Kosmic’s Boss Pedal Top 10 Countdown

The Staff at Kosmic count down some of the best selling pedals from Boss’ extensive range.


zacharyramoneus says:


Luke Hannington says:

Because being in tune is the best effect.

Mike TC says:

metalzone? ew

Jin Lee says:

A whole wall’s worth of boss buffers in the signal chain…

The Wandering Internet Wizard says:

We know you’re fucking with us by putting the metal zone on there….should have just out the bastard at #1!

Duration Ofthelamb says:

She’s hot.

MB215 says:

3 hours of looping? who would need a 3 hour loop?

ClamsAnonymous says:

I don’t think they understand that “slapback” typically only has about 1 repeat.

Diabolik771 says:

“in Chuune”

1969atam says:

Booo! Metal Zone. Sounds like a toilet being flushed backwards! I have been using the CS-3 everyday for 24 years but recently swopped it out for a Yamaha CO-10MII which has a warmer, deeper more elastic snap. Number 1 is the Tuner! Come on, a tuner is not an effect! Any tuner will do most of the time. I have a TU on my board but it’s purely functional.

Timathie Foss says:

The Metal Zone made this list. Everyone on the planet thinks it’s the worst pedal ever made in human history.

Robby Yudha Phasa says:

using or maybe loving the MT-2 is not a sin.

Nathan Daniels says:

3:10 – 3:27 I just cringed so hard…do people actually think this pedal sounds good?

Restfuleagleeye says:

no ch1?

6672rock says:

The Blues Driver can sound rather heavy with an almost AC/DC-like tone when you turn the gain all the way up.

Dan Dunning says:

Do Boss pedals have true bypass? Is there a noticeable loss of tone? 🙂

ClamsAnonymous says:

They spent so much money on that 6 second animated graphic that they felt the need to shoehorn it in the video 10 times. Which means that out of 8 minutes, one full minute is spent looking at that animated graphic.

So about 13% of this video is useless. The rest of it, well that’s up for debate.

Alexandros Nicolaou says:

about the tuner.. in the end they should say ‘ and this is how it sounds’… while the guy tunes his guitar. would be epic

255george says:

chorus dudes – chorus !!!!!

NPGeneva V says:

Le genre de video qui fait du bien, on se dit qu’on est pas si mauvais à la guitare 🙂 2:28 !!!!!

Ben Knudsen says:

Haha!! The tuner won wtf

Rizky Hadi Felani says:

so dude i am wondering what differs a guitar effect pedal with a bass effect pedal ?
thank you

Lide Gonzalez says:

What about chorus and reverb?

Connor Mansell says:

2:28 – 2:42 make it stop

Richard Lopez says:

ur metal tone sucks

ClamsAnonymous says:

1:41 – “and that will continue for a very long time using regeneration”

regeneration? did you just make that shit up?

Eric Parmentier says:

boss ce-2 anyone?!?!?!?!

BuildYourOwnBass says:

I have never wanted a DS1 as much as I do right now. HAWT

buminbeer2 says:

Look, I own 7 Roland Synths, More Boss effects and pedals then I can count (over 40ish), these were some of the Worst choices in pedals I ever heard! A tuner you can use an app for or have 3 of those cheap Korgs lying around? MT-2 Metal zone, I have this and it is not a good pedal! No Chorus pedals, you know they main thing they are known for? Why two delays, does anyone really use 6 second delays anyway? No flanger or reverb pedals? Hell, I have an old EH-2 enhancer pedal I LOVE, but would not put it in a top 10 as it does very little. If you guys are pros, I would not take advice from you for sure, sad really…

Leandro Gentilcore says:

wtf!?… who decided the order? or the pedals selected for the top?…

Jason Newman says:

You put the tuner at number one? LOL.

naz derin kalyoncu says:


Darwin Parlindungan says:

Love the Rack …

Rokas Lape says:

Metal zone xD are you kidding me….

Lours P says:

can’t believe I’ve wasted my time watching all the way to #1. for a fridging tuner! A TUNER!

Виктор Гибель says:

where is ml-2 ?

MB215 says:

2 delay pedals? wasted a slot

vincent says:

thumbs up if u thought #1 had the best tone

marcelcelmar says:

worst players ever! bad shitty pedals= bad players

GuitarMD Pittsburgh says:

Nope, gimme’ the Boss the CE-2 light blue chorus and the purple flanger from the late 70’s. Used them for years before I went MIDI in the early 90’s

Sid Fernandez says:

whats the difference between the ds1 and sd1 distortion? anyone?

Chronic Downpicker says:

Wait… you had me until DS1 at #3?!..

ClamsAnonymous says:

Only the one guy in this video seems to be talking about pedals…the rest seem to talking about pedos…and some of those keep mentioning this style of music called heavy meadow. never heard of it!

Tim Babach says:

hahahaha well, metal zone is crap and the looper is unusable- just buy a ditto, trust me 😉 maybe I am not right, but I couldn’t enjoy the second distortion pedal eather, but never played it myself, so idk ’bout this one…

SergeantZaf03 says:

Bf2/Bf3 flanger is my fav

Austin Jones says:

That guy’s face at 5:38 just screams kill me haha.

satshree shrestha says:

od3 ?? os2 ?? :/

box of boxes says:

3:53 yeah… great demo.. I guess

david pitts says:

metal zone I have has got nothing but great fan approval

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