Hanbury Tenison says:

Do love a cry baby

Euryale Music says:

Too much bla bla bla, I wanted to listen to the Pedals

Conny Conrad says:

Hi Rob, can you still use the overdrives and boosters in front of your Kemper?
Will he not clip?

Raj Shot says:

anyone else think Rob might be balding? Love you rob!!!

Will Mellenfield says:

no.3: Wow I love this pedal so much that its hidden beneath a ton of crap where i can’t be bothered to get it out

Olli Schröder says:

I absolutely love the Golden Plexi. It is a great crunch pedal with the gain on 9 o’clock. A great lead pedal on 12 and almost unusable in the second half of the gain knob. In the first half it really goes with your guitar volume knob. Great pedal. Regardless of the price.

Christian says:

You do realize you’re teasing the crap out of us with those boxes behind you?

Levi Bickham says:

did you seriously pick up your cup and put it down and we did not get a crashing sound? I’m so disappointed

Àdam Elias says:


dzabaleban nabelabadz says:

OMG 32!! I thought it was 3 :))))))

Chris P. Bacon says:

What about the Miku?

Zed1967 says:

I’m an electronics engineer / electrician by trade and a guitarist by hobby, I have a day job fixing welding and power generation equipment so I’m not selling anything. If I did design and build a guitar pedal, just for the fun of it. Could I send it to you and if so where to? I’m a regular on line Andertons customer, could I send it to Andertons with FTAO Rob Chapman on the package?

Jazz Guitar Scrapbook says:

I’ve managed to bugger up the power jack on my TU3. It’s the only weak spot.

Rob Chapman says:

Joe’s Competition is here! Good luck, looks like a huge prize:

Jamie MacMillan says:

JP wah > mini wah

nfijef says:

Its like my 26 favorite letters,Too vague, too general. Good gear for sure, but who owns 32 pedals?

JJMMWGDuPree says:

What? No Origin Effects compressor? Be honest, you’ve never tried one have you? I made the mistake of trying one and.. well, that’s the first time I’ve ever shelled out 200 quid on a any pedal, let alone one I didn’t go into the shop to buy.

Mexi Cola says:

Fuck JHS scummy christian nazi pedal company

Big Mike says:

Ive never noticed this before..Rob is that a Capsule Corp tattoo?

Matt Tiernan says:

What happened to the Shred Shack?

Lel says:

Have you tried the Ernie Ball wah pedals?

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