MXR Reverb Effects Pedal Review by Sweetwater

Sweetwater guitarist Don Carr presents the MXR Reverb pedal. It delivers six evocative reverb types in a compact, low-noise, stereo-capable pedal. The expression pedal input allows you to blend between two different setting configurations for mega creative performance potential. Best of all, the delay trails mode lets the reverb effect fade out when you switch the pedal off, instead of cutting off the reverb abruptly.

Get the MXR Reverb pedal here:


Wayne Ridenhour says:

Don Carr is a cool cat. If I ever run into him in Memphis I’ll buy him lunch … BBQ

Tele Caster says:

What exp pedal is that?

artcore1950 says:

Excellent review, Don. Bought one from Sweetwater. Amazing.

Eric Craig says:

The druids…

Jérôme Meyer says:

Nice shoes !

MikeGaming says:

Neeeed one of these. Falling in love with MXR modulation pedals, they’re killing it these days.

limee 1 says:

this pedal looks absolutely insane. A predecay knob woudlve been nice tho… not complaining tho, looks epic

David says:

200…. ahah, yeah no -_-

PlayAlongTracks says:

wow does sound great but a bit sci-fi sounding for me

John Sinambal says:

I want the pedal. I want the shirt. I want the hair!

andrew wheeler says:

Great playing but your shoes are boss.

Just J says:

I wish MXR just make a reverb pedal with a good spring sound, a long plate sound and a big room sound…Is this to much to ask?

Leave all the modulation out of it, it’s a waste of time when I use pedals for that already which can be turned off…

This pedal is no barging either…Overpriced for being a MXR product

Slush Puppie says:

You can get a used Polara or RV-6 for around $100 dollars, but in the $200 range I’d take a Neunaber any day.

DrugDinosaur says:


bluemooncollision says:

what type of mic are you using on the blackstar? Also what audio interface, and any extra mic preamps?

Alan Rich says:

Would have been better to not use the tremolo when reviewing a reverb pedal.

Luciano C. R. says:

STOP using the lever

is626 says:

omg it sounds beautiful

Ray Rivera says:

captain slow playing the guitar, that’s awesome


<3 MXR ! :)

singularity technological says:


Christian Augustin says:

200 bucks and it’s not even stereo. Sounds great but they ask too much money.

Joseph says:

how durable is the tone-knob/sound cycle button?

robbie hughes says:

Expression pedal + reverb pedal = amazing

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