Guitar Pedals for CHEAP! Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal – Thursday Gear Video

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Hey guys Marty Schwartz here again with another Thursday gear video. I decided to find some pedals for $50 or under to show you what you can get on a budget.
The Boss DS-1 is a classic pedal that many of you have asked me about. I’m excited for you to see the sounds you can get for such a low price. I bought mine used. The one con is the pedal didn’t boost my volume as much as other distortion pedals I’ve used. Not sure if something was wrong with this one as I bought it used for around 20 or 30 bucks.
Let me know in the comments other gear you would like to see me cover. All my best,



Julian says:

When he stepped on the pedal in the beginning my heart dropped.

Cole Anderson says:

Fucking awesome! Have a question hope someone can answer, would this pedal sound good with a mexican strat and a line 6 amp?

Lethean says:

5:52 ehst is this and 6:29 pls tall ne :S

Ronin 77 says:

Billy Joel plays guitar?

TheRicokilla says:

The back in black song would be better on an overdrive pedal

Luke Maynard says:

That’s whisper-quiet for how much distortion it puts out. Have you got a noise suppressor in the chain, or is that straight in?

Jose Granados says:

Marty your pretty good

Pedro Cerda says:

What cab are you using here? Is it stock?

Kiandra Anderson says:

Hey Marty love your videos! Can you please do a lesson on how to play Fleetwood mac’s live landslide solo. Much thanks!

Killian Wrn says:

Better Boss ds1 or ds2

Skippy Zc says:

Sweet leaf!

Adam Pike says:

I got this pedal cheap right around the same price. I am going to get another and mod it out. I heard it’s easy and a fun beginner project with pedal modding.

GrungeKid says:

Can you demo all your boss pedals in one video

Nick Pappas says:

What’s the song at @8:45

eXpLiCiT NJ says:

I got my Boss DS-1 for free. I just purchased the Danelectro FAB metal pedal online I heard it was a good pedal for the price .

The Ghosts tunes says:

i use one of these on many of my songs / clips, you can get a good sound for sure i rekon.

Larry Lynch says:

Great i had this pedal now all i need is a 3000 dollars guitar and one of the best boutique amp to make it sound properly ^^

Luke Smith says:

Song at 0:50?

Wade Wilson says:

Pro tip if you have a guitar with a switch and 2 volume knobs and this pedal you can turn the rhythm knob half way down and the treble knob up to have a volume boost with the flip of the switch.

Chernobog says:

Cocaine by Eric Clapton :3

dylan avery says:

which would you recommend over the other this pedal or the ocd pedal

Antonis Marmas says:

If I use a looper for a clean rhythm and then press the distortion for the lead parts, will the rhythm stay on clean or change to the distortion as well?

Patrick Bailey says:

That is one beautiful guitar. Love Marty Music!

Nathan Mabis says:

I use one of these for my bass and it sounds great

LD24 says:

song at beginning?

arnyarny77 says:

looking at the level of distortion the ds1 is set on, most of the saturation is coming from the amp, the ds1 is rounding it off nice though, that’s how i use my pedals lately…

Aidan Suchan says:

I have this pedal!

arnyarny77 says:

boss is unfairly ragged on , by trendy people that dont know better, the divided by 13 amp is awesome, the thing is that most demos fail to point out the gain that is coming from the amp. or what channel the pedal is being played thru, the clean or dirty,


Thank Marty for this amazing video and that nice playing. I hope you do more of this specially the metal stuff.

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