Hotone Xtomp – A Zillion Guitar Pedals in One (Almost)!!

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Lee & Rob

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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King Gizzard says:

whoa wtf rob is on the left

Milan Maksimovic says:

Similar to this is actually Zoom BT100, it’s been around for at least 2 years.

Jebediah Stanton says:

this is actually amazing technology. I wish it wasn’t bluetooth from your phone though, and maybe the knobs could say what they do on the pedal. In a few years time I bet someone’s gonna make a really refined version of this.

nospeacial says:


Teacher Alberto says:

I think i know where this is going ,and a pedal board with the ability to create patches with this technology would be awesome,

The Team Player says:

9:59 Catalyst…

Dub _ says:

Metal Zone is not actually that bad

Tyler Fitzgerald says:

What are you the captain of? That always struck me as so stupid.

pantoum says:

Laughably expensive when I can buy a zoom MultiStomp for $99.

John Rivera says:

Awesome Jimi Hendrix guitar lick. Purple Haze is the best.

Daniel Priest says:

would this work with bass guitar?

T.I.N Mateus says:

It’s not practical for gigs cause it loads too slow,whereas TC Toneprint pedals load for few seconds and done.

Logan Carley says:

What’s the name of the app?

Arya Afshar M. says:


Allan Whittick says:

what is rob playing about ten minutes in. he plays it on some other vids, does anyone know what it is. sounds great.

JustintheJ says:

Can you combine multiple effects or is it just one at a time? (Sorry if I missed this)

meatpie says:

Time out. At 3:42, did he say you could only run 2 pedals at once? Does the app contain multi effects pedals in its library?

Bill A. says:

iStomp by Digitech without the cables.

jarry Dee says:

This is great for the studio. I have it hooked up USB to my iMac and it loads in 1 second. using the heads into the FX return of a tube amp is nice, or just using it as an FX pedal, both work great. I have a lot of the pedals that are in this thing, and they are so close, I could leave my real pedals on the shelf. actually I have! Plus you can see everything better on a real computer like an mica 5k 27in!

Its CrakZ says:

What is the app called?

Chris Cavazos says:

I have this pedal and absolutely love it. Sounds exactly like the real pedals and is super solid. The sound quality of these effects is leaps and bounds better than my line6 multi effects pedal

Andy 01 says:

Hey Rob! I love your channel and content and I would really like to know what amp you’re using in this video, thanks!

NightmareBill says:

so no internet connection means no pedals ? or will the ones that have been saved in the Xtomp always work ?

Rick Wohlschlag says:

Cool pedal! Looks like my X-mas gift to me…. Chappers! That’s my dream Start you are playing there! Daphne and maple neck! WANT!

Music from the wild says:

I lovvvvvee it …can it make violin and flute sounds too ??

dan peabody says:

I think this pedal and technology has a future. But imho at this stage it reminds me of early line6 stuff. close but not quite there. I think most of us would agree if you’re guitar player you kind of have fuzz pedals boost pedals distortion pedals that you gravitate to. and they’re already on your pedalboard as well as a wah pedal and probably a Reverb or a delay pedal I think the Future these pedals would be too replicate pedals that are not commonly on your board or that you might need for one or two songs in a set. like a ring modulator or a octave fuzz,or a envelope filter. things that are really cool what kind of a one-trick pony and not something you want permanently living on your pedalboard what does get to that point I’ll buy one

Michael Leix says:

I like the glass breaking haha

216trixie says:

You can’t say “Hot tone”. There’s only on “T”. Either “Ho-tone”, or “Hot-one”, but they don’t get to call it “Hot tone”.

LawsonT43 says:

This is a great pedal for beginners who are still experimenting with sounds and just want to try things out with out spending thousands. All the analogue elitists need to chill

Brandon Overton says:

puff puff give!!!!!

Brandon Calder says:

whats heppening with the side their sitting on.

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