How Good is the Timmy Overdrive Pedal? My Review

The Timmy Overdrive pedal is infamous among guitarists all over the world. Today I am going to see what sort of tones I can get from it, how well the EQ options work, as well as how much of my amplifier tones are retained. The Timmy overdrive is made by Paul Cochran and is popular for good reason.

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Recording set up:
I am plugged into my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue amplifier on the clean channel into a Two-Notes Torpedo Live.

Recording set up:
I am plugged into my Bugera V5 Infinium amplifier into a Two-Notes Torpedo Live.

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Panhandle Gear Demos says:

I borrowed one for a comparison video. I thought it was a good pedal but I don’t think I’d buy one. Great video!

VirtualLife says:

Timmay ! Sounds good. Ya that reverse Bass is odd. Would have been interesting to hear it with the amp turned up to breaking pt and see if the OD pedal really integrates well on the push, otherwise, it’s jst acting as a distortion pedal, not it’s forte.

DMSProduktions says:


Nick in the States says:

I’ve debated getting one of these for a long time now… but I’m on a pedal moratorium. I don’t use half (or more) of the ones I have. Sounded great, especially a little later in the video. When I switched to headphones from speakers in my MacBook pro the earlier tones sounded better though… a good lesson there for me! LOL. Great video as always and enjoyed the review format vs just demo.

alfredo muñoz says:

Shane,would be great comparing your transparent od n boosters

armandom28 says:

I don’t think the amp does the pedal justice………..

TheEthug says:

I am obsessed with overdrive and distortion pedals, i own a lot of the best so i have compared a lot, the timmy is just something special and different and so fucking worth the money. GET ONE PEOPLE.

Matt Delahunt says:

can you do a video how to find cheaper wah wah pedals? Still a cool video

Jesse Boucher says:

Shano I saw this today. Have you seen it at all


I have accumulated 75+ pedals mostly over drives. Like a women and shoes, only reason I got this pedal its that it was seafoam green to match a amp I have. Bassackwards? controls,middle switch to tinker but its *SEAFOAM GREEN*. I hear nothing special about it and chances are you already own 1/2 dozen ods already. +1- With a semi clean Marshall, Fender, if you add just a hair of gain it sounds good and retains clarity,strenght, articulation where some just fizzle or get cloudy. Cross that low gain threshhold however and it joins the other 4376 ods already out there.

1barnsie says:

I just can’t excited by the Timmy. It’s kind of bland and boring. I have no love for the Klon either, and think all Vemuram pedals are a colossal rip off.
However the King of Tone is fabulous and does a great job with any guitar and amp setup.
I’ll stick with my T-rex Moller and Mudhoney for dirt.until I get to the top of the KoT waiting list.

David D says:

Gotta say I always hate the sound of bridge pickups. Worst sound a guitar can produce.

johnny miller says:

Mine is great

Orbsee says:

i ownd one, but run it on ethos overdrive as preamp through isp stealth poweramp 🙂

aaron kerr says:

Shane, what pickups are you running in the Tele? I would guess Bardens, they definitely retain the twang. Are they coil split?
On topic, the Timmy sounds great. I have never played a real one, but the model in the Helix is my favorite OD in there.

nic field says:

The independent bass and treble seems like a super game changer. Pretty much every od pedal bleeds too much on the one tone control and sounds like it’s having a bad cold with a stuffed nose and pressure in the ears. This pedal sounds like you can hit that spot that you’re actually looking for on the tone control.

Fender Fan says:

Own one and use as my primary followed by a JHS Morning Glory to a JHS Moonshine as part of my board arsenal. Love the Timmy

onefatstratcat says:

I won’t buy one because the name is to wussy and I don’t like blue.. but other than that is does sound great 🙂

Random Guy on YouTube says:

Nice. I bought one a few weeks back and find it very useful. Glad Shane did a review of it to get some idea on how better to dial it in.

Emil Ong says:

just an aside, but the graphics in your videos are always awesome. the call-outs and chyrons are super helpful. *thumbs up*

Will Craig says:

I am surprised that you omitted the Timmys strong suit;clean boost.With gain full off & the volume about 4 pm,middle switch position & treble/bass around 11 o’clock,you get the most transparent boost available.Drive your KTR with it.Let Finnigans buffer focus the signal.

bushibayushi says:

Man I wish you reviewed Lovepedal AMP 11

Kevin Wilkins says:

I really liked the down position of the toggle switch. Smooth as silk. This is a real nice pedal.

manifestgtr says:

I’m really on the fence about getting this pedal. My current board has a ts mini (best new tube screamer model in years), a prince of tone, a palisades and a brown eye od on it and i’m truly happy with that setup. Sounds like overkill but I play in bands that requires different dirt sounds from “classy” to 90s pseudo-fuzz. Not only that but it feels great to have any sound i need at my disposal. The reason i would want this is to swap it in when the mood strikes and use it as an “ooo i like that, i want more of it” kind of pedal where the others have a more defined character. Right now the far left button on my palisades sort of functions in that way but only when the pedal is engaged.

seafoam strat king says:

I don’t like Timmy he was always trying to steal my lunch at school!!

Damjan Jovanovic says:

I’m from Serbia, so I can’t find a timmy, but i own a Mosky TM drive which is a clone, and it’s my favourite overdrive pedal, even though it’s only 20 dollars. And it does sound really similar, and matches great with my ac15 🙂
Great video btw 🙂

Fabrizio Gabriele says:

I got two of these timmy, really one it’s the real paul cochran version (used like an OD) and the second one it’s a clone (used like a boost), well I gotta say that if you looking for a transparent boost/overdrive sound that push you amp in a bluesy territory without that mid flavour of TS pedals style gives you, this is the pedal. Very cristal, good dinamics, versatile-all around pedal for a crunchy sound. I used even to boost my other main OD/Dist (Xotic BB Preamp custom shop) for have all colours range that bluesy sound need….. after I tried hundreds of Boost/OD/Dist pedals (fulldrive2, ts808, plimsoul, ecstasy, secret 1, englishwoman, burnley, shivadrive, boiling point, baby blues, reddog…. this last two I still have it but for now this (timmy+bb) is my choise!
PS: sometimes I take off one or both of timmy from my pedalbord but just one or two minute after I feel that miss something from my sound or worst I feel other pedal gives me more that I ask!!!!
PPS: after I said all this things, remember folks, what I learned from my experience with all these pedals it’s that the best pedal in the world may sound very, very, very well with an amp an not so well with another… very well with El34 and in an orrible way with 6L6 or vice versa, so YOU have to try, and try, and try, and still try the right combination from you Gtr, your amp, your pedals….. and off course you ears/mind!!!

Dale Palmer says:

Sounds like a good pedal with the EQ options.

JonesHvac says:

I have owned at least 3 and I love them. I have since sold the last one and I need to buy another lol

James Addison says:

and compared to the Pure Sky??

Graeme Rogers says:

What’s the riff at the start? Sounds really cool.

lerojo says:

How does it compare to the Emerson Paramount Shane?

Rumy 73 says:

Shane, that amp sounds horrible, mate.

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