Mooer Compact Pedal Roundup

Sound Affects Music presents a Mooer electric guitar pedal roundup.
Presented by Paul Glover we review the following pedals:
Ultra Drive 1:10
Trelicopter 2:22
Green Mile 3:16
Pure Boost 4:07
Echolizer 4:39
Elec Lady 5:38
Hustle Drive 6:27
Black Secret 7:13
Cruncher 8:07

We also look at the Mooer FireFly M5 pedal board flight case
Each pedal is put to the test through our PRS SE30 combo amplifier

Recorded at Sound Affects Music Studios

Sound Affects Music
Ormskirk, UK
01695 570023


Jesslyn Juniata says:

big sound for a cute pedal

erich de araujo figueiredo figueiredo says:


Captain Trolley says:

I’m deciding between black secret and hustle drive for distortion

RL R says:

Mooer is a very interesting company, their effects are rather good, price friendly and nicely presented. I have 4 of them, and no problem whatsoever, love them. I think they should develop a loop station (a la Boss RC3, for example), would be a good addition, and lacking one themselves I went for a Wally Loop Station. But I didn´t saw anyone of the pedals I have reviewed here… ;-(

Stratodan 27 says:

On some of the higher gain pedals it sounded like the mic or the recording interface was getting overloaded. too bad. the tube screamer clone and the elec lady sounded killer!

Bobby Shallenberger says:

So where can I buy these pedals here in the US??! Emailed the company twice with no answer.

Matt Gilbert says:

E-Lady FTW

Snooze00 says:

That green mile is super distortion. Thats not how a tube screamer works. The trelicopter has only one desirable setting.There priced at what you would expect but id pass on these truly save your money and upgrade one step up to the boss mxr and tc price. Forget the boutique and the strymons there great and all but fuck them with there stupid price.

MrKareem33 says:

Does anyone know anything about the sound dampeners on the walls in this vid? Lighting wood with holes in them?

gerry kavanagh says:

the ds1 clone sounds absolutely terrible

John Kalvin says:

Nice review… but… all character is over low sound.. i think, please set up High Mid Low on amplie must be flat (in 12 o’clock), and please turn off reverb, because we wanna listen pure sound of Mooer Efx Pedals… thank you…

B.j. Surfdog says:

Great Demo, thanks! I have the “cruncher” and it gives me a massive sound. Have you or are you going to demo the Mooer “flex” drive? It’s supposed to have a sound “similar” to an exotic effects pedal. thanks again.

DC Alves says:

very good video!!! do you know if is there any mooer pedal that souns like klon or like that transparent drives? thanks

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