My First Impressions Of ALL 6 Fender Pedals (Time Stamped)

Index of pedals

0:36 The Level Set Buffer pedal
1:20 The Marine Layer Reverb
3:05 The Bends Compressor
4:11 The Mirror Image Delay
5:34 The Santa Ana Overdrive
9:58 The Pugilist Distortion

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iCyborg says:

are analog pedals better than digital?

John C says:

Didn’t care for the distortion.  Everything else sounded pretty good.  Cool video.

Esau Pineda says:

Mmm that overdrive is something i might think about. But the full-tone is just much easier and better

Pannemat says:

Lol, 2:20 – 2:32, I couldn’t hear any difference.

Robert Kinson says:

I’ve ordered a pugilist, can’t wait to get it on my board. A really inciteful and useful post, thank you.

Mike 369 says:

I love anything Fender that was a great demo. Thay sound nice to me..

T4C says:

I’ve been getting bombarded with these pedals with fender ads on youtube and to be honest they sound cheap and not great. I’ve heard much much better reverbs than theirs…but then i guess you get what you pay for.

Zidders Roofurry says:

Be nice if someone made an AFFORDABLE series of pedals. With the lowest one being $100 that’s pretty pricey.

Riley Daggs says:

Hey Man, Wondering what pedalboard you used. Thanks, Great Video!

drsquirrel123 says:

Great video quality improvement recently!

H Kay says:

There is always room for more drive pedals.These are great.

Nazmo King says:

Haha, I got a Zoom G3Xn for $199 that does everything all these pedal combined can do plus has an expression pedal which none of these can do. Just saying…

Gonzo the Guitar Guy says:

I have Strymon Time Line, Mobius and Big Sky, but I think the Santa Ana and Distortion pedals along with the compressor could really compliment most any pedalboard. Is a buffer really needed with quality pedals ?

antkn33 says:

What amp are you using.

Thomas Kolb says:

Well….gee…..I just deleted these from my wish list to add something else and stay below an imaginary price line….thinking….yeah they would still be like the other boring pedals. Thanks…….maybe I will add them back to my list after listening to your demo…..OTHER DEMOS WERE…MONDANE, BORING and made them sound very limited ……you made some good sounds. I still wasn’t impressed with the higher end but what can ya expect when most really good blues / rock sounds are in the thick mid to low range. IMHO. At any rate, thanks for giving them a better review, it kinna balances out things a bit…….and after all….it IS the musician’s job to make WHATEVER gear it is sound good. And also take care of the gear so a true representation of quality without issues over time can be made.

Martin Clayton says:

I think these pedals are great, well thought out, and they look, and sound amazing. I would love the overdrive and distortion pedals. For me, what would have completed it would have been a wah pedal, but I’ve already got 6 of them, so I guess I wouldn’t have bothered buying another one? I will definitely try out these pedals, as I’m always looking out for that perfect tone. I just wish I could afford a Fender custom shop tone master amp? M

ZenaBlazet says:

This is by far and away one of the best YouTube reviews I have ever seen.  Beyond the useful content and knowledgeable review itself, your vocal audio and guitar audio are remarkably good, the video is well done, too. Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce such a well-done piece. I also liked your relaxed presentation and conversational delivery. I was a radio producer  and production director in a former life and pretty much know the good stuff when I see it. Very nicely done.

Brungers Band says:

first..great guitar, i have seen a strat with Humbucker at a WHO gig.. I have the Fender Delay and i like it very much, its a great pedal for gigs, this is really a complete delay pedal.. I ordered the st.Ana Overdrive, because my Bogner Überschall kills my tube amp and in want a more vintage sound, I´m looking forward to it

diss track central says:

Am I the only person that wants to see how a fender chorus sounds

ReignCharger says:

I loooove pedals. I really love Fender. However, I think these are cool at best. Had they come out 15 or even 10 years ago? They would have been groundbreaking and everyone would have oo’d and aahhh’d. Honestly, had they developed the knobs and the LED functionality and SOLD that idea, I think they actually would have made a bigger splash you know?

jonathan lewis says:

You didn’t show the shimmer special 2 on the marine layer, wich imo is the best shimmer sound ever,

Alfa Mail says:

Great review. They sound ok, but there are better values out there. These are also BIG pedals. If you’re going to make big wide pedals (god knows why) then at least top mount the connections. These are just too big for most pedal boards where real estate is at a premium.

Lee Collins says:

Impressive pedals

Hadley Scott McIntyre says:

I dig springs but I love studio reverbs too.

Tomer Shtein says:

Hello Phillip,
Great video and review!

Which one you like/recommend better and why? The Pugilist or the Santa Ana?

Thanks so much!

Dude24268 says:

All 5? Lol

Shannon Mitchell says:

After I’ve been looking at these pedals for a while, I think they have great quality for the price and I’ll probably get one

thehotsixer1 says:

Where are these pedals made?

Walter Stoermer says:

Awesome! It looks like they are doing it right. I would require a Univibe type petal (for Hedrix-y stuff), but they sound good. I like a workhorse distortion that does light and heavy. Right now, I have three drive pedals for the levels of distortion that I need, but for a reasonable price, I can get something way better.

mdurg says:

The overdrive has my interest because you’re getting two for one. It could replace my tubescreamer, and the the boost switch coming from my amp (solo switch on my Mesa and boost on my Peavey Classic) It does seem a little pricey though. As far as China goes, iPhones are made in China.

OmadSounds says:

I’m actually really interested in seeing how these will fair with visually impaired people with the parameters LED’s. the fact that they sound good is a bonus.

Chris Mann says:

What kind of tuners are on that guitar?

thehowlingterror says:

Disappointing delay pedal. Too limited. Tape setting doesn’t even go into feedback.

12x12surface says:

Seems like the new CEO has been doing the right things for the company.

Nicolle Z. says:

What design is that guitar ?

Benjamin Pegley says:

Breaking almost into Hocus Pocus at 12:15 Phillip, nice choice!

Adrilak says:

I am really interested in the reverb. Great performance with settings I found useful plus has a great design

iCyborg says:

great review and great sounds from all pedals. Would the poster do a review on latest Fender tuners?

Shootin' with Uncle Dan says:

They are impressive the reverb also has a nice shimmer effect

Albert C. Yang says:

can you use a standard Fender Strat with 3 Single-Coiled pickups for demo? (instead of a modified 2 humbuckers version)

Batuhan AKOĞLU says:

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