Mooer Red Truck Multi Effects Pedal Full Review

This is the Mooer Red Truck. The Mooer Red Truck is a multi-effects pedal which included boost, overdrive, distortion, a number of modulation effects, delay, and a tuner. Is this the best all in one effects pedal? Probably!

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Guitar ocd says:

It’s great there’s still companies thinking about us not so smart people. Somebody’s listening. Keep it simple stupid.

irfan zahir says:

Impressive tones for blues, jazz, country music, but not for heavy metal stuff.

David Tindall says:

yes!! finally get to hear some blues rock with the Red Truck!! Think i may have to buy it now.

raymond uncad says:

Can the preset mode store preset parameters?…

raymond uncad says:

Red truck vs. NUX Cerberus please!!!

Nathan Tarr says:

I really wish I could find one around here to play but it looks and sounds great, maybe you could flow that to one of your awesome subs!? Hint, hint

intheblues says:

Thanks for watching everyone. 20:54 is where I let you know what I think of the pedal too! Enjoy!

Joey Kelly says:

I don’t watch many pedal reviews anymore, but I’m glad you made this one! Thanks, Shane!

edgeofeternity101 says:

Chappers ALERT. Rob and Mat are going to be down under in mid Oct.

David Hovey says:

Wow that first guitar has some amazing tone!

Sourav Mohapatra says:

Can you do a mooer red truck vs nux Cerberus plz kinda split between the two

Angelo Giannatos says:

It looks light, portable, good sounding and saves you from the hussle of cables between stompboxes for a simple setup.

Are the drive & dist effects analog ?

Terry's GG&G says:

Great job as always Shane !! Sounds good too !! 🙂

Todd Flowers says:

Shane there is no i at the end of aluminum, you guys pronounce it alu-min-eum ! 😉 it’s alu-min-um. 🙂 Now let’s talk about “tonewood” ……….Lol !

Coach cleats says:

This may make me sell my flyrig 5 by tech 21

John North says:

Loved the analog, the digital not so much.

bluesallstars says:

I’m impressed, finally we have a good multi-effect pedal that doesn’t sound like a toy

David Kastin says:

I really like this multi effects pedal. Seems like it has most everything of what’s on my pedal board and takes up less space!

Tony Fingers says:

Shane how about a review of the Nux Cerebral and maybe compare it to The Red Truck?..

MrKichtopher says:

Really dig that Little Crow… Gnarly

Ricardo Di Morais says:

The pedal would be perfect if they had not forgotten to put an auxiliary input. In my opinion, this omission limited the use of this equipment.

caleshtcincredibles says:

Great review Shane I have one of these and they are a beast for live playing . The Dist and OD really cut through in a live band setting. Just bring your volume pedal with you and you are in business ! A great tough little rig , easy to use , neat and tidy . I also add a Mooer micro preamp in the fx loop and turn it into a 2 channel rig , with this set up I have plugged direct into a PA with great results. They just came out with the Black Truck too , you should review that one too. I have both as their price does not wreck tbe grocery budget !! Great job again Shane!

Rumy 73 says:

Shane, some of these budget items have decent sounds, but what about the build and durability? If one of the switches or jacks goes bad, can a new one be easily added?

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