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[Tuesday Talks Ep. 2]

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Mary Spender is a musician based in Bristol. Combining her sultry voice and electric guitar to create pop songs infused with blues and soul, Mary Spender’s songwriting showcases her virtuosic style of guitar playing as well as her wide vocal range.

In September 2016, I started a series on YouTube called ‘Tuesday Talks’ that is predominantly targeted towards guitarists and singer/songwriters. I share my own experiences or interviews with prominent artists such as KT Tunstall, James Valentine (Maroon 5) and Joanne Shaw Taylor. I’ve found an interactive community who are incredible supportive of my independent artist status.

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Lee Rutland says:

Great tunes. Do you have it on tab

James Relativo says:

It’s so easy to get lost in your eyes and voice. So sweet. I’m hooked to your videos now. That pedal is beautiful! Dunno if I could afford it tho 🙂

hr jr says:

sorta chatty, with a sprinkling of zanax. great quality audio and video. OTHER PEDAL DEMO VIDEO CREATORS TAKE NOTE: the camera shots of the pedal are what all should be. many fail miserably to show the settings, some even which pedal is currently being demoed if multiples are featured. her playing style may explain the lack of exploration of higher gain settings. no biggie. dirt into the recorder without amp might not be very useful to many us. i don’t know… she is easier to look at than most reviewers.

Kevinpaul says:

I love pedals from ELH

sevinsound says:

So nice to hear someone play WITHOUT a ton of distortion to cover up their mistakes:-) Well done Mary, I had begun to give up hope on any new, talented guitarists coming out of the new millenium !!!

John Reeves says:

It sounds pretty great, but that’s mostly due to your playing… Cool pedal, but almost 300 bucks for that is insane.

Tone Junky says:

Actually, I used a rack mount that did tones of nonsense… for one sound. Digital reverb. It was my tone.. My strat sounded like a violin. Well, for lead… It’s just a tool to make the vibe you want. Mostly by accident. LOL. Happy accidents are what it’s all about. Cheers!!!!

Barry Buragas says:

Cool pedal and I think you play well came across your channel and I like what I see

Evan Dill Music says:

That reverse is awesome

Michael Gorman says:

The over drive does not seem to over drive very much, or were you using a conservative setting, like compared to some I have used which really add a lot of dirt in the sound?

Grant Burgess Personal says:

I watch guitar pedal videos all the time, and it’s really refreshing to see a woman! Thank you!

Trevor Graham Welch says:

Try an OCD with a Uni Vibe

Duke of Yorkshire says:

Cheers Mezza. Enjoyed hearing you put this pedal through its paces.

yamaha rider says:

Nice to have a modest female player on the guitar. Getting tired with the i can’t really play but ill let my rack hang over and virtually strum the top E string to make up for the bad playing, type female guitar player.

Puke Grenade says:

All these thirsty dumb fucks. Such style, great to hear someone enjoying a guitar, wow you play guitar and your cute… If a dude did this EXACT same video you would shit all over it. Pathetic. Like this bitch is gonna give u the time of day.

René Heinrichs says:

I think about buying this pedal to use it with my TSA15 combo. Reverb plus a great overdrive in one box…

Mister Tee says:

You have a tuna on your pedalboard?

Tyla Falo says:

Kinda got a hozier vibe when you were playing

William Sanford says:

I prefer that spring reverb sound. So nice.

charles sharbutt says:

I’d love to make Mary spender bend over for rough . anal as long as she has pretty feet…lol

Benevolent Mutation Studios says:


Logan Walker says:

Tasty playing on that nice box.

Curtis Newton says:

man I really cant get the taste for jazz, like this pedal, it’s so dry and tasteless

Swagat Malla says:

Oh my gosh. I just found your channel and I’ve been loving every single video.

rijosigns says:

well ya lost me at a store mostly run by men sorry i will no longer follow you…we are all equals bye good luck with your career….i would never say it was ran mostly by women.

Paul Torres says:

the Holy Grail got me ! — But The Soul Food always kind of sound thin and nasal .. THey’re being disco’d now but I threw away my Soul Food for a MXR il Toino and an quite please. _ I admire your guitar playing — people forget how beautiful electric guitar is the played clean and with nuance. Thank you for the review

arnyarny77 says:

her chordal style is soooo beautiful

jacob boer says:

hello mary
I want to buy guitar effects, how about a multi-effect like boss gt1?
with lots of different sounds and effects in it, instead of getting complications and looking for more and more i can just download the sounds and effects straight to boss gt1 and then i can play With pleasure and joy
what do say about it?

Sam Baker says:

great review! really enjoyed your music too! if you ever need a drummer give me a shout, I’m only in Stroud 🙂

the fields says:

Bought one of these a few years back…its just a beautiful sounding thing…

Robert Van Housen says:

Nice video. Your accent is sexy too!

Buck Downs Canada says:

Sweet piece of kit

Polaritypictures says:

Expolore the dirt channel of your orange!

lagging 101 says:

Great playing and great sounding pedal. I like these subtle but cool effects. Thanks for the demo.

Gregory Smith says:

Spender? I barely know her!

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