JHS Pedals VCR – Ryan Adams/PaxAm Signature Pedal

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Today we’re rewinding time with the VCR by JHS Pedals. The VCR is a collaboration with JHS Pedals and Ryan Adams with his PaxAm Studio, aimed at giving a wealth of options in one enclosure. Each letter in the VCR’s name stands for one of the channels of the pedal, with each channel getting its own toggle switch. These toggles are individually activated to provide a combination of effects that’s switchable with a master bypass footswitch. The V stands for Volume, which loads a dynamic Boost circuit into the signal path. Using a discreet circuit, the Volume channel thickens up any signal you feed into it, and you might never turn it off. The C channel is a lush chorus effect that sounds like a vintage BBD-equipped ’80s chorus. Instead of rate and depth knobs, the VCR’s Chorus has one knob that controls both rate and depth, with rate increasing and depth decreasing when dimed and the opposite controls when backed off. The R channel holds a hall-type reverb that has been tuned to match Ryan’s exact specifications, from tone to decay time. The single knob controls the reverb level from light ambience to haunting echoes. Seven different combinations of effects can be achieved by piloting the toggle switches, and each effect has been expertly configured to ensure they stack extremely well with one another. A lo-fi switch on the back of the VCR decreases the signal’s fidelity for some serious generation loss. And just like all JHS pedals, the VCR is made in the USA using a fine assortment of components.


Ron R says:

I usually don’t care for the over the top graphics on pedals. This one though is fun and a bit clever.

Jerry Severson says:

Nice demo as always Andy! Cool pedal! The chorus sounds very much like the Boss CE-2. Nice shimmer.

Edad Martin says:

The supro sounds great washed in reverb!

raurke george says:

Andy’s playing really is something special.

Manuel Perez Gonzalez says:

model of guitar?

caplippi says:

No one loves Ryan Adam. But this pedal is awesome.

Ant Thomas says:

So, does this really nail that *Summer of ’69* sound? I’ve been trying to get Brain Adams’ tone forever, so I’m glad he finally came out with his own pedal.

ModestEgg says:

Was that first song Dead Flowers?

James Martoo says:

song at 6:00 anyone?

T- Hawk says:

Can I buy the $100 version of this pedal that doesn’t have the $200 licensing fee?

Sal Molinare says:

Be nice if the volume, chorus and reverb were on push buttons so you could switch between them on the fly.

Domingo Bogado says:

I need it

amador sanchez says:


bigJohnnybabyboy says:

I like it. I normally use Strymon and other such pedals that have all the knobs in the world for all kinds of twiddling. It´s nice when you get something like this that is very versatile, useful and cool, but with, like, no knobs. It´s refreshing in its simplicity.

My Autobiography A Fanfic says:

Great demo; as always. But I hoped the pedal would have VHS like lo-fi modeling, and the random pitch variation of stretched tape recordings.

pranky4 says:

Forget about the problems of the world and watch Andy demo pedals

longwhip says:

Sounds too much like Bryan Adams……Ryan Adams logo just does not look good….you should have an optional naming logo…..like your own name so people know it is your pedal and not Ryan Adams…..hahaha

Turd Ferguson III says:

No thank you.

Ian Anderson says:

10/10 aesthetic design

Earth Trillion says:

I love your playing style, Andy. It’s very unique. Your right fingers must have permanent calluses by now. Jeff Beck and Robbie Krieger don’t sound like you at all, but you have a really individualistic finger picked rock guitar sound and I love the way that you play about as much as I love those guys.

Efrain Gutiérrez says:

What’s the first song?

tommc49 says:

Not a very user friendly design IMHO. You want to switch any effect on/off in mid-song, you have to bend over to hit a toggle switch. Only one control knob/effect doesn’t give you much control. Pass

JAtlanticJoker says:


Luke Brinkley says:

Pop Art Pedal… Love eet!

Michael Coughlan says:

Ryan loves his chorus. Cool demo. Thanks.

fenix478 says:

This pedal can easily do the Big Star sound that almost was repeated after them. Most of the people doesnt understand what this pedal is for.

TorontoLarrivee says:

I like Ryan Adams’ guitar tone but this sounds like absolute junk to me, sorry.

Paulitik says:

Sounds like Big Star if they had a new wave period

Diet Guitar says:

I love that JHS in the VHS font

Justinm1789 says:

Andy- is the reverb time adjustable from a trimpot?

Aiden Bradley says:

It’s gorgeous looking, and I love it on paper, but if it had a separate switch for the boost as it does for the reverb and chorus, and maybe if the boost was just a shade less muddy, I’d be all over this.
I’m a huge Ryan Adams fan, but $269 is just a bit too much for the current offering.

Andii Rejino says:

jhs isn’t doing anything interesting or new. just overpriced

BIG Stick says:

Not my taste but it sounds better on the Tele!!
But then again like myself only half def people play telecasters.

Giorgi Ostatishvili says:


sam atkins says:

I had a play with this at Winter NAMM and yes it did sound great and I personally enjoyed it (in the context of playing something new by JHS Pedals at a trade show if that makes sense!). I shot a very brief interview with Josh for ‘Guitar & Bass Magazine’ talking about this and the ‘Milkman’ pedal which can be seen on our YouTube channel.

On reading the comments below regards this pedal – gear like this, amongst the myriad of others, is totally subjective and some will be intrigued by the design and affiliation with Ryan Adams to make a purchase alone.

There are, individual, pedals with greater functionality than this available that most will be aware of. All I can say is that if it turns on players to create new music and they’re willing to part with a premium sum of money for a 3 in 1 pedal then great. If players want the flexibility that individual pedals give then great. There’s never been a better time for choice for us gear heads 🙂

Cameron Tyson says:

The volume control on this pedal sounds awful in every demo I hear it in, and I’m not forking out JHS prices for two thirds of a pedal. I would, however, pay that amount of money to have Ryan Adams swear at me on social media for that decision

Tyler McSwain says:

Absolutely cannot wait to get mine. DRA and JHS are my faves.

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