My 10 Favorite MXR Pedals

MXR CSP033 Il Torino Overdrive

MXR custom comp deluxe

MXR Uni Vibe

Dunlop Echoplex

MXR La Machine

MXR EHV Phase 90

MXR Custom Bad Ass 78

MXR 5150

MXR Blue Box

MXR Carbon Copy Bright


The mic I use Sennheiser e609

Fender 65 Deluxe

Pig Hog Cable Blue

Pig Hog Cable Orange

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Karkle says:

MXR Super Badass..Love to hear your take on it

Augusto Miolaro says:

You missed the super bad ass distortion

Isaac Arbec says:

Do your favorite Electro-Harmonix pedals!


I’ve never owned an MXR pedal. I think the Phase 90, micro chorus, Dyna comp and blue box are on my list now! It seems they don’t have an overdrive from the 70s? The GT OD is a newer pedal.

TheSAJ11 says:

Il diavolo is a great mxr pedal

Michael Bellinger says:

One question for you. What effect did Bread use on the song ‘If’ ?

Elvis says:

I’m surprised no Fuzz Face at all.

DevilMayAsian says:

I love my Micro Amp. Adds a nice thickness to my clean and a touch of girth on my dirty. It stays on most of the time. It’s my secret weapon.

metaljazman says:

Where’s the zakk wylde overdrive???

Billy Moon says:

Mxr classic 108. It’s a fuzz face without the crap. Buffer really helps with putting pedals in front of it. Boosting it with a bd -2 right now. Awesome! But then again you have to like fuzz.

Chris Bystrak says:

I know not alot of people dont like dod pedals but i wish phil would do a top 10 dod pedal video also

John Reremoana says:

Amazing foot pedals Mate, l wish l had those.

Manuel says:

One of my favorites is the custom badass modified od!

Brian Yarbrough says:

The Phase 100 and the Dynacomp were major pedals for me growing up. I still use a Dynacomp

Joel Mitchell says:

The ’78 pedal is great distortion, but not too distorted. It sounds like the guitars on Kiss Alive II to me.

Mods U says:

I have the MXR analog chorus and love it! Wouldn’t have another chorus.

Scott Estes says:

Where is your shop? I live in Tucson and want to come by when I get my next axe

matt roberts says:

Distortion 3

LightningDogg says:

My favorite, the only MXR I own, is the Carbon Copy “dark”. I don’t really get the same impression you get, but you’ve forgotten more than I know about guitar sounds. I just like it.☺


I ran out and bought the Phase 90, Micro Chorus, Dyna Comp, Distortion + and the Micro Amp which is a great clean boost. I must grab a Blue Box next!

prairie650kvf says:

Liked the demo of your favorite pedals the Blue Box when you did the crazy sound reminded me of a sound you would hear when you would lose playing a video game maybe from a game like Donkey Kong.

Sam Anderson says:

OG Carbon Copy & LaMachine are my core pedals for my sound. Thanks Jorge Tripps.

Gary Lombardi says:

No mxr 300 reverb? Amazing pedal

Joe Robinson says:

Dam I just sold my Il
Torino for so cheap. It was basically new. But still have the 5150 and the not mentioned bad ass overdrive. Many years ago I bout a red mxr3 it has no sound difference at all. Nothing. So I am surprised u like the 78 badass and not the silver super badass. It’s way better in my humble opinion. The 78 got 2 chances.

Michael Koullas says:

Interested to know what mods you have on that deluxe reverb. Care to share, Phillip?

MB215 says:

1978 was when the legendary JCM800 came out Phil

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