How to Choose the Best Delay Pedal (For You!)

Finding the best delay pedal for your guitar needs can be a daunting task given the dizzying array of choices. Bill provides some thoughts and considerations to help you narrow the field and make a good decision.

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Equipment used in this video (in order of the signal chain):
PRS SE-277 Baritone Guitar
Fender The Bends Compressor
Morley Little Alligator Volume Pedal
Strymon El Capistan Tape Delay
Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay
TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay
TC Electronic Flashback 2
TC Electronic Flashback Mini
Source Audio Nemesis
Avid Eleven Rack
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40:
Apple Logic Pro X

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Al Complaint says:

I’m very interested in the pink panther delay pedal. Any thoughts? Tempo switch is important for me but the flashback don’t have. I like the mini flashback and price expect I’m not into the print feature and not sure how many delays or which type it comes with.

Suhail Couto says:

Do you prefer the tc flashback or ehx canyon

Peppachelet Jr says:

MXR Carbón Copy Is my favorite lol.

KneedleKnees says:

if you want something that kind of does it all or you (like me) are totally new to the world of effects, I recommend the Zoom MS-70 CDR. It does chorus/filter modulation, reverb, and if you get the firmware 2.0 update or buy one new, it comes with compressors, noise gates, eqs, and octave effects, BUT where it really shines is the delay types. There are several to choose from which are all modeled after other effects pedals such as the MXR Carbon Copy, Echoplex, Strymon Ice, as well as different effect types, such as the aforementioned Ice, Slow Attack, Filtered Delay, Dual Delay, etc. You can chain up to 6 effects together in series and store your own patches to the memory. I currently have 2 original patches of 6 to 5 delays and a patch I made to mimic the sound of Andy Summers’ work in the Police. It retails for about $120 and, after the update, is loaded with 137 effect types. It’s a fun pedal and really opens up your playing.

Ricardo Diaz says:

Well maybe a old green line 6 or Roland boss a dd 3 or dd 5 you can always find them at the used or sale at Guitar center or sam ash music

Pieter Dirksen says:

I’ve been using a flashback x4 for several years, it’s ok, but really feels like the weakest link on my board, both in terms of versatility and build quality/durability (I should add that I bought it used). Its fine for basic delay sounds or even as a phaser/flanger, but a bit lacking beyond that, imo. MIDI implementation is poor and only 1 delay at a time (unlike the triple version), 3 knobs to tweak the delay sound is also not enough for me. I’ll be upgrading to a meris polymoon soon. Having an extra looper/basic delay might be enough to justify keeping the flashback though, we’ll see, it’s going off my board either way.

Koeke Loere says:

What kind of delay pedal should I buy when I want a Pink Floyd/David Gilmour sound?

lordmonfort says:

We all know the correct answer is to get them all! No one ever said you can’t have 2-3 delay pedals on your board. 😉

Lee Rutland says:

Good vid but u defo do the spliff lol

octapad1 says:

Hi Bill….What are you running for your stereo set up or are you using 2 guitar amplifiers or are you using a PA and studio monitors type of set up

Tobias Ommer says:

I know this is gonna be very informative and help me in my decision but I also know that the Walrus Audio ARP-87 looks absolutely beautiful and isn’t that what pedals are all about? xD

Shaun Robeck says:

How about testing the GFI Specular Tempus? I have seen a few demos which are quite good and I am sure you would bring out the best in it, or worst!

xx_pCCR_xx says:

Amazing video. Great explanation. Thanks!

cleft turnip says:

The MI lofi delay pedal has some unique modulation sounds

PMTluke says:

Great point the Strymon Timeline is for me the cats meow but i just saw Steve Morse on tour twice with Dixie Dregs and he was using 2 Flashback V.1 pedals set to different settings. So yeah no matter what playing level your at you might be fine with a TC flashback V.1 if you dont want those crazy awesome presets in the Timeline or midi.

Steve F says:

You look and sound like you could be Neil Peart’s brother.

Ricardo Diaz says:

Because I’ve checked out a few of baroque custom panels they are just copies of Roland boss MXR andEHX in which the other brands also you can find them in the US market or in pawnshops and save lots of money center paying so much money for the other pedals

jacko717 says:

Delay noob here- I see tons of articles taking about delay times in ms, I have 2 delay pedals and both just have a time knob, so I’m just setting it by ear. Do I need a pedal/multi effects unit with a digital display for the ms thing?

