Line 6 Helix Floor Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal | Review

Amp modulation seems to be more en vogue than ever these days. With many products on the market that claim to be as good as (or even better!) than the real thing surely we can all trade in our hardware for its software surrogates, right? Is backline dead? Stuart Shields reviews Line 6’s much talked about Helix.

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Joe Wright says:

Stu great stuff man! Love the helix I’ve never looked back.

Tony dinh says:

Talk and talk and talk show me the money GT-$1000

Gibson Weasel says:

I HATE amp model stuff!!! you can buy a real nice amp instead of this thing!!!

That Pedal Shmoe says:

First comment! Do I get a t shirt or something?

Avisek Ganguly says:

I was hoping Tom Quayle would review this. No Hate for this guy but still….


Is it YAMAHA’s guitar?
I can’t look head well.

Wall OfNoise says:

Amp modulation? Do you mean emulation?

Joel Silber says:

Thanks for the most useful demo I’ve seen of the Helix. Let’s forget ultimate tone for the moment (Axe Fx III rack seems to be a no brainer). I’ve been pretty torn between this and the fantastic UI of the Headrush, but you’re the first to demonstrate how good the Helix UI is, even though it’s not a touchscreen. I’m not gigging; I just want to have some fun.

ForViewingOnly says:

“Amp modulation”?
Part modelling, part emulation 🙂

Raymond Donaldson says:

Still too fiddly.

Steve B says:

They should have staggered the buttons as being close together and in line is impractical for a lot of live players.

Ron Yeahright says:

$1500 bucks…..ah, that would be a “no”.

mike murga says:

How many guitars can you plug in at the same time?

john Aldrin's says:

wow what guitar is that? its very nice

chitlun says:

I’m sorry but this is arguably the worst review I’ve ever seen. Who puts an overdrive pedal after the amp? There aren’t 4 snapshots, there are 8. If you’re going to post a review of a piece of kit, at least do some research into the workings. You didnt even proof read your video description… Shabby!

Droidmaster1 says:

Please clarify ( loaded preset )

Timotius Joko Santoso says:

yamaha rev star….oouucchh…great…

Mario says:

Why are most guitar _devotees_ so dumb?.

Neo Jb74 says:


Stainless Steel says:

Prefer AxeFX tone from far

Joe Schmo says:

Can you store 8 snapshots per bank, or only 8 snapshots on the entire unit?

Michael Miceli says:

This is a very versatile piece of equipment. If you have the money, it’s worth it for any style player.

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