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2:15 How the KEYZTONE Exchanger works
4:30 CLEAN – My HUMBUCKER into the pedal
6:10 CLEAN – My HUMBUCKER into the pedal (ALL PICKUPS)
8:20 CLEAN – My SINGLE COIL into the pedal (ALL PICKUPS)

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Allen Blackwell says:

I’m sure it’s a good product, but the effects are interfering with the “alteration of the variant sounds”; dry tone would be the way to go. So would you probably make a demonstration without added effects??? I’d like to hear a version of it!!

Terence Flood says:

Terrible demo. Clean? Why can guys not play good without drive……’cause if ya can’t do it on acoustic ya can’t do it for real……echo echo…..sounds more like e coli….

gabbs says:

Same concept of the xt-1 by Sim1 but here we have an analog engine while on the other we have digital profiling

Lefty Mike says:

That could be a game changer…. Nice that someone is doing something different…

Ben Coombs says:

I wasn’t aware anything like this was out, pretty cool concept, not sure if it replaces the real thing but there is a tonal variety there for sure. I dig it, rock on TK!!

Ben James Dover says:

Cool, watching this in KFC..Stay safe out there all. xx

Todd Flowers says:

Interesting piece of gear,thanks for the demo TK !

Angel Martinez says:

Great stuff. What model guitar is that you are using? I would like to buy this pedal..

Dr. Harmonica says:

Look Pal, Cut down the fricken echo by 90% and play the same exact riff to demo the different settings otherwise, this is a useless demo. You could learn a thing or two from the Shane at the intheblues channel about demoing things. He gives good demo.

Lee Abraham says:

They all sound the same, no difference whatsoever

mnbme says:

You need to calibrate the bypass and non-bypass output levels so that a loudness difference doesn’t affect the user’s perception of the sound.

KKnopp says:

My GT-100 has been simulating pickup styles decently for years now..

trushack says:

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical (but open-minded), but I like that Keyztone went more for subtlety instead of radical changes between settings and then giving you the controls to tweak things on the margins. I can totally see this being a great option for pre-setting a few particular sounds that you’d normally have to switch instruments for (e.g. you use a Les Paul for 90% of a set, but need a bright single-coil tone for a couple numbers) OR fixing a live sound issue where you and another guitar player are stepping over each other’s frequencies a bit and need to get a little bit of tonal separation without making crazy EQ changes.

My one question is this, and I may have missed it in the video if it was mentioned: when it’s modeling a particular pickup type I assume it’s only modeling a one-pickup sound and not a pair working together. In other words, if you’re going for a Strat-type sound with the Hot Texas or Bright Vintage settings, you’re only going to get a bridge, middle, or neck sound…you’re not going to get those 2 and 4 positions (bridge+middle or neck+middle).

Inspection Negross says:

Great product idea, exciting stuff. I’d love to try this pedal.

Nizo Dizo says:

Can you use this with a Strat?

Ed Axeman says:

So I’m guessing it just changes your original PU impedance to closely resemble curtain other PU’s impedance/resistance values?

Phil Smith says:

Here’s the thing, I can see already some people saying that a strat is a strat, not just because if it’s single coil pickups, but the whole construction, scale, bridge, etc… and that’s what gives it its unique ton. And a Les Paul is also unique, and so are all other guitars. Yes, yes and yes! However, if you’re a touring musician that don’t have his/her own roadies, if you do recording sessions and needs a large pallet of tones very quickly, this pedal could be perfect and, like a tuner, should be on every pedalboard. It won’t replace all your favorite guitars, nor maybe even not your favorite pickups installed in your favorite guitar, but it can extend widely your tone from your current guitar. So if you just need a specific pickup for a single song during the whole concert, or if you need to find the perfect tone the producer is looking for, you can quickly cycle through the different models and see if it would fit better. When we see the cost of some high end pickup set such barenuckles, or even some custom shop Seymour, you could easily get this pedal, have it on your pedalboard and then be able to get more tones without even changing guitar. That, in my book, is priceless! My 2¢

Richard says:

This is similar to a Line6 Variax in pedal format.

Joey Kelly says:

Interesting product. I don’t think it achieves the effect it’s going for, but it isn’t bad. As a side note, though, I feel like you could have been using cleaner amp settings for this. A little reverb is fine, but having near-ambient reverb settings with delay really detracts from the demo. I appreciate that you posted this, though. Thanks, TTK!

Lawrence Gillespie says:

I like the sound samples in the video, but I’m not sure that I appreciate the marketing. It seems that this pedal combines a variable buffer, EQ and boost, and they say they have a patent for that, which I didn’t know was possible as those things already exist. I think it’s useful and fairly unique – not many pedals combine these circuits to emulate the output of different pickups, except a few multi-effects units or something like the Boss Acoustic Simulator. To me, this kind of marketing is like a late-night infomercial – I already feel like I’m being conned, no matter how legit the product is.

Paul Howe says:

Nice demo. I would like to hear another with more emphasis on the higher G, B, E strings for single lead use with some double stops in the higher register. I like what I’ve seen with the product. Thank you.

paldenno1 says:

I would like to buy this pedal. Please provide an invoice, with which I will swiftly provide to my bank.

The Homme Damnation says:

So, it’s a preamp pedal with presets labeled as pickup styles.

Olivier JSP says:

@The Tone King
TTK wear the mustache, you’ll be fine.
Type “the Tweak” ( number 91) or “the Revolutionary” ( number 80)
🙂 !!

GearGasms says:

This is interesting but I’m not sure it came across

DMSProduktions says:

Seymour Duncan did something similar with their pick up booster pedal . It had 2 filters in it to turn sc to hb or hb to sc, as LONG as your guitar went in 1st. I didn’t find it all that useful, however the flat boost is very useful!

This expands on the theme a lot more.

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