Is The Behringer Ultra Metal That Bad? Guitar Pedal Review…Sort Of

This week I try to find out if a bearable sound can be pulled out of the much maligned first generation Ultra Metal UM100 guitar pedal. The Metal Zone inspired pedal is put through its paces as a general purpose sound bender and overdriver…Can it find a functional place in the studio? Hmmmmm well you can find out in this week’s video.

Russ’ Picks

Well there are no links for the Picks this week…watch to find out why.

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Aaron Sherlock says:

im looking for reviews on behringer pedals to save a bit of moolar and look who pops up…. ald dusty himself, keep up the good work russell dust!

Vivisect says:

I don’t see a problem with the plastic casing, it is pretty thick so you would have to be trying to break it to have an issue. It also makes it about $65 cheaper than the Boss Metal Zone.

christopher9000p says:

I swear you sound just like Film Brain. 😛

Deathrape2001 says:

Here is some proof U R just not using it right…
Peavey Rockmaster preamp boosted with Behringer UM100
Mocking it’s price & construction is not a substitute 4 skill, jackazz. U could call the low weight a BENEFIT 4 touring = duh, etc… also U could probably get nearly the same badass tone in the demo linked here if U bothered 2 twiddle a few knobs on that Peavey amp & running them in series, instead of rolling off all the highs & pretending tubes sound ‘even worse’ ROFL!!

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