Joyo – The Cheapest, Best Overdrive Pedal – Demo / Review

Review and demo with sound samples of the Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal. Tube Screamer tones on a budget!

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JuLy Christian says:

I like his shredding pattern

Tom Fortin says:

I liked the sound of this pedal over the TS because it’s brighter. You can always use your tone knob on your guitar to cut back the brightness of a bright pedal, but you generally can’t make a dark pedal sound brighter unless you do it at your amp and then EVERYTHING sounds a bit too bright.

Hoosier Daddy says:

What a great video. Great product. Thanks.

Christian Matus says:

Please make a Oripure pickups review thanks, saludos desde chile
Please make a Oripure pickups review thanks, saludos desde chile
Please make a Oripure pickups review thanks, saludos desde chile

ashley alt says:

I picked up the Joyo Ultimate Drive recently and matched it with an EHX Tone Corset. Soooooooooooo good

Imapov Soru says:

808 or TS9 clone?

Carl Jenkins says:

Ideas? I would like to see your least expensive (or maybe best value? Highest performance/$$$?) gig rig. So, guitar (with mods?), pedal board, and amp/amps (maybe go all “That Pedal Show” with a wet/dry dual or triple amp rig?). If I had, say, $500-600, how epic could I manage?

Steve Strauss says:

Great videos Max, I would like to see some reviews on cheap pedal power supplies.

Rock & Roll MD says:

I recently bought one and am pleased with the tones out of it. I play classic rock and to me it sounds best with a lower gain setting around 10/11 o’clock on the knob. I installed a bass boost dpdt switch; just ran 2 wires from the C10 capacitor to the middle lugs and put a .047 capacitor on the outer lugs. It beefs up my Strat nicely without being muddy, sounds more tube-like. I just revert back to no boost when playing my humbucker-equipped guitars.

Bar Goldstein says:

the Ultimate Drive is better 🙂

paper shred says:

Subscribed! Thanks for the review.

B. Rod Clark says:


OddTimeMan says:

I bought the Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive. It was $24 shipped to my door. Great overdrive pedal.

Guestar says:

Might have been a good idea to review this with a guitar with more “classic” pickups? It’s called a “Vintage” overdrive after all. I’ll bet you’ve got some pretty powerful pickups in your Strat-type guitar, which might not be all that representative of what most people will expect from a “vintage” overdrive. Sounds fantastic though!.

Hoosier Daddy says:

Great video. Just recently found you, and had to subscribe. Looking now for either a higher gain overdrive or distortion pedal

Hank Hill says:

The Kokko Overdrive is cheaper and better.

eric g says:

peter steele?

Josh Young says:

Very nice shredding. I would like to see a review of the TC Electronic Cinders.

Dave Saenz says:

Awesome but I don’t have your amp lol.

BJ McCoy says:

I recommend the pedal. Its over looked in the over drive world. It takes your amps sound and literly overdrives it. I use to have one. Misplaced it. Got to buy a new one.

Leandro Gentilcore says:

What pickup are you using at bridge position? Is it a dimarzio dp218?

Giovanni Minopoli says:

Dude you suck at guitar

XDGames says:

Comes with cables?

Helder Oliveira says:

Re-watching the video; I was going for this one but was sold off in Amazon UK and my gas led me to get the electro harmonix soul food, it’s great, but 3 times more expensive and the Joyo sounds amazing for the price! So, listen to Max boys and girls!

Ed Loomingly says:

Got mine for 25 dollars, absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Vinny Raptor says:

Solid commentary, bro.

Marc St.james says:

Multi effect pedals like the digitech 1000 and 500

Aaron Rodriguez says:

Max, you should try the joyo Ultimate drive, it is also awesome 😉

Da Guvna says:

Golly you’re really angling that pick.

ashan perera says:

Hey can u build a whole pedal board with budjet pedals with clean metal rock & wah stuff because i need to build my own so if u plz put the links too

Phillip Clark says:

I have this tube screamer, at first I thought it wouldn’t work at first because it wouldn’t make any noise whatsoever when I turned it on, i was using two D’addario premium cables at the time so I just left it collecting dust for a few months until I used a cheap instrument cable that came with my old Dean M10 amp. After using one D’addario premium instrument cable with my old cheap one it worked like a charm, so keep in mind to make sure your cables are compatible with the pedal.

D R says:

The Behringer vintage tube overdrive is better and is cheaper

OrangeJackson says:

What this on the Blackstar amp?
The clean sounds very good.

Jim says:

do you use a Noise Gate? As soon i want to attach pedals on my amp it sounds so disturbing. i bought a noise gate and can regulate it. but do i need special pedal cables too? for avoiding that disturbing nerve killing by sound. ?? i m a beginner. if it sounds strange to you.

Invert Scrub says:

I love that you reviewed this on the modded Ammoon strat. Great tone doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Axess2084 says:

Thank you, Max! You’re saving me a lot of money!! Also, love the blooper at the end!! Keep doing what you do, man! It’s VERY helpful to those of us who aren’t fabulously wealthy like many of the other guitar YouTubers who demo stuff!

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