Peyote Pete says:

As always great content, but my question or request is can you ambient on a Zoom G1on? Maybe a demo? Please….

woland99 says:

Good commons sense overview.

gr m says:

hey mister “Orion”, =)

I was just wondering if I can do the same 7 second endless delay (without falling in self-oscillation) with the TC Mini delay as I can do it with the big TRIPLE Delay? I know you know the trick with the Triple delay and the “loop” function (love this) – now I am wondering if I can do the same with (at the the end for stereo) 2x TC MINI delay?

or dies it behave different, if I toneprinted it to the 7 second mood?

would be stunning if you could check this out 🙂
thanx and lots of love from berlin

Mel A. says:

opinions on the dispatch master anyone?

Abc defy says:

You beautiful man

Oliver Heuschele says:

I can highly recommended the TC electronic flashback delay (not the mini). From the 1st day I really love this pedal. Awesome flexible (many different sounds) and really affordable. I play rock till hard rock/metal and use it for solos or clean parts. Therefore I can not imagine another delay pedal as the flashback 🙂

PMTluke says:

awesome video

Renaissance Man says:

I use an EHX Canyon pedal which is great bang for buck, small pedal size, has tons of delay, reverb and cool effects plus looper. If I had the money to burn on a high end delay pedal, the Free the Tone Flight Time, Eventide Time Factor, or Stymon Timeline would be my top picks for a high end delay pedal.

Austin Sadler says:

The real answer is “you can’t be sure any one delay is the best for you, so put six or seven of them on your board just in case”

Chris Davies says:

Also look on EBay, used is fine too.

Alexis Rosales Ruiz says:

What is your opinion of the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai?

Amin Dehnavi says:

People who disliked this video probably were after Big Mac review not delay pedals.


I am blown away by the delays in my Axe. FX II XL

Daniel Batail says:

J’utilise une Vox Delaylab stéréo, tap tempo, 4 secondes de delay maximum , que pensez-vous de cette pédale ?

Peter Day says:

I’m so disappointed (not in your video). I just ordered a TC Electronic Flashback 2 and then read the tap tempo and time divisions (I’m a big fan of dotted eighth) doesn’t work without buying an additional tap tempo pedal. How ridiculous!

Rasco says:

Please do one of these for reverb!! Unless I’ve missed that video already 🙂

Scott Centeno says:

Just started watching your videos. Very informative! Subscribed!

G X H says:

Dude just shave your half bald head

Benjamin Johnson says:

Hey bill, how about a video on using two delay pedals at the same time, would be really useful and interesting to see how you do that, love the vids

Godspeed_me says:

just download Logic pro 0_o 🙂

TheSAJ11 says:

digitech timebender for me

christopher perry says:

I tried a boss dd 500 and it was processed shit .

Steven Walters says:

I’m looking for a simpler type delay pedal with tap tempo, along with a 9-volt battery. (Not too pricey) Your suggestions are appreciated. Steve

TheDaymos777 says:

What about russian A+ pedals?

cleft turnip says:

Hi. In your opinion what is the best delay pedal with ping pong and reverse and long delays?

alberto ghidetti says:

great video thanx !!

Jean-René Pirlet says:

Hi ! Subscribed to your You Tube Channel months ago. I really like your “down to Earth” approach on this one, what do you need, and how much ?
I sold lots of delays, and have to get one back quick
I am really impressed by the SA Nemesis, had the Flashback X4, so will buy one of them soon
I think that the Nemesis is so inspiring, think I am going for it
But it doesn’t have a loop
So my question is better have an independant looper, doesn’t it ?
And I had a Vox Delay Lab, and I fucking miss the screen with ms !
Thanks in advance
And thank you again, your Channel is really helpfull
Kind regards

Chords Of Orion says:

Do you have tips or considerations for selecting a delay pedal? Post it here!!

bloodswarms says:

God I love Carvin guitars. I wish they hadn’t burned out.


Tried many many delays including the TC flashbacks, MXR carbon etc..and the DD-7 is my keeper.

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