Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer Pedal Review

Get the Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/NuTubeScreamer

Equipped with a Nutube vacuum tube, the Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer is a worthy successor to one of the most-played overdrive pedals of all time. And it’s even more versatile than the original, with a mix control for blending your dry tone with the overdriven sound. Thanks to its Nutube circuitry, the Nu Tubescreamer delivers impressive dynamics, excellent sensitivity, and tube-like compression when you hit it hard. And just like the original, the Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer is also an awesome clean boost for overdriving a tube amplifier that is already at the edge of breakup.


Guitar Feed says:

The year is 2018 and they still keep with that awful footswitch

Nick K says:

Does Steamy Ray Vaughan use the Tube Screamer too? If so, I’m sold. Take my money!

Barnaby Booth says:

in the interest of transparency, was sweetwater paid by ibanez to do this video?

Jaden LEE says:

Nice review but Nutube is slightly louder than the original one. I know he just put both volume knobs at the same level but he should adjust the actual volume at the same level. Nutube has little more fat sound and smooth voice but I’m gonna take the original one regardless pricing because it’s just simply dammm good.

TheSAJ11 says:

I just don’t understand why they had to place the power supply on the side!

nineball26 says:

he said 35000 hours meanwhile all the other components are melted surrounding it… good one

Gary Moore says:

Does it clip symmetrically like the original Tube Screamer or asymmetrically like a 12AX7?

tetora3786 says:

Ibanez announced the sale postponed.
This summer or later.

T FP says:

Sounds too boxy.

MarshallAmp Man says:

nice demo

MajRatbag says:

I doubt it will take off. I have tried many MANY pedals chasing that sweet tube overdrive. While the nutube sounds pretty good it doesn’t hit the spot. Make yourselves a matsumin valvecaster, runs off standard 9v supply and sounds amazing.

Leonardy Gunawan says:

You mean a tubescreamer for numetal? XD

Jack Wolfe says:

I believe that adding a noise gate within it, may have actually made this thing worth it.

Doug Rettberg says:

I just ordered a Suhr Eclipse for $200.00 brand new. Two channels with 3 band eq on each channel.

Pu Derrick says:

So does the pedal run around with grenade launchers and one man army perk?


As someone who has amassed enough pedals since the 70s to open a store and a self admitted “OD junkie” I see no need for this pedal. Most guys have eqs, boosters and still have those knobs on their amps/guitars which can add anything I see this pedal adding. $120 or so to satisfy the “it’s new” maybe, $250, pass.

Neil Aspinall says:

Too close to call. Don’t waste ya cash.

Kenny H says:

IMO the old one sounds better, more vintage.

RYcalibrated says:

And then there will be digital mods of this too, the end.

Jeff Rogers says:

Very nice, articulate demo. I like the mix knob as a bonus feature, I think Ibanez has a winner here but it needs to come down in price IMHO.

lucavasconcellos says:

808 ftw

JR216 says:

I hear zero difference

Steven Adler says:

The green one for me.
Excellent riff! Loved it!

Jack Blackman says:

TS sounds better with a Stratocaster.Gibsons not so good

marc Carpenter says:

the tone level is off you can see it on the video try comparing the tube screemer when looking at not as a mad way telling other people thank you for the video

DampTacoLover says:

Nu tube for the win

john okeefe says:

this is what I WOULD call more marketing….We aint that stupid..

nineball26 says:

wow, great jopb, when are they going tobe available?

Chris Mann says:

I thought it was Nut Ube

el camino says:

Ibanez haven’t made the best tube screamers for quite a while. They still don’t.

patrick soler says:

Im here for the great thorough explanations. Awesome vid

jack benson says:

I put a blend ctrl in my SD1 and it totally destroys these ibanez pedals

Fuckayou Man says:

Ibanez kiss my ass you want me to pay 250 for tube screamer pedal and the tube screamer 15 watt amp head with 2x 12AX7 and 2x 6V6 price new for 290 WTF

Joseph Wright says:

It sounds just like a Tube Screamer, but not much better. Get the new JHS Pedal with the Tree on it. It has about 6 different analog Tube Screamer circuits in it, including the KEELEY Modded version!

Just J says:

The Nu tube technology looks identical to what THD uses on the front of their Hotplate attenuators…

Check out the THD Hotplate and see for yourself…This merely a scope style display that increase with volume…

My guess is until someone opens one of them up and looks at how it’s wired the NEW tube screamer might be a digital copy of a tube screamer inside a different enclosure…

BOSS used digital with the SD1x and DS1x only they didn’t add a scope display…

nicola tucker says:

teacher in Cardiff is quite quite clever and bought a new Ibanez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDAci7U2FBw

jack benson says:

jesus bro, talk some more. that’s why we’re here……. smh

Данила Дорохин says:

Пиздабол блять

Kevin Olson says:

Excellent review. Very well done.

Janeen Clark says:

12ax7 is 330 volts

VonBluesman says:

A 57 Twin Reissue Fender, you need to jump the channel like a Marshall and dime that Bad Boy, you will find out why Eric Clapton hardly uses any pedals at all, a 57 is his favorite amp.

Jeff Ainsley says:

Don’t waste your time. All guitar players must try the King of Tone pedal by Analogman. You won’t waste your time with Tube Screamers any longer. It has EXACTLY what you are looking for if you are messing around with Tube Screamers.

rymns says:

Nutube is a joke to steal your money. TS9 has the same sound for half the price.

jmplaysbass says:

30,000 hr’s for the nutube eh? Thats funny the nutubes factory data sheet states it’s only 1,000hr’s under “normal use”, oh and their not socketed, so good luck replacing them

Jeff Hazen - icenic_wolf says:

If you’ve decided that you’re gonna spend $200 or more, just get a Wampler Clarksdale and save yourself $50.

Rodiebob Williams says:

Ugh guys get a vst emulator, take a test drive with the old one.
in your daw, Then know.. I use an old Real tube from the day with my jc120…IVE never had one but the old ones are tits..Im playing with the vst emulating the old ones at present..Saw a preview from Korg…Nothing but tits..This guy is not driving it much..

Hans Baumeister says:

So will it run on 12 Volts as well? Not all supplies serve up 18 Volts…

Christian Pucciarelli says:

what’s with those downstrokes?

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