Hotone Pedal Review – A Spooktacular Halloween Special!!

Count Chappers & Frankencaptain get their hands on the new range of micro guitar FX pedals from the guys at Hotone (you decide how to pronounce it!).

There are loads of pedals in the range – all spooktacularly low priced, and to see them all you just need to go here –||||#1383224465831page-1

We used one of the new Fender Lone Star Strats, plugged in to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo. Guess what? You can buy those from Andertons too…!

Happy Halloween Everybody

Chappers & the Captain


William Mayer says:

Cherub Rock was explosive!!!!

danny myles says:

bat shit crazy would have worked for the Dracula joke just saying

Josh Mitchell says:

You guys should do a hotone vs mooer pedals shootout

iixslashxii says:

yes!!! give cap. the guitar!!

Dylan Blay says:

Ordered a looper(Wally)and compressor(Komp) waiting for them in mail

Corrie De Beer says:

does the hoe series come with Chlamydia standard?

Donald Stordock says:

are the small enough to put on your guitar strap? and could it realistically be accomplished?

Tyler Koch says:

You guys should do an updated video since Hotone has come out with tons of new pedals since then, especially their new phaser and flanger pedals

Louis Minett says:


(I had to, they are my favourite group of all time) 

John Hetherington says:


everydayjonny says:

Just ordered a Fury cuz I thought it sounded sweet, hahaha

Tom Tobin says:

Rob and Lee – You guys are compete plonkers. Keep up the great work.

tim starkey says:

rob likes the chunk pushed in

Patrick says:

system of a down!!
and next to that this was a great video and a great review!!!
thanks a lot

Hippie Is Back says:

What is the difference between putting pedals through the front of the amp compared to putting them through the fx loop?

Mihály Ponyiczki says:


Matt R says:

The Grass is supposed to have a Dumble feel.

MrFrostcold says:

guys suddenly got fuckin hooked by dat black striped- patterned guitar hanging at the very right end of the wall..what’s the name? hahaha my god got hooked by two things here..that badass pedals and the sudden guitar

Iosif Simon says:

Good job guys. Really! Thank you for the video! 😀

Benarama Does says:

that fuzz sounds completely different in the other videos, im hoping it doesn’t sound like it does in this vid because i just ordered one. maybe they just didn’t spend long enough to find the sweet spot or theirs was faulty. not sure whats going on or what the pedal actually sounds like….ill probally have to do a vid when it arrives.. very curios

Doctor Whitefield says:

Excellent demo, informative and entertaining.

Iosif Simon says:

Put it at 9:04 and put it at 0.5 speed. They sound like they’re stoned! :)))))))  I was trying to slow down some stuff he’s playing on guitar and I found it funny the way it sounds when they talk :)))

John Smith says:

Literally only clicked because i saw robs hat

Leftienige Blank says:

For God’s sake Rob , YOU’RE A GOOD GUITARIST !! You don’t need more fuzz ! It’s become an obsession . Every revue it’s ” Oh that’s nice . just more fuzz and it’ll be perfect” . Watch Spinal Tap , see if you can spot yourself, HaHa.
Sent with good intentions , cheers, Nige .

ben inglis says:

You almost lost me before breaking out the cherub rock…

LeiAherne7 says:

Thought the fuzz was pretty tasty!

Jesse James Armijo says:


Pe Peroni says:

the blues was sooo SRV to my ears

Arkei95 says:

I’m getting a KOMP and maybe a Whip metal. Was I the only one that liked the little purple fuzz pedal? Lol

James Lison says:

I also think it’s pronounced Hot Tone. Ho Tone makes no sense.

SirToyou says:

are you fingering your fury?

elcaminolovemachine says:

I’m not sure what Fury is supposed to sound like. but i think it has a good sound

Robert Feller says:

Good show. Good job in demonstrating sound of those pedals. Good guitar playing as we’ll. enjoyed it!

fruit thunder says:

yeah,ho means great in chinese~ but i belive that is short for hottone

Sascha Franck says:

Ok, so this video is old already, but anyway: Calling the “Grass” overdrive a Tubescreamer is a massive offense to what is one of the most excellent Zendrive-alike pedals out there. And you wouldn’t call a Zendrive a Tubescreamer, would you?

SweetStrumming says:

What was that song? By smashing pumpkins he was playing?

Tristan Laing says:

Need some blues lessons from the Captain!

Aaron Hall says:

Punchline: Dracula went bat-crap crazy.

gabriele d'onofrio says:

it suonds great

Phil Coster says:

Thanks guys. Great review. Very entertaining. And the most enjoyable 28 mins I’ve spent online today. Cheers 🙂

Soulless Ginger says:

it’s probably only because of the youtube compression but I kind of dug that furry fuzz. it gave me a white stripes type of vibe.

audiotrax2000 says:

The Blues one sounds killer.

gabriele d'onofrio says:

what do you think about a whip distorsion?

caljohn88 says:

Chappers I believe he said “cum spout pedal button.”

Classix1969 says:

some decent sounds but the fury pedal sounds crap

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