Korg Miku Stomp Review

If you’re a guitarist who has ever wanted to re-create the tones of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku then you’re in luck, as the Korg Miku Stomp pedal lets you do just that! The pedal features 11 modes with different speech patterns, including 3 phrase settings that can be used to input your own Japanese lyrics (using an iPhone app).


jamil quinto says:

it’s a trap, that girl has a penis

Ken Tissue says:

3:16 is first pedal sound

Dennis D'solan says:

It sounds very chinese

AsTheSeasonsGray says:



lmao try sweep picking

bv says:


Matt Neydl says:

Marty friedman would shit himself over this pedal

Michael Tharp says:

Ok,…I know most guitarists will not take this thing seriously, and it it would not even be available in US if not for Sweetwater. (Maybe Korg agrees no market in US). I play electronica with Asian sounds and I have one on the way!Thanks for the demo….now I want to learn Japanese!

DogFaced Boy says:

GODOG IT: I feel like…. I just came in outta the Storm of Ignorance that I’ve been carrying with me Lo those Many Years. I’M HOME< BABY.....

J says:

sounds like animal crossing

BrandonFleming says:

it actually doesen’t seem that bad depending on what kind of crazy tones you are trying to get.

gtrslinger says:

Worst sounding pedal I’ve ever heard! Haha

Baby Microbe Music says:

I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Lightly Salted says:

Me: omg I need this!!!!!!!
*looks up*
Internet: $199.99
Me: :< AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

TJ Hastie says:

“It’s true bypass as well”
Oh thank god, would’ve been a deal breaker otherwise.

Kilovolver says:

Holy jesus so much talking. Go to 3:11. Welcome

Brett Bocik says:

lol scat

kmW says:

this is the absolute best pedal of all time. endless fun. lol

Rodrigo Chia says:

Shut up please and play

Kyle Kampman says:

I want a Morgan Freeman pedal. Or 11 expressions of James Hetfield. Ooo yeeheah!

Peter Nauta says:

Come on man! You just talk over and over! A waste of time

Tony Ambrosi says:

The last time I saw Clapton he used this pedal on all the Cream stuff in his set.


so buying this

drummer4hire12 says:

….I imagine the ‘Scat’ setting sounds like $hite…..lolol

betterinsodapop says:

Starts actually playing at 3:12

peter batty says:


- Stiegosaurus - says:

Note to Japan: Stop making pedals asap.

Ben Goddard says:

Oh God, that sounds horrific. Takes allsorts I suppose.

Tone Deaf Taint Biscuits United says:

this is ridiculously cool

Suraz Karkee says:

is this guitar or keyboard
new pedal will be soon in market
guitar pedal which will sound drums

Zoran Sandorov Music says:

add a nice ambient echo to it and you will have a female Japanese singer in the band

Matthew Cauthen says:

Sounds like a $17 Casio keyboard

TFOH pronounced tea-foe says:

The looh is pretty usable though. Sounds kinda like a flute to me.

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