Moog MiniFooger Pedals – The Full Range Review – Coolest Pedals of the Year?

Well we’re sporting our full Movember tash’s & are ready to review the brand new Moog MiniFooger pedal range – these are more affordable than anything Moog has previously made, and we absolutely loved ’em!

If you want to read the spec, see close up pics or just plain order one, go here -

So what do you think? Weird & wonderful, or not so cool?? We know they won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, we think these are just about the coolest pedals we’ve reviewed all year.

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Richard Harrold says:

The semi-hollow Gretsch plus the fuzzy drive gives quite a QOTSA-esque vibe. I can’t believe how bad the taches are though! Rob is fine with a beard, and would probably be fine clean-shaven, but Lee with facial hair is just wrong! Unless he could grow a proper full beard… but I doubt it would suit him! Oddly, when he’s clean-shaven, he looks REALLY like Bob Moog…

Jack's Film Orchard says:

Maybe you guys should try fuzz hugger pedals…

Justin Morgan says:

This is the best demo of these pedals!

Arturo García Rodríguez says:

Rocking the stache, cap´!

Declan Graham says:

These pedals seem wicked, one thing ive always found though is i cant stand trem effects. i dont know what it is, its just uncomfortable with me ears or something? the pulsing ._.
i cant be the only one though :’)

Chinmay Karmarkar says:

Rob, you actually look respectable with the moogstache.

Nizo Dizo says:

You have reverb on your face, I mean your voice.

MIR says:

Only around 18:50 could I begin to appreciate these pedals. There’s a whole load of whack-ass sounds you can create, but how many of them are actually pleasant? To each their own, but these are a bit too far-out for my liking. If you want synth, use synth.

counternub40 says:

These pedals are so neo-psych
I need these in my life.

Guitarcoach Germany says:

These pedals sound very strange.

Aaron Mason says:


Liberty and Justice says:

Add a Chorus pedal in there! 🙂

J.Harris says:

Anyone know the outro song I know its by Dorje

etrivard says:

I think this is by far your guys’ best vid so far. Capt had his swagger on that day and Rob was in cozy winter mood so the energies were balanced. The product you were reviewing is just out of this world and the demo music is from the world next door. I declare this a Anderton music YouTube classic.

Georgi Trenev says:

With Rob and Lee rocking these mustaches all this video needs is a really old filter so it looks like they’re some 60s/70s prog rock pioneers with all those psychedelic effects 😀

kai mercado says:


Michael Craig says:

you did not really say the names of all these pedals.. I heard fuzz, tremolo.. then what? I see someone below said ring modulator? does Moog make other affordable things for the guitarist also?

Lucas Dickerson says:

Maybe it’s just the stache’, but I think Cap’n Lee is a born knob-tweaker. Get that guy a synth and an indie shoe gaze band.

Charles Carr says:

I’ll never understand why a guitarist would buy a ring modulator. They sound quite interesting but unless you’re doing some kind of really experimental weirdness they’re pretty useless.

Jason says:

Great pedal, shit video.

Steamboat Willie says:

In some camera angles that gretsch looks like it is fretless

pmckeown40 says:

I feel like the drive/fuzz didn’t get a fair go, I have one myself and it is really versatile, and Lee had the tone a bit low for most of it. It can be a crystal clean or dirty boost, a high end drive or JFET tube melting fuzz if you wanted it to.

Erin Kenny says:

Jazz hands!!

Samuel Cook says:

Can you guys do another video on the mark II versions of these pedals, including the newer chorus and flange pedals in the line? You’re the best.

Flexprog says:

Depeche Mode !

Eric Peace says:

I have the chorus and love it. Thinking about the Delay and Distortion.

Martijn Kemperman says:
salame462 says:

Coolest pedals I’ve heard in a long time. I could get into these for hours on end. Drooling right now haha!

Vincent Earl says:

bought the drive from Anderson’s last weekend, with exp pedal. have now ordered delay, chorus and ring mod, three more exp pedals and a new board plus power to sit them on. love it.

Why So Serious? says:

~7:50 this is basically just EDM now.

Mr. Meems says:

At first I wasn’t impressed, but when you combined the fuzz and the ring modulator, these got my attention.

Bálint Czuppon says:

I need that fuzz-ring modulator combo!

Jamison Ryun says:

could you please do more Moog demo’s I’d love to hear what you would do with the Moog Moogerfooger line of pedals in comparison what you did with these minigoogers… your choice of Gretsch Electromatic to use on this demo was simply awesome!!!

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