Keeley Dark Side Guitar Effect Pedal – Does it sound like Pink Floyd?

Keeley Dark Side Guitar Effect Pedal – Does it sound like Pink Floyd David Gilmour?
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outsiderdf says:

Nice fret buzz

Craig Barrett says:

Don’t like most covers, and I’m not a muso, so I couldn’t do better, but I know Pink Floyd ‘s music very well… match in my opinion.

sleggarri says:

Tremendous accomplishment for the builder. Alright, when’s the Van Halen pedal coming out?!

Autumn Blair says:

He laid some cash down for that.

john jones says:

it doe’s not

idk google it says:

Sounded so good I was hearing the lyrics!

The Fyskoogle says:

cool pedal but sounds nothing like it. on the other hand the playing is perfect

Liz Last says:

Wow. Great job, pretty impressive sound AND playing. DEAD ON

Rod Buchanan says:

I am picking up both a Gilmour AND a VH sound. Obviously going to sound more Floyd since he’s playing Floyd but I can hear the VH in there.

Nicholas Heltzel says:

I’m thinking this would be cool to blend, with a hungry robots wash pedal, via an AB expression.

Kyle Atwood says:

Everyone complaining about the tone has to realize, YouTube compresses the audio. Plus so much goes into Gilmours sound. It’s impossible to sound just like another person. This was designed to get you within the ballpark of all the tones in one pedal. Still a kickass sound and pedal.

John Overthinker says:

too “treblish”

Nathan Kennedy says:

1:27 so you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking!!!

jay private says:

I use a custom designed multi_effects pedal with a redesigned template system which stores over 2000 presets. Though i did pirate the the first chassis from an old vox pedal i later used the older model digitech rp 2000 metal assembly for ruggedness and kept a majority of the switches and foot controller. I incorpirsted a raspberry pi as a controller and video support system so now i can use a touchpad mounted to the mic stand to control the template page. I use it mostly in studio as it is a one off. But i always carry a modular foot system with a group function for parallel loopbacks in case a primary foot pedal fails

Lewis Tasso says:

Anyone else singing along like the background singers?? ; )


this sounds familiar,, like a cool guitar player i use to listen to,, i cant quite place it,,,,,,,,

Guitar Gear Demos says:

Get it on Amazon:

Rob Johnston says:

Great playing. So nice to here all those guitar parts isolated. Unit sounds good

Will E. Fisturgash says:

SOYCD gives me chills every time.

Autumn Blair says:

Sounds awesome

Mike Springer says:

No echo!

calin sirbu says:

It is good, but its a bit too much echo…

Victor Johnson says:

Yes, it works.

Owen Almoney says:

It costs more than my amp…

Digiphex Electronics says:

It doesn’t do Gilmour perfectly but it gets you in the zone.

J J says:

Wow….just wow!!❤✌

Daron_Malakian says:

Really nice Brain Damage, Pigs and ABITW

Timothy Collins Guitar says:

Wow man you play Gilmour very well!!

daniel farias says:

Esta de la perras el pedal pero el ql toca como el culo

CDon02 says:

4:28 shine on you crazy diamonds gave me chills! Great job!

Trying to learn says:

To spatial. But not far away from the real sound

LazyWorm92 says:

Damn you should do a whole album cover with this you’d get tons of views!

Sexy XxMa0ZeDONGxX says:

*Glimour wants to know your location*

HotFrost says:

Is there any cheaper stomp boxes that sound like this but wont rip my bank account a new one

Del Falko says:

this pedal is a real joke, it make illusion with a lot of people who not know realy gilmour’s sound, and it’s too expesive for a no multi effect… it’s just marketing, compare with diavid’s live sounds you ear the difference realy

Filip 36 says:

Not quite… but almost. Nice try ! Difficult to copy the real thing!

Federico Marini says:

Name of the song from 5:20?

Chubbs Anthony says:

Professor Marvel type shit right there

Z W says:

This is the best demo of this pedal tone tempo player is all about as close as you can get. Gilmour doesn’t even sound like Gilmour anymore.

Nothing Less Than Epic says:

Very close! You play it great!

Kendrick H. Rhee says:


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