Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9 – Marty’s Thursday Guitar Gear Videos Overdrive Effects Pedal

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New gear video every Thursday here at “MartyMusic” This video is dedicated to the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal. Once of the most classic pedals in the history of electric guitar. Very bluesy sound indeed. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks again for supporting me right here at “MartyMusic



Reagan Cowley says:

Brand new TS-9 at a great deal


SatelliteSurfer says:

is this pedal the reason that John Mayer can get longer sustain in bends than I’m able to get? I’m fine if the reason is just that I need my practice with bends. I just need to know if it’s me or the pedal lol

Wang Enterprises says:

lol Marty you are a master head bobber

marina le dean says:

brb off to get one of these.

SG02 says:

Never disappointed by a video from Marty! Thank you!

chris g says:

sounds great may have to get one myself. what did you play at the start of the video wouldn’t mind trying to learn it. thanks for the lessons and hard work you put into your channel much appreciated

Larry Sheetz says:

While i like your series, wish you would have demoed the pedal with a Humbucker equipped guitar too.. I don’t play strats..

Adam Rainstopper says:

Damn. You play like my dad. Share some of his mannerisms too. That’s a good thing, I just wasn’t really mentally prepared for that flashback.

Jeffrey Jones says:

Can you do a lesson for the intro to this video? It sounds amazing!

johan håkansson says:

what kind of strings are you playing in this video?

Thanks for everything you do 🙂

ryebread 07 says:

This pedal very similar to what Green Day’s stuff sounds like live. Is this what Billie Joe Armstrong uses? I need to know now

suburban says:

sick fedora

James Mata says:

love the new channel

nigga wtf? says:

Amazing dude! keep on playing

Rodrigo Valladares Sandoval says:

Wooow tube screamer rules!!

Sam Axe says:

Hay Marty I know the tube screamer is some of the SRV sound but what is the rest??

Jack 87 says:

Any point in trading in my BD-2 for one of these ?

Mike Dreucci says:

Great playing! Love the tone. Kinda looks like Gary Moore type Strat. Can u do a Gary Moore setup and licks?

Istvan De Jesús says:

Hi Marty. God Bless. Between the Ibanez Tube Screamer and the Boss Blues Driver. Which one would you recomend for a begginer?

Christian Jambon says:

Is there anyway someone knows a video where the lick he plays at 3:20 is slowed down? Ive been hearing this lick forever and deff need to add it to the arsenal. Thanks!

Paulo Silva says:

That’s what I say to make the guitar cries!!!

Kraven Moorehead says:

The soul food pedal…………..

Hearthis says:

Imangine the tub scream with the strat plus the russian big muff with the strat, So much mids

Kelly Lucas says:

do u like the ocd or the tube screamer Marty just curious?

Vishi Kant says:

That was a great rocking demo

Martin Svensson says:

Love your stuff Marty! Been growing up to the lassons of Yours! What would you say is the main diffrence between a fuzz and a tube screamer. Kind regards from sweden!

Detlef Davis says:

I was thinking of buying one, now I’m sure…

D Laron says:

Hey Marty! I’ve always followed you “from the shadows” and look forward to your lessons. LOVE your passion for helping us play better! I’ve always loved this blues shuffle in the beginning of this video. Can you do a lesson on this shuffle?

Elmo Blatch says:

To hell with the lessons. Just let Marty play and that’s a damn good youtube channel.

CatSwagMan says:

Hot looking strat.

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