MXR EVH 5150 Pedal Demo

Find out more about this pedal by going here –

Lee and Peter look at the new 5150 Overdrive from MXR.

The guitar used is one of these –

The amp used is one of these –


Lee & Peter


Jason T. says:

It sounds thin, fizzy, fartty and flat. Not sure if it’s the pedal or the mic? I have a feeling it’s the pedal. Pretty soon one will be able to find a used 6505 mh for about the price of this pedal, hmmm…………..

Michele Odierna says:

grande pedale ma non degno di chi lo sta testando

DecayingWings says:

Too much nonsense talking

Mike Rotch says:

this pedal works better with a clean amp in a big room.

Guitar Beaver says:

so what happens when i put the 5150 in front of my 5150 ???? will i survive ???

Anthony Coughlin says:

Sounds too muddy…

Ashley Allison says:

Idiots get off YouTube.

Mike F says:

Not bad but I would probably go Pinnacle.

VHTLtdDimarzio says:

Despite the amp, the pedal still sounded pretty cool.

ohplezz says:

The MXR 5150 overdrive is the same price as the Wampler Pinnacle overdrive. Here in the U.S. Both of them are made to give you the brown sound. Both cost 199 USD.

I’d love to see you do a comparison video of the two to see who gets the closest to the brown sound.

MB215 says:

Would be nice if we could of gotten a video with the Carbon Copy vs the Bright to see the differences

Elliot Olson says:

Your channel and Rob’ s channel are some of my favorites! Keep it up

CP10 says:

Love the Van Halen banter!

PSgamer666 says:

haha no brown m&m’s xD

Ibbe Me says:

maybe you should try tuning your guitar first ?

LeBron says:

great pedal, and great sounds.

theaceofspadesjl says:

I bet right when Lee gave his salute he wanted to say “GREEEEEEEETINGS”

T FP says:

Sounds muffled.

OSMG says:

Peter looks like Leo. Bike tape and spray paint, not electric tape.

VHTLtdDimarzio says:

Great video. They really should’ve brought in the EVH phase and flange though. Used the phase for lead parts, the flange for copping that Unchained tone, and really put that 5150 overdrive through it’s paces. Still good otherwise though.

pedraw says:

Your friend Peter VH is a pretty good player………Bravo!

Tom SDM says:

Also, why is the guitar tuned a semitone higher than standard? O.o

Alex Yarur says:

Riff at 6:50??

Patrick Stephens says:

I’m sorry but can someone tell me what was m&m thing I didn’t get it sadly

nobody says:


Reverb Snyder says:

Liked this just because of the Brown M&Ms joke

Jon Hopkins says:

dude….if you are have someone test this and give him the nickname of Van Halen at least have some one thats knows how to play aint talkin bout love right or the other van halen songs for that matter.

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