More CHEAP but AWESOME mini effects pedals! (Most are less than $25)

Back by popular demand! Here are cheap but awesome generic alternatives for the specific effects you requested!
Jump to each pedal overview and demo here:

EX T-Cube Reverb: NOW ONLY $30!
overview – 2:34
demo – 3:46
purchase here:

Ammoon Nano-Chorus: $22
overview – 6:32
demo – 7:27
purchase here:

Rowin Trelicopter (tremolo): $25
overview – 10:40
demo – 11:26

Clean Buffer: $22

Mooer Wahter (Wah-Wah): $67
overview – 17:09
demo – 18:34

Ammoon EQ-7: $25
overview – 20:14
demo – 21:14

Power supply and daisy chain: $13

3 pack of 6 inch patch cables: $10

My recording interface: $99

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Lalairu says:

Loved that reverb :3 I might get it for Christmas

Dietrich Kappe says:

I use eq, low gain drive, tremolo, delay, reverb for an acoustic looping slide rig. The problem I have with some of these cheapy pedals is they are noisy as shit. You really notice it in a rig like mine, because it will start to feed back. String a few of these pedals together and even on an electric, the noise is hard to take. One of my favorite brands is JHS. Very little noise. Now if you can find us some cheap, *quiet* pedals, you really will have done something.

Aaron Sutherland says:

Can you review/do up the seattle jazz kit guitar from gear4music

Old Яomans says:

GAS..that Jazzmaster!

Derreck Hendrix says:

yes studio view is very nice

Imapov Soru says:

Like the guitars but dont care for guns please dont shoot me

Griffin Radford says:

That… is a gorgeous Jazzmaster… where did you get her?

Patrick M says:

The studio view is the way to go, no doubt

mark mendoza says:


Richard Norman says:

Everything you used was included in the description except the guitar. What kind of guitar is that? It’s beautiful.

INTJason says:

filming in your studio make you profesional don’t worry

PJ FAN says:

I know these are meant to be the cheapest but they suck

Catherine Hayes says:

Guns and guitars”…………..

Nelson Montana says:

Why play the whammy when demonstrating a device that does the same thing?


I can’t buy the chorus one in my country although it’s a exactly the sound I wanted 🙁
Does anyone know an alternative pedal?

Keegan the gamer 2 says:

This is shit

Mat Pearson says:

Need a cheap and awesome distortion, volume, fuzz, modulation,

Ryan Paterson says:

I kept thinking him stepping on the pedal was his leg bending up ahahahah

swordofhonor2 says:

Is there any way you can get a coupon code for Tom Tom?

arhin Hinostroza says:

Question, are all the pedals shown in the video 9V 100mA ??

Kent Rath says:

Hi Dan, I’m going to ask you about a favorite Special effects petal, that hardly anyone ever used, other than Joe Walsh, and Peter Framton, that being the unmistakable Mouth Harp or Juice Harp. Are they still available and is there a value contious Company that makes a good one that you could recommend to me? I’d really love to get one if they aren’t too awfully expensive.

kyouryoku1977 says:

Great advice. I might get one

Benjamin Harmon says:

Hey dude, you need to quit pushing TomTop – They DO NOT reply to email, provided me an invalid tracking number and it has been weeks! I will never do any business with them again and went with what you had to say about them. I’ve got stuff from China much faster. At this point Im about to take it up with my credit card company since TomTop will not reply to my emails. STOP recommending them!

Poob says:

the chorus and reverb pedals together kind of sound like Mac Demarco

Mark Breton says:

Would you tell me what the make and model of that guitar is? I would appreciate it. Great demo, btw!

Linus Albertoni says:

Wear cooler shoes.

ProTamLan says:

thanks for the times in the desc. !!!

Atlas Munroe says:

A vox wah is cheaper and in my opinion sounds better than that wah and most crybaby pedals. I can’t remember how much cheaper and I know it’s not a mini pedal, but as far as wahs go that’s more my thing. The donner/caline wah seems similar to the mooer, but no surprise there. You should try out some caline pedals they are honestly super awesome for the money. I have had some expensive boutique stuff, and some custom made pedals for me to my specs. I had a noise maker hipster pedal which is handmade in America and is a rad company who makes those pedals affordable, and still ended up using a caline pure sky over that hipster. For as much as your on tomtop, and Amazon these pedals would be easy for you to get.

Adam R. says:

Dan you rock

Shylow Reedy says:

awesome vid! its nice to see what pedals are available in budget friendly means that dont suck lol. also each pedal usually requires around 100 mah to run properly so I would suggest a multi-power bank that can run 5 or more pedals with their proper power requirements instead of a daisy chain running to a standard single power supply,

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